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Last Updated on 09/02/2024 by Denise Leo. Post first published on November 12, 2023.

Are you struggling with the best method to dry your Pomeranian after a bath or a playful swim in the pool? Look no further! Pomeranian Headquarters has crafted a comprehensive guide tailored specifically for Pomeranian owners. This guide delves into the unique needs of your fluffy friend’s coat, offering expert advice on drying techniques that are both effective and gentle.

This blog post will discuss how to dry a Pomeranian. We’ll also feature Pomeranian grooming tips and insights from a Pomeranian expert – Denise Leo of Dochlaggie Pomeranians.

Learn how to use a dog dryer correctly to keep your Pomeranian’s coat healthy and fungus-free. Regular drying with a quality dog dryer will remove dead hair and help maintain a shiny and voluminous coat.

Discover insider tips on:

  • The best type of dryer suited for a Pomeranian’s delicate fur.
  • The safe use of blow dryers, including the ideal temperature and distance to avoid overheating or scaring your pet.
  • Techniques for a thorough yet gentle drying process to keep your Pomeranian’s coat fluffy and tangle-free.
  • Strategies to reduce anxiety and make the drying experience enjoyable for your Pomeranian.
  • Additional grooming tips to maintain the health and beauty of your Pomeranian’s coat post-bath.

Pomeranians are one of the cutest toy dog breeds that exist today. These small dogs have thick fur that makes them perfect for cuddling. However, sometimes you need to dry a Pomeranian, which can be challenging.

Please don’t settle for less regarding your furry friend’s grooming needs. Follow our expert tips and keep your Pomeranian looking and feeling their best!

Dryers are an invaluable tool when washing a Pomeranian dog. Not only do they speed up the time-consuming grooming process of getting your pet clean and fluffy, but they also help remove moisture from a wet coat, which can prevent skin irritation and infection.

With the correct type of dryer, you can maintain healthy skin and keep your Pom looking its best!

How to Dry a Pomeranian
How to Dry a Pomeranian

Preparing to Dry a Pomeranian

Before you start drying your Pomeranian, it’s essential to prepare them for the process. Here are some steps you can take:

1Brush your Pomeranian’s fur to remove any tangles or knots.
2Use a towel to dry your Pomeranian’s fur as much as possible before using a hairdryer.
3Preferably use a forced air dog dryer. If a forced air dog dryer is unavailable, use a human hairdryer with a low heat setting to avoid burning your Pomeranian’s skin.
4Use a brush to direct the airflow and dry your Pomeranian’s fur in the direction of the hair growth.
Denise Leo says, “It’s crucial to avoid overheating your Pomeranian, especially around the head and ears. You should also ensure that the hairdryer is not too close to your dog’s skin, which can cause burns.”

Using the Right Tools

Using the right tools can make a significant difference when drying a Pomeranian. A forced air dog dryer is a MUST for all Pomeranian owners.

Dryers for humans should be avoided if possible, as they are too hot and do not have enough force to dry the dog correctly.

Tools for Drying a Pomeranian

Here are some of the tools you might need:

ToolUse a brush to direct the airflow and dry your Pomeranian’s fur toward the hair growth.
TowelUse a towel to dry your Pomeranian’s fur as much as possible before using a hairdryer.
Hairdryer The best is a forced-air dog dryer.  If unavailable, use a low-heat setting hairdryer for humans to avoid burning your Pomeranian’s skin.
BrushUse a brush to direct the airflow and dry your Pomeranian’s fur in the direction of the hair growth.
Denise Leo says, ” Choosing the right brush for your Pomeranian’s fur is essential. A slicker brush works well for most Pomeranians, but you might also need a pin brush if your dog has thick fur.”

Make grooming a breeze with a forced-air dog dryer! If you don’t have one, don’t worry – a human dryer is a suitable alternative. Suitable fan-forced dryers can be purchased on Amazon or eBay. For example, I have found this ideal one on Amazon for around $100.”

