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Last Updated on 24/04/2024 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on July 24, 2019.

Do you want to know where can I buy a Pomeranian Puppy? If you want to buy a Pomeranian puppy you need to know it is vital to acquire a Pomeranian from a registered Pomeranian breeder who proves their dogs in the show ring prior to breeding and not via an individual who has invested no thought or planning into a breeding program whatsoever.

Puppy buyers looking for Pomeranian Puppies for sale may find Pet Shop Pomeranian puppies for sale or a backyard Breeder who have available Pomeranian puppies for cheap prices.

By purchasing one of these pups, you are supporting someone who has two or more Poms of questionable heritage, who is breeding with the sole intent to profit from their dogs.

Where to Buy Pomeranian Puppies?

Purchasing a Pom puppy from a Show Pomeranian breeder is supporting a lover of the Pom breed who has dedicated their lives to improving the Pomeranian Breed, who does health testing and proves their dogs in the show ring prior to breeding.

Prospective Pomeranian owners should understand the huge difference in the quality between Pom puppies produced by a dedicated SHOW Pom breeder and Pet Shop Pomeranian or Backyard Breeder Poms.

The reason I place emphasis on the word SHOW? Anyone can easily join the kennel club and become a registered breeder. Would-be Pomeranian owners need to recognize and understand the real difference between Show breeders and backyarders.

The Best Pomeranian Breeders Are Called Preservation Or Show Breeders

A registered show breeder will devote many hours planning a litter with dogs that are true to the Pomeranian Breed Standard, have been proven in the show ring, and are health tested. The objective of SHOW breeders is to contribute to the advancement of the breed by producing Pomeranians who are healthy in mind and body and are close as possible to the Breed Standard.

In the event you purchase via a backyard breeder (registered or otherwise), you may have little idea of the future. That cute puppy you purchased at 8 weeks most likely will not resemble a Show type Pomeranian at all. More Information if you wish to purchase a pet Pomeranian puppy on why buying from a show Pomeranian Breeder is the best option.

Without proving breeding Pomeranians in the show ring, breed type is quickly lost. 100 years ago, Pomeranians weighed around 20 kilos and looked much like a dog now called the German Spitz. These dogs had longer backs, flat open coats, low-set curled tails, long noses, and bigger ears.

It is understood that all dogs are beautiful. If choosing to buy a Pomeranian, that dog should mature to look it’s breed. A Pom puppy bred by a show Pom breeder will look like a true to type Pom dog.

If you purchase a puppy originating from a non-show Pomeranian Breeder your pup will in all probability, as an adult look considerably more like a German Spitz than the true to standard Pomeranian.

You are purchasing a Pomeranian and you have every right to expect your puppy to look true to breed standard at maturity. The purchase price of a Pomeranian is a minimal investment, compared to the emotional investment, or the vet bills, if you are unfortunate to purchase a poor quality or sickly dog from an unregistered breeder, registered backyarder, or a pet shop puppy.

Pomeranian puppy from a Show Breeder versus Pet Shop Pomeranian or Backyard Breeder Pomeranian Puppy
Pomeranian puppy from a Show Breeder versus Pet Shop Pomeranian or Backyard Breeder Pomeranian Puppy

Pomeranians Adoption and Rescue Pomeranian 

In the event that pricing is a significant concern delay the purchase or consider the option of Pomeranian adoption. Pet Shelters and Pomeranian rescue frequently come to the aid of  Pet Shop Pomeranians and Pom dogs bred by backyarder breeders. There will be a minimal price for most rescue Pomeranians, as no such thing as adopting a Pomeranian puppy free exists. 

These unfortunate little dogs are usually rejected because of behavioral problems, health issues, or just the sad fact the dream puppy did not turn out small and cute like the famous Pomeranian Boo. Registered Pomeranians bred by a SHOW breeder are rarely surrendered to an animal shelter.

What Type of Pomeranian Do You Want?

Breeders will generally sort litters by quality. Companion or pet puppy, a breeding dog, and show potential. When it comes to “quality,” a show dog is regarded as the highest and a pet as the lowest. Despite this, if you purchase from a show breeder your puppy will definitely be high quality.

It’s often impossible to fully determine show quality until he becomes an adult. The higher the quality you want, the more time you’ll spend looking for him. A pet may be found in a couple of months but if you want a breeding-quality dog, you may wait a year before achieving success. Lastly, finding a great show dog might take you a few years.

Pet Pomeranian or Companion Quality

A pet Pom puppy generally has at least one trait that stops him from being a suitable show dog. He may have minor issues such as larger ears. He may have major “problems” including not having much of a coat or being too big. One common issue in the male Poms is he is entire or not.

There’s nothing wrong with the health of a pet-quality Pomeranian. He’ll still have a great temperament. Acting as a companion or pet is regarded as the most significant task a Pomeranian dog can fulfill so owners will regard this type as being of the utmost highest quality.

Better Kennel Club and AKC Pomeranian breeders generally will sell puppies that are pet quality with the proviso that they are desexed or that their registration is limited. If your Pom ends up becoming a higher-quality dog, the breeder can remove the limitation on the registration.

However, reversing a desexing procedure can’t happen but such dogs can still compete in all forms of competition except for conformation showing. Some shows now have classes for neutered dogs.

Show Quality Pomeranians

As with all dogs, those of show quality need to be in good health with ideal temperaments. If you’re to have any chance at winning, the dog needs to demonstrate the qualities expected of a show dog. You’ll also pay a lot more money for a show dog.

