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Last Updated on 25/04/2024 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on August 16, 2023.

Learn how fake bloggers are capitalizing on the popularity of Pomeranians. Learn how this impacts the world of Pomeranians and what you can do to protect yourself and your Pomeranian from being harmed by false information.

This article will explain why Pomeranian owners should ensure they obtain correct Pomeranian care advice. How to avoid fake bloggers, examples of fake websites, and how to pick a fake blog post.

Pomeranian lovers; Unfortunately, there are lots of what I refer to as fake Pomeranian blogs and fake bloggers on the internet.

How to check the validity of a Pomeranian dog care guide website.

Let me start by explaining that this Pomeranian blog is not fake.

Unfortunately, over 90% of the Pomeranian information articles now available on the internet usually have been copied from this Pomeranian blog – Pomeranian Headquarters.

Fake bloggers are copying information and rewording it for these Pomeranian blogs who usually do not know this beautiful breed, and often English is not their first language.

So, it’s not surprising that the intended message often gets lost.

Pomeranians have been known to become extremely ill after their owners decided to save money on a vet visit and instead follow advice from a fake Pomeranian blog.

Your vet should be the first person to call for Pomeranian health advice.

Pomeranian Dog Blog
Pomeranian Dog Blog

Avoid Fake Bloggers

As more people turn to the internet for information and commerce, trusting online sources has become increasingly crucial in the digital age. When it comes to websites focused on Pomeranians and other niches, it’s essential to approach them discerningly. With the vastness of the internet, misinformation or deceit can easily creep in.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a furry friend, seek grooming advice, or delve into Pomeranian health tips, ensuring the credibility of the online source can make all the difference in receiving accurate and safe information. Always prioritize websites with clear credentials, verifiable testimonials, and reputable affiliations.

Ensure you obtain information from a recognized expert. Avoid solely trusting Google search results; they may rank sites managed by SEO experts who lack knowledge about Pomeranians.

Many Pomeranian-related sites on Google rephrase content from my site, Pomeranian.org. Such rephrasing can lead to inaccuracies, with site owners unaware they’re providing the wrong advice. As an SEO professional, I can attest to this.

Google recognized the issue and introduced the EAT criteria, emphasizing Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness, particularly for health and finance websites. Always verify the author’s EAT credentials before trusting an online article.

You Ask, What Is A Fake Pomeranian Blog?

A fake Pomeranian dog blog is created only because of greed – or, more politely – to profit from your unsuspecting attention.

Like most people, you have turned to the World Wide Web to learn how to look after your dog.

Unfortunately, this often leads you down the path of those who enjoy fleecing as much money from as many people as possible.

You must be careful, or you might get dodgy information about raising a Pomeranian from a fake Pomeranian blog.

Never heard of them? Well, you most likely have checked out plenty of them, as they’re everywhere!

A fake dog blog is created SOLELY to bring in lots of money via advertising and affiliate payouts.

Blogging for profit has become incredibly popular over the last ten years, particularly in niches including cooking, home and garden, pets, and survival gear.

However, the pet blogging niche went through the roof several years ago after the Internet started bragging about how lucrative and simple the space is.

What Does a Fake Pomeranian Dog Blog Do?

Fake bloggers take the articles from this site and sometimes other sites, copy, and reword them.

The fake bloggers doing this usually have not seen a Pomeranian dog in the fur. English is often not their first language; things usually get very muddled during translation.

Why Should People Regard Them as “Fake?”

Fake bloggers come in various levels when comparing blogs within this niche.

You can have: super-duper (the king of fakes), very fake bloggers, somewhat fake bloggers, and sort-of-kind-of fake bloggers.

However, they all share one common goal – they have all been designed purely to make money instead of having a genuine passion for these dogs.

Now to examine the fake aspect. Here’s the rundown (from the most deplorable to the least).

FAKE Persona

Not a real person in the “about us” section – just posing as one.

Stock images generally get used, no images, or even NO About Us section.

Genuine Pomeranian experts are happy to share photos of themselves doing various activities with their Pomeranians.

FAKE Credentials

The person behind the website might be someone real with minimal knowledge of Pomeranians.

FAKE Content

Most of the material is outsourced, “poor quality” rewritten content targeting high-volume keywords or potential affiliate income.

What is a Fake Pomeranian Blog?
What is a Fake Pomeranian Blog?

Often the correct intent of the original article is lost in the rewording, and the unsuspecting Pomeranian dog owner is receiving incorrect Pomeranian information and possibly dangerous advice.

Why Do Fake Pet Blogs Exist?

Because there’s a thriving market for it, in the U.S. alone, more than $99 Billion was spent on pet care in 2020, according to cnbc.com.