How to Properly Dry a Pomeranian

To dry your Pomeranian correctly, follow these steps:

  • Towel dry your dog first.
  • Use a forced air dog dryer to start drying from underneath your Pomeranian. Then move on to drying the legs and ears.
  • Next, dry the sides of your dog in layers while brushing the fur toward the head area.
  • Dry your dog in layers, starting with the underneath, behind the ears, and legs, before moving on to the sides and back of the dog.
  • Following these steps will ensure that your Pomeranian is dried thoroughly and properly.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When It Comes To Drying a Pomeranian Dog

There are some common mistakes that people make. Here are a few to avoid:

Using a high heat setting on your hairdryer.High heat can burn your Pomeranian’s skin, so using a low-heat setting is essential.
Not using a brush to direct the airflow.Directing the airflow with a brush can help you dry your Pomeranian fur more quickly and evenly.
Not using a forced air dog dryer. Using a forced air dog dryer can speed up the drying process and help to fluff up the dog’s fur.
Not brushing your Pomeranian towards its head as you dry.When drying your Pomeranian, remember to brush its fur toward its head. Skipping this step could result in their fur lying flat instead of the desired fluffy appearance.

Best Dog Dryers For Pomeranians

SaleBestseller No. 1
SHELANDY Groomer Partner Pet Hair Force Dryer Dog Grooming Blower with Heater (Blue)
  • ①Output power: 2400W adjustable / Voltage 110/120V
  • ②Airflow variable: 65MPH-135MPH, Fits from tiny cats to large breeds
  • ③New tech for noise reduction & Two options for heating temperature
  • ④Flexible hose can be expanded to 73 inches. Comes with 4 types of nozzles.
  • ⑤One-year Warranty, Simple warranty-claim & free replacement
SaleBestseller No. 2
Dog Dryer High Velocity Professional Dog/Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer/Blower
  • 【Innovation and revolution】Improved aerodynamics, reduced volume and weight by half,our dryer improve efficiency over 60%, saving your precious time, especially when grooming large dogs.
  • 【TEMPERATURE】 2 temperature settings, the unique temperature settings form 55°F to 118°F. The stable air flow will help dry faster with less damage. 【ADJUSTABLE SPEED 】 The adjustable speed dial from 515FPM-44000FPM makes it great for controlling noise levels especially when grooming sensitive dogs.
  • 【PERFECT INDUSTRIAL DESIGN】① Insulated ABS integrated molding Casing to insulate the heat,Motor Circuit Isolation to reduce the failure rate.② Ergonomic handle easy to operate .③ Small size easy to carry, and easy to store.【QUIET & DURABLE】 home users’ first choice!
  • 【ACCESSORIES】Includes 4 ft to 8 ft flexible hose, Wall mount kit,3 different nozzles and air filters.
  • 【TOP QUALITY & FAST SERVICE】With 12month warranty. If there’s anything goes wrong with the product please email us , so we can fix or replace it for you.
Bestseller No. 3
GOLADA Dog Dryer, Pet Grooming Hair Dryer – Dog Hair Dryer with Adjustable Temperature and Speed for Pet Grooming,with Pet Brush, Pet Towel, 4 Different Nozzles (Blue)
  • Efficient and Gentle Drying: Our dog dryer is designed to quickly and safely dry your furry friend’s coat after bath time. With adjustable temperature and speed settings, you can customize the drying experience to suit your pet’s needs. Say goodbye to wet and uncomfortable dogs!
  • Complete Grooming Kit: This dog hair dryer comes with a bonus pet brush, pet towel, and four different nozzles. The pet brush helps to remove tangles and knots, while the pet towel ensures a thorough dry. The different nozzles provide versatility for various coat types, ensuring optimal results for every pet.
  • Safe and Quiet Operation: We understand that dogs are sensitive to loud noises. That’s why our dog dryer is designed with a low-noise motor, ensuring a stress-free grooming experience for both you and your furry friend. The advanced safety features provide peace of mind while drying.
  • Easy to Use and Store: Our dog dryer is lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle and store. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip during use, while the flexible hose allows for effortless maneuverability. Keep your grooming area tidy and organized with this convenient and space-saving dryer.
  • Trusted Quality and Customer Support: We stand behind the quality of our products. Rest assured that your purchase is backed by our reliable warranty and excellent customer support. If you encounter any issues or have questions, our dedicated team is here to help you.
SaleBestseller No. 4
VEVOR Dog Dryer, 2800W/4.3 HP Dog Blow Dryer, Pet Grooming Dryer with Adjustable Speed and Temperature Control, Pet Hair Dryer with 4 Nozzles and Extendable Hose (Black)
