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Details of The Best Shampoo for Pomeranian Dogs

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As a Champion Pomeranian breeder for many decades, I am here to help you choose the best Pomeranian shampoo. Selecting the best shampoo for a Pomeranian means asking the right questions and waiting for the replies.

It also varies according to whether your Pomeranian is a loved pet or a show dog. It’s vital that you do research prior to choosing the products that are suitable for the skin and hair of your dog.

Purchasing and using the best shampoo for Pomeranian dogs is worth every penny because it will save on visits to the vet because of poor skin or coat problems. Your Pom dog will lead a healthier, longer life as a result.

Your ideal Pomeranian shampoo would be natural as the products used to make it.  The best dog shampoo for Pomeranians is organic and free of growth hormones, fertilizers, and pesticides.

This article will explain in detail which products I have found are the best shampoo and conditioner for Pomeranians.

The Best Shampoo for Pomeranian Dogs
The Best Shampoo for Pomeranian Dogs

Recommended Pomeranian Shampoo

I Recommend the Following Best Shampoo Brands for Pomeranians:

How Often Should I Wash My Pomeranian?

It’s amazing how many toxic, harmful ingredients are contained in some shampoos, etc. If you’re using good quality shampoo, it’s highly recommended that you wash your dog at a minimum of two-weekly intervals and even weekly, if you prefer.

Despite popular belief, regular bathing is very good for your Pom’s coat and skin, as long as you’re using the best shampoo for Pomeranian and not using one of the cheap dog shampoos that are unhealthy and full of toxins.

Particular attention should be paid to correctly and completely dry your Pomeranian after each bath.

Regular bathing and feeding your Pom healthy food will almost guarantee that your Pomeranian should live a long, healthy life without facing coat and skin problems.

If your dog is a show-Pom, you may choose other products during the show weekends, and this is ok as long as all products are fully washed out after the shows are finished.

Vaccinations and food play a vital role in skin and health issues that Pomeranians commonly face.
Most skin products (including many rinses and shampoos for your pets) contain various toxic ingredients and may be cancerous for your dog.

Pomeranian taking a bath
Pomeranian taking a bath.

Best Shampoo For Pomeranian Dogs

The Pomeranian shampoo you choose to wash your dog will determine how healthy his coat will be. Some products will do a great job and leave a glossy finish; others will cause the skin to dry out and potentially cause your Pomeranian to succumb to skin infections. You would use a number of products to groom your Pom’s coat.

These may include shampoo, a deep conditioner, a conditioning spritz, and a leave-in conditioner.

Best Shampoo for Pomeranians
Best Shampoo for Pomeranians

Choosing products that aren’t ideal for Pomeranian dog care is unwise. Otherwise, you’ll damage the protective layer that surrounds the hair shafts, leaving fur exposed. This can make the coat dry out, causing more problems over time. 

Can You Use Human Shampoo On Dogs?

If money is tight, you may use human shampoo to bathe Pomeranians because you think it’s merely dog hair. While humans and Pomeranians both have hair, each is different.

Human hair it is OK to wash with human shampoo, but dog hair should be washed in a product designed for dogs. The pH balance in most human hair products won’t work for canines, including cheaper products.

What Happens When Using A Cheap Or Human Shampoo On Your Pomeranian?

The shampoo will act as an abrasive on the coat and skin of your Pom. It’s also missing essential ingredients needed to replace nutrients that get washed away.
An ideal shampoo for Pomeranians needs to contain healthy ingredients. For example, aloe, oatmeal, and other products can combine to moisturize and nourish your Pom’s coat.

Low-quality products may have ingredients that could harm your dog's coat.

These include parabens and phosphates, which dry the skin and cause allergic reactions.

The pH range in shampoo for people is usually 4.5 – 5.5, so it’s ideal for use on human hair. As for Pomeranians, they need a pH that’s closer to a neutral number than to one that’s acidic. 

If your Pom’s coat becomes damaged, the fur is more exposed to harsh elements. These include the sun and wind, thereby causing numerous split ends. These develop along the shaft’s length, making the fur frizzy.

What’s The Best Shampoo Brand for Pomeranian Dogs?

The best shampoo brand for Pomeranian dogs will work properly without causing any harm to your Pom’s coat. Ideally, it can softly eliminate all dirt and other debris on your dog’s fur and skin.

While it’s cleaning, the Pomeranian shampoo should also moisturize the skin and coat it as it supplies the replacement nutrients. The moisture should be absorbed into the dog's hair.

The moisturizing agents must remain light so it doesn’t flatten the hair and not clog the pores.

Pomeranian Dog
Pomeranian Dog

Additionally,  the best dog shampoo for Pomeranians also prepares the coat for extra products to be applied (e.g., dog conditioner). Because of this, you should easily be able to wash it off without leaving any residue behind.

Always read labels before buying anything, and avoid ingredients that dry out your Pom’s coat or skin. You should also see if there are allergy indicators.

Grooming Supplies for Pomeranian Dog Care

Pomeranian Conditioner

Shampoo isn’t the only product involved in grooming your Pomeranian. The conditioner also plays an important part in the health of your dog’s coat. If you select a low-quality conditioner, it will slide on coat hairs without entering shafts to moisturize from the inside. It won’t improve the health of each strand of hair and will leave an overall dry look.