They also revealed that of American pet parents, 53% owned one or more dogs. It equates to 63.4 million American dog owners looking for more information on how to care for their canine best friends.

Examples of Fake Websites

#1 – Their “About Us” Page

People who set up fake dog blogs mainly hide behind a false character. It has two parts – a stock image and the other is a pathetic tale about growing up with Pomeranian dogs or even owning a dog or two.

You can easily identify these by examining the site or their Facebook page to find more photos of this same person.

If you can’t find a single image or information of that person with their Pomeranian dogs, then it’s virtually guaranteed that it’s a false person and another fake pet blog.

Genuine dog blogs will have plenty of real information, and they want to make contact with dog owners such as yourself.

They’re keen to provide information and advice. They’ll also have a short story about themselves and many photos of their dogs and themselves involved in the Pomeranian dog activities they write about.

These photos and videos will help readers understand that they’re genuine.

#2 – Website has loads of “BEST OF,” “ULTIMATE,” or “TOP” articles

If you see a site writing something about the following examples: “Best dog beds for Pomeranians,” then “Best hair clippers for Pomeranians,” “Best pom products,” “Top 10 Best Brushes for Pomeranians,” beware.

Another very funny one – “Top 5 knee braces for a luxating patella.” I ask you all -who puts a knee brace on their Pomeranian? Pomeranian lovers, if your Pomeranian is limping, call your vet.

Then we have – “10 Best Anti-Bark Collars for Pomeranians.”

Loving, caring Pomeranian owners are in the majority here, and these owners wouldn’t dream of placing one of these barbaric collars on their much-loved Pomeranian.

It needs mentioning because these collars are illegal in many parts of the world.

I have noticed a fake Pomeranian blog is so uneducated about these little dogs that they are using stock photos of dogs that are NOT Pomeranians.

Then on the same page, are you giving out Pomeranian dog care information?

But, readers, these are high-paying keywords, so these fake bloggers run with it.

What is a Fake Pomeranian Blog?
What is a Fake Pomeranian Blog?

So, if you come across this information, you’re 99% certain to be reading a “fake” dog blog.

Creators of false canine blogs will discover dog products that are currently trending and will capitalize on them as much as possible.

Pomeranian owners are often emotional when it comes to loving their pets, and scammers use this to maximize the money they can make from loving dog parents while they have the chance.

#3 – The Site Has Ridiculous Advice for Pom Parents

Bad advice is unethical and, more to the point, it’s also dangerous for dogs if owners think it’s good advice.

People behind these fake dog blogs couldn’t care less about your Pomeranian’s well-being or health.

They want lots of web traffic. By pretending to be Pomeranian dog experts, fake Pomeranian blog writers often reword material from this site but, as pointed out previously, the correct information often gets lost along the way.

If you go to a site and read unusual tips for looking after your Pomeranian puppies, you must check your facts with a legitimate source. Two reputable sites are aaha.org and avma.org; you’ll get answers to all your questions.

I ask all Pomeranian parents, for the health of their Pom dogs, to check any advice obtained from these types of fake pet blogs with an authority source.

One fake Pomeranian blog is even attempting to sell a Pom health book. How dangerous is this?

Some fake dog blogs can be harder to identify, but if you look for clues you have read in this article, it will give you a greater opportunity for spotting fakes.

Real dog writers are genuine in their care for dogs and have plenty of knowledge about the articles they share with readers. They only want what’s best for their parents and their dogs.

I created Pomeranian Headquarters in 1999 to share my passion, experience, and knowledge of Pomeranians.

Back then, you couldn’t find any real sites with comprehensive (and accurate) information about Pomeranians. I decided to make my website, and I enjoyed the process while learning a lot as I went along.

Sharing the Pomeranian knowledge I had obtained over many decades was and remains my top priority.


The amount of fake Pomeranian dog blogs, fake bloggers, and other pet blogs with reworded, often incorrect, Pomeranian dog information popping up on the internet is worrying.

For the safety and health of your Pomeranian dog, please take the knowledge from this article on how to spot a fake Pomeranian blog and spread the word.

Your Pomeranian’s life could depend on receiving the correct information.

Pomeranian owners must know the risks of taking uneducated Pomeranian care advice from a suspect source.

I’m genuinely passionate about Pomeranian dogs, and after many decades of hands-on experience with this beautiful breed, I can give you the correct advice, and where I’m unable to help, I will always send you to check with a veterinarian.

Copyright Pomeranian.org. All Rights Reserved.

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Pomeranians are my passion, and I have shared my life with these darling little dogs for many decades. The creator and face behind this website is published author and Pomeranian breed authority Denise Leo of Dochlaggie Pomeranians.

Denise Leo
Denise Leo