  • Powerful Performance: Boasting a max 2800W/4.3 HP motor and a temperature range of 85°F to 135°F, this dog dryer significantly speeds up dog’s drying process. The dual-temperature control settings facilitate deep drying of your pet’s fur, preventing skin issues caused by dampness.
  • Double Safety Protection: A built-in sensor triggers an automatic shutdown of the pet dryer if the temperature exceeds the set safety range. This ensures long-term use without hidden risks or plastic odors while maintaining a stable temperature output for pet’s comfort.
  • Adjustable Wind Speed: Achieve a maximum wind speed of 70m/s, allowing you to adjust the airflow to different furry friends’ needs. For thick, long-haired, or larger dogs, high-speed airflow quickly dries their fur from the inside out, while lower speeds ensure a gentle drying experience for sensitive or small dogs.
  • 4 Nozzles and Extendable Hose: Equipped with four nozzles: eight-finger nozzle, wide-flat nozzle, narrow-flat nozzle, and round nozzle – you can easily create various styles. Each nozzle meets different requirements, while the extendable hose ensures unobstructed use for hassle-free grooming.
  • Simple Operation: Just connect the hose, and you can start using the dog hair dryer immediately, eliminating complex installation steps. Easy to connect or disconnect the hose, allowing for convenient storage and portability. The anti-scald handle also makes pet care more safe and comfortable!
SaleBestseller No. 5
Pet-Hair-Dryer, Dog Dryer with 5 Nozzle 5.2HP/3800W Pet Grooming Dryer with Adjustable Speed and Temperature Control Dog Blow Dryer
  • 5 NOZZLES & FEXIBLE SPRING HOSE: Different nozzles meet all the needs of different pets; Thickened compound hose to resist high temperature, the hose is lengthy and flexible so you’ll have no snags drying your dog even if he usually wriggles around when you’re grooming him.
  • 5.2HP/3800W DOG DRYER: The powerful motor develops 5.2 HP giving you more than enough oomph to quickly dry even heavier dog coats. Handle protect your hand from scalding, more convenient to pick up and put down.
  • NOISE REDUCTION & HEAT INSULATION: Unique air duct design and noise reduction structure, which is 5-15 decibels lower than similar products when used. Insulated material integrated molding Casing, built-in temperature control protection system. Pet hair dryer with increase base not only more stable but also water repellent.
  • STABLE MOTOR: Dog grooming dryer with Equipped with strong and stable motor, provide several speed and temperature. The temperature and air flow of the blower can be controlled by turning the temperature and wind button. Wind Speed: Max.72m/s; Temperature: 95℉-135℉(35℃-60℃); For your different grooming needs, also it can be used for dry your car, floors and furniture.
  • Tips: If the temperature is too high, will stop heating immediately, effectively reducing the failure rate
SaleBestseller No. 6
EGFKI Dog-Hair-Dryer, 5.2HP/ 3800W High Velocity Pet Blow Dryer with Heater for Grooming, Speed Temperature Adjustable Dog Blower Grooming Dryer with 4 Nozzles
  • Strong Blow Force: The power of this dog hair dryer is 5.2 HP/3800 watts. The strong blow force enables the dog hair dryer to dry the thick dog hair, remove loose dog hair, dirt,and scurf, making the dog hair more smooth and shiny to achieve the beauty effect of pet grooming shop.
  • Adjustable Speed & Temperature: Strong and stable motor equips this dog blow dryer with several speed and temperature levels. Maximum Wind Speed: 72m/s; Temperature Range: 95℉-135℉. The dryer will stop working immediately if the temperature is too high because it has a built-in temperature control protection system.
  • Multifunctional Use: This pet blow dryer is equipped with 4 different nozzles to meet different drying needs for different pets. For your various needs, the pet hair dryer can also be used to dry your car, floors, furniture, etc.
  • Low Noise & Heat Insulation: The unique hose design, thickened metal case and noise reduction structure make the dog dryer 5-15 decibels lower than others when used, so it is suitable for sensitive dogs. The hose holder is thermal insulation for safe use.
  • Satisfactory Customer Service: If you have any questions or problems about this pet blow dryer, please feel free to contact us. We promise that we will respond immediately.
Bestseller No. 7
Xapigo High Velocity Professional Dog Pet Grooming Dryer, Pet Grooming Hair Dryer – Dog Hair Dryer with Adjustable Temperature and Speed,with Pet Steel Comb, Pet Towel,Nozzles. (Blue with Lights)
  • [Powerful and Efficient Pet Grooming Hair Dryer] Our dog dryer provides powerful airflow to dry your pet’s hair quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort. It is perfect for both professional groomers and pet owners at home.
