Why Do Pomeranians Spin In Circles?

pomeranian dog

Pomeranians are very adorable, partly due to their size, and and partly because they may have odd quirks. Their fun-loving demeanour and great personality appeals to lots of owners who may wonder what they’ll get up to next. One typical quirk they may have is a love of spinning in circles. Owners commonly ask why … Read more…

Differences Between Pomeranians and the German Spitz

pomeranian and german spitz

The German Spitz and the Pomeranian share the same ancestry. The Poms were larger dogs in the early days, and were used for hunting, herding and almost everything else their owners required of them. Because the two breeds are very closely related, they’re similar in many ways and comparing their sizes, colours and physical characteristics … Read more…

White Pomeranians

White: A white Pomeranian should be a solid white with no lemon or cream shadings. The guard hairs and undercoat is also white. A white Pomeranian must have black eye rims, nose, lips and pads. White Pomeranians are born ice white with pink points. By the age of six weeks, the points should have darkened … Read more…

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