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Australian Pomeranian Breeders

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VanPoms located Perth WA, Australia.

Our love for Pomeranians started by accident 14 years ago and it has just grown from there.

They are our pets (family members) first before anything else, they are raised in a family environment, and are well socialized, our dogs are not kennel dogs, they live with the us in the house and the house is set up with them in mind, we have a ball pit, swimming pool, paddling pool and play equipment for them to play in and with, and I try and introduce them to new things all the time, I try and follow puppy culture guidelines.

Some we show for fun, as its a learning experience, I have learnt so much and learning more everyday.

I have been a member of Dogswest for a while but have just completed my prefix and will eventually breed, my aim as a registered breeder will be to breed sound, healthy dogs with great temperaments and to meet the Australian standard.

When I do breed is will be firstly for myself but puppies will be available occasionally and they will only go to the best homes possible, I will NOT breed to supply to Puppy farmers, backyard breeders and petshops.


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Phone: 0438914947

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