  • [Adjustable Temperature and Speed Settings] With adjustable temperature and speed settings, you can customize the drying process to suit your pet’s needs. This ensures a safe and comfortable grooming experience for your furry friend.
  • [Complete Grooming Kit Included] Our dog hair dryer comes with a Pet Steel Comb, pet towel, and 4 different nozzles, providing everything you need for a thorough grooming session. The Pet Steel Comb helps to remove loose fur, while the pet towel absorbs excess moisture.
  • [Safe and Quiet Operation] Our dog dryer is designed with safety and comfort in mind. It features a low noise level to prevent scaring or stressing your pet, ensuring a calm and enjoyable grooming experience.
  • [Suitable for All Breeds and Sizes] Whether you have a small or large breed, our pet grooming hair dryer is suitable for all. The adjustable settings and included nozzles allow you to cater to different coat types and sizes, providing professional-quality results every time.
Bestseller No. 8
KUUBIA Pet Hair Dryer for Small and Medium-Sized Dogs and Cats | 2-in-1 Dog Hair Dryer with Slicker Brush | Dog Blow Dryer | 300W, Portable, Adjustable Temperature
  • 【Dryer & Brush in One】This versatile 2-in-1 pet grooming dryer is the perfect solution for drying your pet with gentle care. Ideal after a bath, a walk in the rain, or on chilly winter days, this combined dryer and brush offers warmth and comfort to your dog. With one smooth motion, you can simultaneously brush and dry your pet.
  • 【For Small and Medium-Sized Dogs and Cats】 With a 300W power consumption, this portable pet hair dryer is ideal for small to medium breeds. Note: Drying time can vary based on your dog’s size and fur length; with approximately 10 minutes for small dogs and 30-45 minutes for larger dogs or those with longer fur. Ensure your pet is towel-dry before using this device.
  • 【Adjustable Temperature】 Choose between high and low heat settings to control drying time of your dog blower grooming dryer. Designed with a lower temperature than human hair dryers to prevent overheating and ensure your pet’s safety.
  • 【Pet-Friendly Design】This dog blow dryer produces 75-85 dB of noise, which is common for this type of pet hair dryer. Please note that it might not be quiet enough for noise-sensitive pets. It features a slicker brush with soft, stainless steel pins and protected, angled tips, allowing deep undercoat access without harming the skin.
  • 【Lightweight & Portable】 Take your professional pet grooming dryer with you wherever you go. It’s compact and weighs only 13 ounces, making it easy to carry and travel with. The ergonomic design ensures it’s comfortable to hold and use.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Flying Pig High Velocity Dog Pet Grooming Dryer w/Heater (Model: Flying One, Purple)
  • Constructed with steel shell and the motor is design for hard use for years
  • Equipped 10 ft. flexible Hose/two different nozzles & filter/1 Year Warranty
  • Air Volume: 240 CFM/Air Speed: 28000 FPM/Watts: 1400/Volts: 110V
  • Heats: None, Low, High Temperature: 81F to 160F
  • Powerful motor/12.72 amps/Voltage 110V/60 Cycle
Bestseller No. 10
ELS PET Dog Dryer: Smart Pet Dryer with LED Screen, 3 Nozzles, High Velocity Negative Ion Motor Dog Blow Dryer, Dog Hair Dryer with Adjustable Airflow Speed and Temperature for Dog Cat (White)
  • 【New High-Speed Negative Ion Motor】ELS PET pet dryer adopts a brand-new motor, which can generate negative ion high-speed airflow. The high-speed airflow delivers nano-sized negative ions to your pet’s hair, negative ions reduce static in hair to help create smoother pet coats.
  • 【Adjustable Wind Speed & Temperature】Strong and stable motor equip this high-velocity dryer for dogs with several speeds and temperature levels. Wind speed range: 40m/s-90m/s; Temperature Range: 86℉-158℉. Note: If you want to adjust the temperature, you need to click the temperature switch first to open the temperature control system.
  • 【Smart Touch Screen Technology 】Our pet hair dryer comes with a smart LED touch screen, displaying the temperature and wind speed rating in real-time, which offers easier operation. When adjusting the temperature, it is recommended that you first feel the temperature is appropriate to avoid excessive temperature and let your pet feel uncomfortable.
  • 【Flexible Hose】 This pet blow dryer hose extension range is 80cm/31.50inch-150cm/59.06inch, the thicker hose and heat-insulated handle are designed to keep you and your pet safe. In addition, the dog blower grooming dryer is easy to be removed. The filter is located at the rear of the fuselage, you can press the button to pull out, disassemble and replace the filter element
  • 【Multifunctional Use】 Our pet blow dryer is equipped with 3 different nozzles to meet different drying needs for different pets. In addition, the dog cat hair dryer can also be used to dry your car, floors, furniture, etc. It can meet your various needs

