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Are Pomeranians Good With Kids?

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As a Pomeranian breeder,  I am often asked if Pomeranians are good with kids and are Pomeranians good family pets. Lots of families ask if Pomeranians are good family dogs.

Vital Factors to Consider With a Pomeranian and Kids 

Pomeranian Size is The First Consideration

A Pomeranian dog is a good size for families who want a pet that isn’t intimidating. He can be picked up easily by the children. They can take him for walks without having him escape because he’s too strong for the children to handle.

These are all big pluses. However, small dogs can be fragile. You’ll need to teach your young children how to pick him up correctly, how to walk him, how to play with him without being rough, and many other tasks that may potentially hurt your dog if not done correctly. The Pom isn’t a dog breed you can wrestle with like you would with a bigger dog.

Are Pomeranians Good With Kids?
Are Pomeranians Good With Kids?

Tiny Pomeranian Puppies are Fragile

Because Poms are fragile, it’s not recommended that you get a baby puppy as a pet if young children are part of your family. Instead, consider an older Pomeranian puppy over the age of six months. Show breeders sometimes have older puppies available for good homes.

Are Pomeranians Good With Babies?

Toddlers are too young to understand the respect demanded by a pet Pom. If a pom’s toy is snatched from his grasp by a toddler, he may snap or bite as a defense action. He may bite if a toddler behaves roughly or pulls on the pom’s tail or fur.

The Pomeranian and Children Safety Precautions

Children require supervision during interactions with small Pomeranian puppies. Young children should also be cautioned and reminded that these small dogs are not as robust as the bigger dog breeds.

Noisy young children may scare Pomeranians because they’re not used to being around children who move suddenly, make loud noises, and generally have fun. If a Pom feels scared, he may run and hide somewhere and refuse to come out.

Young children must NEVER go near a Pomeranian puppy without being supervised by an adult and poms shouldn’t become annoyed by the behavior of the child/children.

If your pet had a previous owner who mistreated him, it’s quite likely he’ll bite as a defense mechanism. That’s simply no good.

Small children should be careful when they’re with the pom. Avoid picking him up because if done the wrong way, he may be dropped, resulting in a broken leg or more severe injuries.

Don’t Leave a Pomeranian and Children Alone

It’s unwise to leave a small child with a Pomeranian, regardless of how well they get along. The difference in size as well as the relationship between both (versus that between an adult pom and a small child), can make a major difference in the way each treats the other.

For example, the child might be playing with the puppy, and he falls onto the Pom. This might seriously cause damage because of the pom’s young, fragile body. Health problems that may be caused include anxiety, increased trouble with knees, broken bones, and lung problems.

Pomeranian and Kids
Pomeranian and Kids

There’s also the situation where a small child is playing with a Pomeranian, and, for some reason, the child riles up the Pomeranian. It’s possible that the dog may not warn by growling or barking before snapping, potentially biting flesh and causing a break in his skin. I have seen my Pomeranians do this if they have felt threatened in some way. I know this also happens with other Pom puppies.

It’s vital that you never leave Pomeranian puppies and small children alone in each other's company. They haven’t yet learned to respect each other’s boundaries. This precludes children under the age of four years from participating.

Remember the age factor if placed in this situation. It is simple to let small children and Pom puppies play together as long as parents supervise them, and it’s more fun for everybody involved if the young ones play and the adults laugh and enjoy the show.

The Ideal Age for Children to Play with Pomeranian Puppies

I’m the mother of 4 children, and they all spent time with my Pomeranians. The most important rule to observe with a Pomeranian and kids is that all children under the age of 10 must be sitting on the floor while holding or playing with a Pomeranian puppy.

Pomeranian puppies, like most babies, have a very short attention span and will quickly decide to jump out of a child’s arms. I had an extremely bad experience with my youngest son when he was about eight years old, breaking the rules and taking a puppy outside onto our back veranda. The puppy saw something interesting and jumped out of his arms.

She landed hard on the concrete floor, breaking her hip in many parts. This event happened in the blink of an eye. I can happily report that, after expensive surgery, this Pomeranian puppy made a full recovery.

I’ve watched my Pomeranians enjoy playing with children, and I believe that children of any age, including infants, can have fun with Pomeranians. This is because Pomeranians are exciting, happy friends that can also be tender when necessary. They’re smart, so they’re likely aware that they may interact with someone less capable than an adult or another Pomeranian.

The problem is Pomeranians are a bit like little stuffed toys that just so happen to be alive. They’re so fun to play with, so everyone wants to be around them. But their cuteness can’t protect them or the children who play with them, so the best policy when letting small children and Pomeranians play with one another is to keep an eye on them.

Can Pomeranians Hurt Small Children?

Pomeranians and small children often have beautiful relationships. It becomes a stimulating blend when you add a young child’s happiness and natural curiosity to a Pomeranian's playfulness and bountiful charisma.

However, there will also be certain boundaries involved in this relationship. Pomeranians are cute and cuddly but can also react defensively if they feel threatened.

If you’re a parent, it’s wise to teach your children how to behave around dogs in general. Then there’s a significantly reduced risk of making a dog feel threatened enough that he attacks without warning. Teeth and claws can quickly hurt a young child, especially if there’s no warning before the dog strikes.

There shouldn’t be a situation where a dog needs to behave aggressively when playing with a young child. However, that fact is that your Pomeranian will defend himself if he feels threatened by the child in any way.

Pomeranian and Kids
Pomeranian and Kids

For example, if your Pom is playing with your child and then gets hit, it’s unlikely that your Pomeranian won’t immediately become aggressive (especially if they have known each other for a while). However, if the child keeps hitting your Pom repeatedly, it’s impossible to know what your Pom may do, whether he will bark, bite, growl, scratch, or some combination.

The main problem is that young children don’t yet understand how much strength they should use when playing with a Pom pup. If both play, it’s impossible to know how each may react. For a while, they have to test each other’s limits, which is best done while supervised.

Pomeranians can certainly hurt young children, but the reverse is also true. Because they have similar temperaments and sizes, they will likely behave well, but that’s never a guarantee.

Final Thoughts About are Pomeranians Good With Children?

While Pomeranians are terrific as pets, don’t get a puppy under six months as a pet if you have children under the age of ten years. A Pomeranian with older kids is a perfect mix

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