Some conditioners are heavy and weigh the coat down, causing his fur to lie flat. It’s also made oily within days, undoing the work you have put into caring for your great Pomeranian.

When it’s time to select a good leave-in conditioner, choose one that contains moisturizing ingredients. A good quality Pomeranian conditioner should provide moisture without making the coat appear flat.

Pomeranian Leave-In Conditioner Spray

A Pomeranian leave in conditioner spray is useful when you’re brushing. While grooming your Pomeranian, using a moisturizing spray is essential to eliminate the risk of split ends.

It also stops drying effects caused by friction and the sun and prevents debris and dirt build-up. It will also keep your Pomeranian smell great. Use a light spray that doesn’t block your Pom’s pores because you’ll primarily use it between his baths. The best Pomeranian leave-in conditioner sprays are listed HERE:

Top Recommended Best Dog Shampoos for Pomeranians

1. Best Shampoo for Pomeranians:

If the products you use are harsh or your Pomeranian had recent allergies, he’ll most likely have dry skin. This product helps replenish natural oils, thus stopping future dryness and itchiness. You’ll also see that, in time, the texture of his coat will improve. Every ingredient is natural, meaning they won’t adversely affect your dog's health.

2. Best Dog Shampoo for Pomeranians:

Everybody hates a wet doggy odor. This shampoo helps your Pomeranian smell sweet and fresh for weeks after you have given him a good wash. The formula is hypoallergenic, so your Pom will be free from scratching and itching. The pH is almost neutral, meaning his coat will stay healthy and vibrant.

3. Best Shampoos for Pomeranians:

This Pomeranian shampoo soothes your dog’s sensitive skin if itchy and dry. The high-quality ingredients are all-natural and have a fresh smell that lingers for days after he has been washed. This shampoo is so mild that you can also use it on kittens.

4. Oatmeal Shampoo for Pomeranians: 

The best shampoo for dogs with itchy skin is oatmeal-based shampoos. This product makes the most of proven plant-based ingredients that are gentle as they clean your Pomeranian’s coat. Oatmeal and aloe are two main ingredients that help make this an ideal product.

It soothes itchy skin, moisturizes and deodorizes his fur, and prevents allergic reactions. It’s so gentle that you can even use it on Pomeranian puppies.

5. Safe Flea and Tick Pomeranian Shampoo:

Lillian Ruff Tick and Flea Shampoo for Dogs with Aloe Vera Soothe The Itch and Repel The Critters with Natural Essential Oils - Balanced for Puppies and Mature Dogs (16oz).

As the name suggests, this product is perfect for gently eliminating fleas, ticks, and other parasites. It breaks down the life cycles of such pests so they can’t survive on your Pom’s coat any longer. It also deodorizes and cleans your Pom’s skin and is safe for puppies and cats.

6. Herbal Shampoo Flea and Tick:

Vet's Best Flea & Tick Shampoo for Cats.

If you have to use a flea and tick product on your Pomeranian, I would use a product made for cats. These products are a much safer option.

This product gently removes crusty scales, dead skin, and parasites.

Due to its all-natural ingredients, it can’t affect the natural oils on your dog’s body negatively.

7. All Natural Best Shampoo for Pomeranians:

Pro Pet Works All Natural Organic 5 in One Oatmeal Pet Shampoo + Conditioner-Hypoallergenic and Soap Free Blend with Almond Oil for Allergies & Dry Sensitive Skin-17oz (1btl)

There isn’t an easier way to wash your Pomeranian than by using this shampoo. Its avocado extract nourishes your dog’s coat and moisturizes it to prevent the effects of aging and drying out. It also acts as a protector of the colour of your dog’s coat.

8. Pomeranian Shampoo:

If you have had trouble with your Pom’s coat, this is the product you have been waiting for. It provides volume and crispness and gives his coat a healthy shine. The shampoo's fresh odor leaves him smelling wonderful after every wash.

9. Best Dog Leave-In Conditioner for Pomeranians:

Isle of Dogs Keratin Volume Conditioner, 16 Ounce

If you have wanted to make your Pomeranian’s hair shiny, this product is for you. A leave-in conditioner is as vital as a shampoo.

This dog spray conditioner is great for all types of canine skin, resulting in glossy, healthy fur. He’ll smell fresh for days after a wash and conditioning session. It contains all-natural ingredients that ensure it’s safe for dogs, puppies, and kittens.

Best Conditioner for Pomeranians

10. Best Dog Detangler Spray Conditioner:

BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Detangling Conditioner | Sulfate and Paraben Free Matted Hair Dog Detangler Conditioner for All Adult Dogs, 12 Fl Oz Made in The USA, Beige (FF12376)

This particular leave-in conditioner is the best dog detangler spray because it helps ensure grooming is easy. It protects your Pom’s coat from a build-up of dirt due to silicon being used. It’s also a Pomeranian hypoallergenic.