Best Pomeranian Towel

When grooming a Pomeranian, selecting the right type of towel is crucial for both the dog’s comfort and the effectiveness of the drying process.

Pomeranian dogs are known for their thick, fluffy coats, which can hold much water. Therefore, the ideal towel should be highly absorbent. Microfiber towels are an excellent choice in this regard. They are made of finely woven fibers, which give them a superior ability to absorb water quickly and efficiently. Moreover, microfiber towels are gentle on the dog’s skin and fur, reducing the risk of irritation or damage to their delicate coats.

Another good option for Pomeranians are cotton towels, especially those made from 100% organic cotton. These towels are soft and gentle on the dog’s fur, making them suitable for Pomeranians with sensitive skin. Cotton towels are also quite absorbent, though microfiber options may dry slowly.

Choosing towels that are large enough to wrap around the dog but not so heavy that they become cumbersome when wet is important. Whichever type of towel you choose, it’s essential to ensure that it’s clean and free of any residual detergents or softeners, as these can cause skin irritation.

Regularly washing and replacing towels will maintain the health and comfort of your Pomeranian’s coat during grooming sessions.

Whether it’s a routine bath or an unexpected leap into the pool, our guide ensures your Pomeranian dries off quickly and enjoys the process, keeping its coat in pristine condition.

