Pomeranian Puppy Scam

There are many more scams around than there ever used to be. It’s partly due to the internet and how people can manipulate information to get what they want, namely the money in your pocket. A common scam is related to selling dogs, and is often targeted at buyers looking to purchase a Pomeranian puppy. The dogs are real but aren’t the property of the scammers. Photos are stolen from top breeder’s websites. Often the photos are photo shopped to make the puppy look very small, extra cute and appealing.

Pictured right is a Pomeranian puppy bred by Dochlaggie kennels, Australia. Top photo is the original photo. Below is the exact same image after a few minutes work in photoshop.

Lots of people love dogs and wish to purchase a cute puppy online, which is one reason why this scam works so well. Put yourself in the shoes of somebody who wants to get a dog to care for. Now imagine you don’t really have much money but you want a good quality Pomeranian. So you start looking out for ways to buy your precious dog.

You log onto your computer because that’s the fastest way to find what you want. Unfortunately, it’s also such an easy way for others to con you. After looking through some ads, you suddenly see one for a white Pomeranian puppy. It sounds great and the photos are amazing. Your heart is already fluttering. Then you see the price…$250. You rub your eyes and shake your head in disbelief. Wow!!! You have hit the jackpot. A beautiful white Pomeranian puppy at a bargain price. You should grab it before someone beats you to it.

The dog should sell for $1200 or more from a reputable show Pomeranian breeder and this should set off alarm bells immediately. But wait, shouldn’t you investigate further? This is where the scammers outwit you. There’s only ever an email address and the account is usually new. The photos you see are great so you email and ask for more photos. They say they don’t have any more photos because “their camera broke”or some other fake story. It’s actually because they have taken photos of someone else’s dog and did it quickly so the owner wouldn’t know.

Naturally you’ll ask why the dog is so cheap. They may say someone in the family is very ill and they need to raise funds for surgery (or some other equally lame, false excuse). Then they’ll say they’re from a different country so you’ll have to wire them the money because their country doesn’t accept Paypal or bank transfers. 

When purchasing a puppy via the internet only pay by direct deposit into a Bank Account. You’re told they’ll ship the dog to your local airport once they have the money. But IF you’re foolish enough to actually send the money, they’ll just keep asking for more for different expenses such as taxes, custom issues and cargo storage, etc. Suddenly it doesn’t sound so cheap. BEFORE sending any money, ask for a video of the Pomeranian. Ask for the phone number of their vet so you can confirm the details are true. It’s likely they’ll say they can’t give you these pieces of information and then they’ll say they have other interested buyers but want to give you first choice seeing you were “fortunate” enough to have replied first. Ask for information and photos of the puppy’s parents. Google them to see if they exist.

Reputable, registered, show breeders usually have a website to confirm they’re legitimate. Check the details to see if it’s the same info as what they have told you. If there’s a contact number, ring it to see who answers and where they’re from. Never buy a dog online without doing lots of homework. Only buy through a reputable, registered, show breeder who you can check out.

A honest, legit, registered Pomeranian dog breeder will not describe or advertise Pomeranians as being miniature, toy or teacup Pomeranians. Avoid any “breeder” advertising, marketing or promoting Pomeranian puppies by any of the aforementioned terminology.

Ask for references and as much other information as you can. Genuine sellers will also ask you lots of questions because they want to ensure the puppy goes to a good home. Scammers aren’t interested in knowing that stuff so that should also set off the klaxons in your brain.

A Pomeranian puppy is a gorgeous pet but don’t risk being scammed because your eyes light up at the thought of owning such a beautiful animal. Be smart and check your facts. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Scam artists are so clever today that they really can get people to part with their money very easily. Make sure that you’re not gullible enough to be one of them.

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