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Last Updated on 20/06/2020 by Denise Leo. Post first published on April 10, 2016.

pomeranians in care seat
Pictured: Pomeranians Dolly and Whitney Hazelwood

It’s extremely dangerous having a Pomeranian in car,  if he’s not secured. He may end up sitting in your lap and distracting you while you drive, potentially causing a serious car accident. It doesn’t matter how well you believe your pet behaves, not securing him before driving is simply stupid.

You may also be the “best driver in the world” and you’ve never had a car accident until now. But anybody can have an accident…whether it’s your fault or perhaps the other driver is to blame. So you MUST have a car seat for your pet so you can focus on driving and nothing else.

A dog car seat is essential for these reasons:

1. 55% of the people who use car seats aren’t sure if their seat choice is the best one and if they’re actually using it the proper way. 8% of people don’t care enough to even restrain their pet while they drive.

2. Unsecured pets will be tossed around in your car when you have an accident, even if you’re driving slowly. If you’re moving at 35 mph and hit another car or something else, your dog will be affected in several ways.

a. A Pom that weighs 2.26 kgs will be tossed as though he weighs 102 kgs. If he weighs double, he’ll be thrown at double the force.

b. Because of this, he may suffer from broken bones, brain damage, injuries to various internal organs and even a fractured neck.

3. If the car seat is too big for your pet or if you haven’t restrained him correctly, he may face the same serious problems. Research has shown that if your car is moving at 24 kmph or more, your dog will will be thrown from his doggie seat.

Characteristics Of The Best Small Dog Car Seat 

There are several aspects to best small dog car seat that you need to look for when making a buying choice. They help keep him comfortable and safe if an accident was to occur.

1. Size matters. You can buy different size seats for all dogs ranging from the tiny Chihuahua to the largest St. Bernard. Some use a hammock or a belt as well/ or instead of a seat. Because a Pomeranian is a small breed, he definitely needs a seat that secures him.

Never borrow a dog car seat from a friend or family member unless it’s for the same size dog and never use a generic seat. If a seat is too big, that eliminates its safety features. This assumes that buckles and the belt can’t be adjusted to suit your dog safely. You’ll likely want him to have a toy to play with, and perhaps a blanket, but the seat must match his specific size.

Pomeranian in car seat
Pomeranian in car. Pomeranian Milo Kinman travelling in his car dog booster seat.

2. The right material and comfort level. You need to get the right seat to fit your pet but it should also be made from comfortable material or he won’t sit still. The outer casing should be durable and strong. The inner padding must be comfortable and not abrasive.

Seats that have padded foam are good and they have removable covers you can wash so you’re able to keep it clean as well.

The majority of options have Velcro strapping to adjust them and will be made from environmentally-friendly products and no hard dyes. These factors are very good because your pet may like to chew the seat. This way he won’t get sick if he does so.

3 Height. Bigger dogs can put their noses out the window to get some air. Smaller dogs will usually feel more confined because they can’t see over the door panel. If your pet is small, a safe and secure booster seat is a logical choice to purchase. Then he’ll have sufficient height to also stick his nose out the window and watch the world go by.

Another reason why having their nose out the window is vital is to avoid getting car sick. If a dog can’t see outside, his body feels as though it’s moving but the interior of the car isn’t so that apparent contradiction affects his inner ear and motion sickness can be the result, making him feel dizzy. It’s easy for nausea to overwhelm your beloved pet if he can’t see and smell the outside world. He may start whining, get restless, struggle against the seat and, in worst case scenarios, could also vomit.

When an animal has a bad experience such as this, he’ll remember it next time you want to take him for a drive so it will be harder to get him into the car. So think before you buy and choose the ideal seat for your breed of dog. Get a dog booster seat for your Pomeranian so you can open a window (depending on the weather conditions, of course). Even if you can’t open it, at least your pet can see what’s happening outside and his inner ear will remain balanced.

Extra tips. After you have bought your pet’s ideal seat, there are other elements to consider when travelling.

1. If your vehicle has an airbag in the front passenger seat that you’re unable to turn off, it’s safest to place your pet in the back seat. The other option is to move the front seat as far back as you can so this can lessen the impact when it’s released. If your pet is too close, he could sustain serious injuries when the bag is deployed at 320kmph and it only takes 1 – 30th of a second to do so.

2. Regardless of how comfortable his car seat is, most canines can’t handle long car trips without a break. Avoid possible problems and have breaks when you think he needs it. Dogs do vary with some needing a break several times each hour and some can last longer. Regardless of how often you stop, always do it safely. Let him stretch and walk around a bit, on a leash, and do his business. Have some cold water for him to drink and even a snack as well.

3. Some Poms hate travelling in a car. The right seat will reduce this hatred. You may need to slowly get him accustomed to being a passenger by starting with short trips and slowly increasing the time and distance. A blanket and his favourite toy will help him relax a little. If he’s very edgy, start by simply going up and down your driveway. Poms will eventually get used to longer drives if you slowly build up to them. 4. Understand the dangers of a collar and seat. The car seats for small breeds is set up with a safety strap that you connect to his harness or collar. However, NEVER connect it to his collar. Even if he’s only tossed a short distance during an accident, it may be enough to severely hurt his neck. Put his comfortable harness on first and then join the safety strap to it.

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