Best Pomeranian Towels On Amazon

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bone Dry Pet Grooming Towel Collection Absorbent Microfiber X-Large, 41×23.5″, Embroidered Gray
  • PERFECT TOWEL TO DRY SMALL, MEDIUM, AND LARGE DOGS AND CATS: Bone Dry Pet Towel measures 41×23.5″ and is great for drying dogs and cats of different breeds and sizes
  • MATERIAL AND CARE: Towel is made of ultrasoft microfiber, machine washable, and super absorbent, making drying your pet easy; For best long lasting results, do not use fabric softener
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE AND EASY TO CARRY: This towel can be stored in your car for on the go trips for your pet or at home; Provides comfort for your pet and protection for your couch, carpet, car, bed, floor, or chair
  • KEEP YOU PET WARM AND COZY: Great for grooming, traveling, a pet kennel, or cage to keep your pet warm, cozy and comfortable
  • MORE BONE DRY PET PRODUCTS: Bone Dry is a highly trusted brand for pet accessories; Click Bone Dry above to view more of our products
Bestseller No. 2
Dogvingpk Dog Towels for Drying Dogs Super Absorbent Soft Microfiber Pet Bath Grooming Towel for Dogs and Cats & Mobile Groomers
  • SIZE: 36in long, 28in wide, Pack of 1grey. Great for small and medium-sized dogs, cats and other furry small animals and pets. It is for bathing, swimming, outdoors, traveling, camping, pet mobile groomers, pet grooming shops, and dry dog feet.
  • CUSTOMIZED SIZES: The towel is 36in long and 28in wide, specially designed to be proportional to small and medium-sized dogs. Unlike other towels on the market, which are too long, but not wide enough, this tailored size ensures the best coverage for your small dogs and quick drying.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT: This dog towel is made of good-quality microfiber, which is several times more absorbent than ordinary microfiber dog towels and is softer and more durable.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: The unique towel size and soft, thick, plush fabric make it both a super absorbent pet bath towel and a comfortable small pet blanket.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE & CLEAN: With its flexible, sturdy, and durable good-quality microfiber, the towel is resistant to tearing and free from lint. it is machine washable and dry, without creating unpleasant damp odors. Can use repeatedly and washing without shrinking and deforming, can good condition for a long time.
Bestseller No. 3
Puomue Microfiber Dog Towels for Drying Dogs, Super Absorbent and Soft Pet Grooming Towel, 40 Inch X 23.6 Inch, Perfect Dog Shower & Bath Supplies for Large, Medium or Small Dogs, Grey
  • ABSORBENT & FAST DRYING – Microfiber material provides super absorbent water ability of the towels which could absorb 6 times their weight in water makes quick drying. This pet grooming towels are perfect shower & bath supplies.
  • SOFT & DURABLE – Superior-quality, luxuriously soft, thick and plush. The pet grooming towel provides a soft and smooth to the skin touch. The towel comes with double stitched hemmed finishing for less amount of disintegration after washing. Best pet’s shower & bath supplies.
  • LARGE SIZE & MULTIPURPOSE: The pet grooming towel measures 40 inch x 23.6 inch, enough to wrap the body nicely and rapidly soaks up all water from your pet. The towel can not only drying pets but also provide protection for your couch, carpet, car, bed or floor.
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS PETS: Whether it’s a large size or small size pet, a long haired pet or a short haired pet, a curly haired pet or a straight haired pet. This pet towel can fully meet your requirements. Perfect dog’s shower & bath supplies. Value for money!
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Hand or Machine Wash is available, Tumble Dry Medium Heat. Will not shed lint, will not shrink, and will not produce unpleasant and humid odors.
Bestseller No. 4
Tuff Pupper Quick Dry Towel for Dogs | Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Shammy | Extra Large 35×15 Size for All Breeds | Comfortable Hand Pockets | Indoor Outdoor Use | Durable Material | Machine Washable