Your Pomeranian’s overall health and hair growth depends on how well you look after his fur. Choose the best products available, and don’t skimp by buying cheaper versions. Follow this Pomeranian care information, and you’ll have a happier, healthier, better-looking dog because all itchiness will be gone.

Best Shampoo Brands for Pomeranian Itchy Skin and Pomeranian Dry Skin

Ten Different Pomeranian Shampoo Ingredients That You Should Avoid 

To be natural, you might have to make Google your new best friend and use it to find good products. Carefully check shampoo labels and never settle for half-natural skin care and poor-quality products. 

Read the list of ingredients and if you see anything in the list below, put it back on the shelf as it’s no good for you or your dog. “All natural” is a word that, when applied to soaps, shampoos, and most other products, is, in the mind of the manufacturers, a natural product.

Here is the Top Ten list of Shampoo Ingredients to avoid if possible

  • 1. Diazolidinyl Urea and Imidazolidinyl Urea are commonly used preservatives, second only to parabens. They’re the number one cause of contact dermatitis. These chemicals are helpful antifungals only when mixed with other preservatives. Trade names for these chemicals are Gemall 2 and Gemall 115. The latter releases formaldehyde at just over 10 degrees and make it toxic.
  • 2. Ethyl Paraben, Propyl, Methyl, and Butyl inhibit the growth of microbes and boost the shelf life of numerous products. Despite being toxic, these products are used in large quantities. Skin rashes and allergic reactions are possible side effects.
  • 3. Petrolatum is a product commonly used in lipstick. It’s advertised as providing protection for the lips for various issues such as chapping and sunburn, etc. This is mineral oil jelly which is bad because mineral oils affect photosynthesis (causing damage from the sun. It also hinders the human body’s natural moisturizers, leading to chapping and sunburn. You buy a product that causes the actual problems it tries to heal. Manufacturers love petrolatum because it’s incredibly cheap.
  • 4. Propylene Glycol. This is ideally grain alcohol combined with vegetable glycerine, as both are natural products in their own right. It’s generally utilized as a petrochemical, synthetic mixture as a humectant. It can cause toxic side effects and allergies.
  • 5. PVP/VA Copolymer. A petroleum-derived chemical used in hairsprays, wave sets, and other cosmetics. It’s considered toxic since particles may contribute to foreign bodies in the lungs of sensitive persons.
  • 6. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This artificial substance is an ingredient in shampoos because it creates foam and is an excellent detergent. It can cause hair loss, skin rashes, eye irritations, allergic reactions, and scalp scuff resembling dandruff. It’s sometimes disguised in other “faux-natural cosmetics with the description claiming it “comes from coconut.”
  • 7. Stearalkonium Chloride. This chemical is found in creams and hair conditioners and can cause an allergic reaction. The fabric industry created stearalkonium chloride as a softener for fabrics. It’s much cheaper and easier to use within the hair conditioning formulas than any herbs or proteins that do manage to help hair health.
  • 8. Synthetic Colours. Synthetic colors used in cosmetics to make ladies “pretty” must NEVER be used, as should hair dyes. They’ll be labeled as FD&C or D&C, followed by a color and a number. Example: FD&C Red No. 6 or D&C Green No. 6. Cancer is believed to be a major side effect of using synthetic colors. If a cosmetic does contain bad ingredients, never use it.
  • 9. Synthetic Fragrances. The synthetic fragrances added to cosmetics can have as many as 200 ingredients. It’s impossible to know what chemicals are in the product you want to buy because the label still only says “fragrance.”
  • 10. Triethanolamine. This is commonly used in cosmetics when trying to adjust the pH. It’s used to change acid to salt and ends up as a cleanser base.

Allergic Reactions to Inferior Pomeranian Shampoo Ingredients 

The chemicals can cause a wide range of problems, including:

Itchy rash, dizziness, headaches, vomiting, violent coughing, skin irritations, and hyperpigmentation. Never buy a Pomeranian shampoo or other Pom grooming products with the word “fragrance” on the label.

Allergic reactions can include eye problems and dry hair and skin. Chemicals in some of the inferior shampoo and conditioner products are toxic if absorbed in the long term. 

Final Thoughts on Best Shampoo for Pomeranian Dogs


In conclusion, finding the best shampoo for your Pomeranian is essential to maintain the health of their coat. Make sure you choose one specifically designed for dogs, as human shampoos could be too harsh and cause irritation or even skin problems.

Additionally, look into shampoos that have natural ingredients and are free of artificial fragrances or chemicals - they can help with any existing skin problems and allergies. Furthermore, look into high-quality brands to ensure that the ingredients used are safe and beneficial for your pup.

Finally, always check with your breeder or groomer before trying a new product. A breeder or groomer can recommend the right products that suit, more specifically, the needs of your furry friend. Therefore, by following this guide, you will find a quality shampoo that will make all the difference in caring for your lovable Pomeranian pup!

For more information on grooming your Pomeranian, brushing, brushes to use, and how to care for a Pomeranian's coat, download our Pomeranian grooming booklet and Pomeranian grooming video.

Best Shampoo For Pomeranians
The Author, Denise Leo and a Champion Pomeranian
The Author, Denise Leo and a Champion Pomeranian

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