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Differences Between The Pomeranian Show Dog And Pet Pomeranians

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Last Updated on 29/11/2023 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on October 23, 2022.

Why Do Show Pomeranians and Pet Pomeranians Look Different? Pomeranians are known for their showmanship, and the Poms, in particular, take pride in this. They prance around proudly at dog shows, but how do they differ from pet Pomeranians?

The difference between a show Pomeranian and pet Pomeranian is that the former closely meet the breed standard set by the American Kennel Club.The breed standard describes what an ideal specimen should be for this particular type of dog and is the blueprint for each dog breed.

In this article, I compare the differences between show Pomeranians and pet Pomeranians, it’s important to take their prices into consideration as well.

In my research, I found these dogs had very different costs. Which dog do you think is suitable for your lifestyle? I will explain why you should purchase from a preservation breeder?

What Is The Difference Between A Show Pomeranian And A Pet Pom?

The degree to which they meet their breed’s standard is the difference between a show dog and a pet. The standard of each breed is different and determined by their origin.

You should obtain a copy of the “Pomeranian standard”  because it specifically lays out everything to look for when it comes to the look of your Pomeranian and whether it meets the official Pomeranian breed standard. Show Pomeranian AKC breeders strive to breed as close as possible to this breed standard.

Do extensive health testing. PROVE their Pomeranians in the show ring prior to breeding by participating in a Pomeranian competition. The unfortunate, and very sad, truth is that “breeders” who don’t show usually just breed dogs to produce pups for cash.

Show Pomeranians And Pet Pomeranians
Show Pomeranians And Pet Pomeranians

Every Breed of Dog Has a Breed Standard 

Breed standards are a guideline for every dog’s type. They are written in a way that describes what an ideal dog of this breed looks, acts, and behaves like!

Dog judges study the breed standard and look for sound dogs who conform as close as possible to that standard. In other words, the dogs who are sound, and look exactly how they’re supposed to look, win high awards.

Exhibiting their Pomeranian show dog gives breeders the opportunity to learn more about their breed, compare breeding programs and make important contacts with other breeders.

How Is The Breed Standard Determined?

These have been drawn up over a long period of time and, over the years the standards have been revised. Kennel clubs conduct shows to assist breeders to PROVE breeding dogs in the show ring prior to breeding.

The American Kennel Club, or the Kennel Club is a club for all dog breeds.

They provide guidelines on what it means to be a member, including having one’s dog certified and registered with them and using their officially published standards.

Members of the Pomeranian Club vote on changes to the standard and submit those back to the AKC for approval. A revision starts before any additions or changes are made within those documents.

The new standard becomes an essential blueprint for future generations of this breed. The way that standards are interpreted varies from judge to judge.

Breed Clubs often run health and grooming seminars in conjunction with their shows. Show Pomeranians compete in the show ring to enable breeders to compare breeding programs. Show dogs compete so they can be judged and measured to see which ones are closest to the breed standard. It’s an extremely important and essential breeding tool for Pomeranian breeders AKC.

How Does A Breeder Determine The Difference Between A Pet And A Show Dog?

Pomeranian show dog breeders try to select the best specimens to breed with. For example, a Pom breeder will decide, after doing everything required, which dogs meet the Pomeranian Breed standard and which don’t.

Even very small problems such as a curly tail or a tooth out of line mean he’s better suited to being a Pomeranian pet or companion. If a Pom puppy is designated as a show prospect, this means he has no discernible flaws.

Pomeranian show breeders will know which puppies may develop into Pomeranian show dogs and have a real shot at winning events. If you’re purchasing a puppy from a show Pom breeder, there will be very little difference in the quality of the pups to the untrained eye.

When you check out a show pom and compare it to a pet Pom purchased from a non-show breeder, there will be significant differences. Other interesting subjects are the difference between teacup Pomeranian and Pomeranian? and the Pomeranian vs Spitz

What Does A Show Pomeranian Look Like?

A show Pomeranian is a short and compact dog with an extremely fluffy double coat. They are popular show dogs due to their intelligence, small size, and thick fur.

A distinctive feature of the Pomeranian is its plumed tail, which is often carried high. They also have small, pointy ears, and their bodies are typically small enough to fit in a circle.

Pomeranian Show Dog VS Pet Pomeranians

These are major points to look for:

Pomeranian Heads

  • Show Dog Pomeranian: Pomeranian champion breeders strive to breed Pomeranians with the correct head proportions and, as a standard guideline, the head will measure 1:2 in most show Pomeranians. Show Poms often have smaller and better-set ears.
  • Pomeranians as Pets: Pomeranians not purchased from show breeders usually have longer muzzles, flatter heads, and bigger ears than Pomeranians bred from most show Pomeranian bloodlines.