  • SUPER ABSORBENT — The ultra soft, tightly woven microfiber chenille fabric soaks up to 10x more water and mud than standard towels. It holds up to 7x its weight in water for even the soggiest doggy in your family.
  • PERFECT SIZE — 35×15 inches and a plush 1 inch thick, its the perfect-sized towel to dry your pet. It’s suitable for dogs and cats of all different breeds and sizes. One size fits them all.
  • EASY TO USE — The dual hand pockets with elastic bands provide better grip to dry your dog’s legs and underbelly while the fabric “noodles” gently massage and wick water from your pooch.
  • QUICK DRYING — Dry your dog 8x faster than a typical cotton towel – its even faster than using a blow dryer! Plus the odor-resistant towel is skin and fur-friendly so it never gets that “wet doggy” smell.
  • DURABLE — Easy to launder by using your washing machine on delicate cycle and hanging to dry. Our towel is guaranteed to last. We offer a replacement towel or a full refund within the first year of purchase for any defects.
Bestseller No. 5
Patas Lague Absorbent Dog Towel, Extra Large 35”x15” Quick Drying Dog Bath Towel with Hand Pockets, Microfiber Shammy Pet Towel for Dog and Cat, Machine Washable (Grey)
  • 🐾SOFT MATERIAL:This luxury pet towel is made of 2.5-inch-thick chenille material, soft and cozy enough to take care of your puppy’s delicate skin and fur.Besides, dual handle pockets are designed for more convenient use.
  • 🐾ULTRA ABSORBENT:Thanks to its premium microfiber fabric, the absorbent dog towel could soak up to 5 times more water and mud, and dries your pup 2 times faster than other normal shammy towels on the market.
  • 🐾QUICK-DRY:Our quick-dry towel is a perfect time saver, cutting down the drying time in half. With this item, let your drenched pet clean and dry faster before it leaves wet foot prints and water all through the house.
  • 🐾MULTIPLE CHOICES: A variety of bright colors are available here, just pick one you love! When your fur friend gets dripping wet after swimming at the beach, walking in the evening or washing at home, this microfiber quick-dry towel would get it dry and clean immediately.
  • 🐾EASY TO CARE: Our dog bath towel is easy to clean. Just throw it into wash machine with cold water, hang it out to dry with extra loop or use dryer, then you will get a fresh new one.
SaleBestseller No. 6
PAWPUP Dog Towel Super Absorbent – Pack of 2 – Quick Drying Super Soft Microfiber Pet Towel for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets (Brown and Grey)
  • ✅ Pack Includes – Our best value for money package includes 2 soft microfiber dog towels, 60cm wide and 100cm long, perfect for all breeds; Comes in 2 aesthetically pleasant colors, brown and grey, to choose as per your mood
  • ✅ Pet Friendly Material – Made with 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, our personalized dog towels blends softness and durability for an ideal bath experience for your dog; Extremely absorbent and large enough to make drying quicker and easier
  • ✅ Dual Pockets – Unlike others, our microfibre dog drying towel has 2 pockets for easy grip; Soft, sturdy and gives natural skin warmth to calm your pet
  • ✅ Multitude Usage – Either use it as a pet towel or make it an ideal comfort item for your pet’s kennel to keep them warm and cozy; It’s super soft and glides smoothly on the wet skin to help your furry friends dry quickly
  • ✅ Easy to Wash – Our easy to clean dog towels for drying dogs can be conveniently washed in machine using mild detergents to always keep it clean and ready for your dog’s next grooming session; Tumble dry on gentle cycle
Bestseller No. 7
Tatuo 22 Pcs Dog Towels for Drying Dogs 20 x 40 Inch Pet Bath Towels Dog Absorbent Microfiber Towel Quick Drying Puppy Bathing Supplies for Small Medium Large Dog Puppy Cat Grooming (Bone Pattern)
  • Meeting Diverse Needs: you will get 22 pieces of microfiber dog towels with 11 different lively colors, 2 pieces for each color, printed with cute patterns, lovely and attractive, meeting your needs for different colors, convenient for you to distinguish them; Rich quantity will meet your demands for daily use, traveling, replacement, sharing or outdoor activities