It’s essential to note that breeders who never show their own dogs generally won’t produce show-winning dogs. The dog’s pedigree needs to contain many champions. Expect to wait a long time for a show dog, as compared to a pet. The number of demands you have in place will affect the speed at which you’ll find a worthwhile show dog, usually a few months.

There are two reasons for the longer wait:

  •  Many factors will be affected by age. If you definitely want a good quality show puppy, you probably should wait and find an older puppy (that’s more expensive). The odds are greatly increased if you do wait.
  •  Pomeranians only have small litters (1-4 puppies at any one time) and usually only a few of these puppies are show quality.

If You’re Sure a Show-Quality Pomeranian Dog is What You Desire, Think Of These Points:

As puppy ages, flaws may start to appear. He may keep growing and end up too big or he may develop another issue that would make showing difficult. No dog is 100% perfect. Dog shows can be a lot of fun, but they only represent a tiny amount of the overall time spent with your Pomeranian dog.

Never let it upset you. Try to compete in one or more of the other categories your Pom is suitable for attempting.

Always be respectful of the breeder. If you do buy a good show dog, aim to compete in shows. Show breeders put in a huge amount of time and effort into producing quality show puppies. Their significant reward is the pride they feel when one of their puppies wins in a show.

It’s unwise to promise to show a dog and then just hide him away somewhere safe and out of the public eye. You must work hard to earn the respect and trust of a breeder.

If you’re a novice at showing dogs, breeders may feel unsure whether to even trust a top-notch puppy that’s ready for a show. One method to gain their trust is to win an obedience title with a different dog…maybe through the purchase of a pet dog.

Breeding Quality Pomeranian Dogs

Breeding-quality dogs should come from the highest backgrounds. Occasionally they may have a fault that stops them from being the best show dogs (for example, being slightly oversize or having a curly tail). However, these dogs have other merits that counteract the negatives. Breeding dogs are always free from any serious genetic problems.

Checking Pedigrees

All kennel club registered dogs have a pedigree; a type of birth certificate. However, most pedigrees only list information from the last 3-4 generations. When you see the actual document regarding registration, on the left it will list the dog’s parents.

Then the pedigree travels backward, going from one generation to the one before, and so on. On the paperwork, it goes from left to right. The male (sire) is listed above his progeny’s name and the female dog (dam) is always listed below.

Dochlaggie Pomeranian pedigree
Dochlaggie Pomeranian pedigree

Pomeranian Puppy Buyer Etiquette

Rule Number One:

  • Stop searching for a puppy. Instead focus your search on looking for a breeder. Find a breeder who breeds the type of Pomeranian you most desire and develop a relationship with that breeder

Rule Number Two:

  • Be prepared to wait for your puppy. A puppy is not something which can be picked up from a supermarket shelf. In the event, the breeder of choice will not breeding in the foreseeable future, ask if they could recommend another breeder.

Rule Number Three:

  • Introduce yourself appropriately. Your initial email needs be of sufficient length in order to clarify exactly what type of Pomeranian you are seeking and most importantly include brief specifics about the lifestyle you are able to provide the puppy. Avoid emailing many pages of information about yourself or the required puppy during the preliminary contact. Most dog breeders receive numerous emails, so ensure your first email is not so long winded, that the breeder will simply skim through the text. Never ever send “one- liners “requesting the price. Dog Breeders tend to be extremely fast to utilise the delete key with these style of emails.

Rule Number Four:

  • Avoid getting yourself on multiple breeders waiting list. Please be sure to conclude an encounter with one dog breeder prior to commencing enquiries with another breeder. Just about every breeder knows almost every other breeder. The show breeder community is incredibly tiny, as well as being extremely close knit, consequently we all know each other. The information, a “Mrs So and So” is phoning or emailing all Pomeranian breeders shopping for a blue female puppy speedily becomes known to ALL breeders.

Rule Number Five:

  • No do not expect to be able to select your puppy. The majority of Pomeranian litters tend to be small, one to three babies being the norm. Most reputable Pomeranian breeders spend countless hours planning breedings with a view to retaining a puppy for show or later breeding purposes. Any puppies available from this litter usually will be ones not required by the breeder. Show Pomeranian breeders understand their chosen breed perfectly and therefore are extremely well equipped to match buyers with a suitable puppy.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Contact Pomeranian Breeders


  •  Be fully responsible for a dog and everything it needs for the next 10-15 years? A child would NOT be able to commit to this.
  • Invest a lot of money, time and patience training your new dog to become a great companion? It won’t    happen overnight or on its own.
  •  Always keep him safe.
  •  Make sure to give your dog all the love, care, attention, grooming and exercise that he needs and deserves?
  •  Spend the money it will take to give your dog sufficient vet care? This includes but is far from limited to: annual check-ups, vaccines, neutering or spaying and heartworm tests and prevention.
  •  Learn how to care for the breed correctly, including training methods and proper grooming? (There are plenty of books, both physical and online, to give you plenty of information.)
  •  Keep in touch with the breeder regarding any problems and achievements your dog has?
  •  Seek help from the breeder or other professionals if you have problems you can’t handle alone?
  •  Have plenty of patience to accept all the issues that come with rearing a puppy? This may last up to five years, and also for each stage after that?
  • Remain committed to the care of your dog, regardless of life’s changes such as: children aging and going to school; moving house or working?
  • Resist the appeal of an impulse buy? Be patient and make the correct choice for your needs.

If your answer to all these questions was a resounding YES, then you’re in the right frame of mind to make contact with various breeders. Begin your search early as the majority of breeders have a waiting list that can be as long months and maybe even years for a special quality pup. The ideal puppy for you is well worth the wait!

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