Pomeranian Tails

  • Show Pomeranian: Pomeranians bred from show bloodlines usually have high-set, glamorous-coated tails.
  • Pomeranians as Pets: often will have lower set curly tails.


  • Show Pomeranian AKC Breeders’ dogs often have thick-set chunky “Dolly Peg” type legs with small compact feet in comparison to the backyard/puppy farm Pom’s flat feet and lack of a thick leg coat.

Pomeranian Color:

  • The American Kennel Club accepts all colors in dog show events.
  • The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the English Kennel Club claim that a merle Pomeranian is a fault that disqualifies it.
  • Despite all colors being “accepted, Judges will have variations in their preferences.
  • parti-colored Poms are preferred to have a white blaze.
Show Pomeranians And Pet Pomeranians
Show Pomeranians And Pet Pomeranians

Dog Show Pomeranian Qualifications Faults

A Pomeranian show dog may have a flaw that obviously prevents him from becoming a show dog

Differences Between Show Pomeranians And Pet Pomeranians
Show Pomeranians And Pet Pomeranians

Pomeranian Dog Show Requirements Flaws Include:

  • Lower tailset than desired. 
  • Poor body conformation.
  • Size; too big or too small.
  • Mouth undershot or overshot bite.
  • And various other minor flaws.
Champion Pomeranian show dog
Champion Pomeranian show dog

Such dogs will be marked as pets and they won’t be bred. Dogs unsuitable for shows still make fabulous, loving pets. To the untrained eye, there is often no discernible difference between the two dogs.

Another avenue, for those interested in competition events, is Pomeranian agility dog show events. 

A Pet Pomeranian

It’s essential to understand that Pomeranians are amazing dogs. The “flaws” that make them unsuitable to become show dogs aren’t negatives. Nobody, human or animal, is perfect. Models and celebrities also have flaws. All dogs are loving and very special.

Show Pomeranian
Show Pomeranian

Can A Show Pomeranian And A Pet Pomeranian Come From The Same Litter?

Pet Pomeranians are often from the same litter as Show dogs, this is also common in colored breedings.

If your puppy originated from a Show Pomeranian breeder, pet Pom pups and Pomeranian show dogs are often in the same litter.

The differences between the two types of puppies are often very minor. Champion Pomeranian breeders will closely watch the litter develop and evaluate how close a puppy meets the Pomeranian breed standard.

To produce show dogs, every breeding pair will be selected based on the characteristics that should result in puppies fitting into today’s competition breed standard.

Not all of the puppies will be chosen as potential show dogs. The ones that don’t make it as show dogs still provide great company in your home!

Show Pomeranian Price Details

The cost of a show Pomeranian dog can vary depending on where you buy your dog. Some people will pay more than $10,000 for a show dog.

Show-quality dogs are much rarer than their non-show counterparts and usually are more expensive.

The cost of a show Pomeranian will depend on its genetics, care, travel costs, and your intentions for the dog. Will it be shown or bred?

What Is The Difference In Price Between A Show Pomeranian And A Pet?

A pet Pomeranian costs between $500 and $7000, whereas breeders can charge 10k+ for their show dogs.

Purchasing a pet puppy from a preservation breeder is usually the cheapest and best option for would-be Pomeranian owners.

Pet shops usually are the most expensive, with backyard breeders coming in a close second.

If price is an issue, talk to a preservation breeder about the option of buying a slightly older Pomeranian who has been retired from showing and breeding.

Are Show Dogs Pets?

That’s right; show Poms are also considered pets. Most show dogs in this country are viewed as pets with fancy jobs.

They’re not just show dogs but also love to hang out at home and keep their owners’ company!

Final Thoughts on Pomeranian Show Dogs VS Pet Pomeranians

I have always loved Pomeranians, no matter what standard they fit into. They’re a breed that is very dear to my heart.

Every Pomeranian is beautiful and should be cherished. Some Pomeranians are rescue dogs and carry scars from their past experiences. Poms of all sizes, shapes, colors, personality types, ages, and unique quirks are beautiful creatures and will lavish you with unconditional love, and they deserve the same. 

If you would like to know more about Pomeranian show dog requirements, find details of the best Pomeranian breeders and the next Pomeranian dog show in your area, contact your nearest Pomeranian Club.

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Do You Have a Copy of The Pomeranian Handbook?

Why Do Show Pomeranians and Pet Pomeranians Look Different
Why Do Show Pomeranians and Pet Pomeranians Look Different


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