  • Large Size: each dog drying towel measures about 20 x 40 inches/ 50 x 100 cm, large enough to use for dogs of small, medium and large, cats and other pets; Lightweight and portable, it can be folded to carry out or to store for next use without occupying too much space at home, in trunk or at office
  • Reliable and Absorbent: our pet towels for dogs are made of microfiber, soft, absorbent and comfortable, and they can keep your pet’s body warm, which are reliable supplies for pet bathing, grooming, swimming and so on
  • Quick Dry: the microfiber towel for dogs is beautifully printed, not easy to fade, featuring good water absorption, no need to wring out many times, which makes your pet easier to clean and dry, saving your time and energy, and providing you with a nice using experience
  • Applicable Occasions: the drying towel for dogs has fine workmanship and is printed with bone and paw patterns in cartoon style, which is very appropriate for home, pet hospitals, pet bathing center, camping, picnic and so on, suitable a useful gift for people who have pets, like family and friends
Bestseller No. 8
4 Pack Dog Towels for Drying Dogs Microfiber Dog Towel Soft Absorbent Pet Bath Towel Dog Drying Grooming Towel with Embroidered Paw for Pet Dogs Cats Bathing and Grooming (Gray, 35 x 20 Inch)
  • Soft and Comfortable Material: made of polyester, polyamide and microfiber, the quick dry towel for pet features good water absorption and air permeability, which is soft and comfortable to use, effectively dry your pet, giving your pet a cozy feeling
  • Easy to Store and Carry: each microfiber towel for dogs measures approx. 90 cm/ 35.4 inches in length and approx. 50 cm/ 19.7 inches in width, proper size for most small and medium dogs and cats; Besides, it can be folded as you like, easy to store, lightweight and easy to carry, bringing you much convenience
  • Cute Paw Embroidery Design: delicate dog paw embroidery, nice workmanship, good edge wrapping, tight texture, fine and firm, every detail can make the pet bath towel serviceable and long lasting, a lovely and practical gift for your furry friends
  • Absorbent and Fast Drying: the dog absorbent towel can be applied after bathing to quickly absorb water from your pet’s body, and keep it dry to avoid catching a cold; With a soft and comfortable texture, the dog towel can also be applied as a pet blanket, making your pet comfy and warm
  • Pet Towels: the package contains 4 pieces of bath towels for dogs in gray, sufficient quantity and cute colors to satisfy your pets’ daily use and replacement needs
SaleBestseller No. 9
Bone Dry Pet Grooming Towel Collection Embroidered Absorbent Microfiber Drying Set, 15×30, Gray, 3 Count
  • THREE PIECE SET: Set comes with 3 pet towels; Each measures 30″ long and 15″ wide
  • SOFT TERRY MICROFIBER: Towels are made of ultrasoft microfiber that is durable, super absorbent, and fast drying; These towels make bathing your pet easy
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Great for grooming or traveling to keep your pet warm and cozy; Use this robe at home or store in the car for trips to the lake, river, or beach
  • EASY CARE: Lightweight and easy to care for; Machine wash with like colors, tumble dry on low heat
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How to Dry a Pomeranian Conclusion

In conclusion, drying a Pomeranian can be challenging, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be a stress-free process for you and your furry friend.

Remember to prepare your Pomeranian before drying and use the right tools, such as a forced-air dog dryer or a low-heat hairdryer, a quality pin brush, and a slicker brush. Avoid common mistakes, such as not using dog shampoo and using a high-heat setting on your hairdryer.

By following these tips and tricks, you can keep your Pomeranian’s coat healthy and shiny, making them the cutest and most huggable companion you could ask for.

Remember to consult with your breeder if you have any concerns about your Pomeranian’s grooming routine or need further advice on caring for your furry friend’s fur.

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Learn How to Dry a Pomeranian Dog
Learn How to Dry a Pomeranian Dog



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