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Pomeranian Grooming Explained in Detail

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How to Groom a Pomeranian

The same as all long-coated dogs breeds, grooming a Pomeranian dog is something which must be done on a regular basis during his lifetime. Teach your pup that Pomeranian grooming is fun and enjoyable. The optimum time to begin Pomeranian puppy grooming is following exercise and after his evening meal.

How Often Should I Bathe my Pomeranian?

Pomeranian bath frequency is a common question. Owners will ask “how often should I wash my dog?”
Bathing Pomeranians should be done on a regular basis. Pet Poms will require bathing at least once a month during the winter months. More often during summer is ideal, unless the dog has got itself very dirty.

Giving Pomeranian Puppies a Bath

New Pomeranian puppy owners should ask their breeder about bathing Pomeranian puppies. Instructions are usually required on when to commence bathing and grooming requirements.
At Dochlaggie, grooming commences at a very early age.
Bathing pups older than 5 or weeks should have no ill effects, as long as care is taken to ensure puppy is correctly and fully dry after his bath.
My Pomeranians are bathed twice weekly whilst being shown.
The day prior to a show, and once again the day following the show to remove any grooming products added to the coat at the show. Whilst enjoying a break from the show ring, the show dogs are given a weekly maintenance bath.

Important Grooming for Pomeranians Information:

  • Bathing Pomeranians will not soften a correct coat. Dirt, grime and talcum powder can easily damage a Dog’s coat.
  • Clean hair grows; dirty hair will dry out and break off. Coats can vary from canine to canine.
  • Breeders strive to produce double coated Poms with correct standoff, harsh coats. A Pom’s coat may also differ significantly from month to month.

Bathing Pomeranians Instructions

Follow these safety tips:

  • Place a non-slip mat on the bottom of the sink. You could even use an old towel for this.
  • Use a strainer in the drain to prevent hair from blocking it.
  • Ensure your dog won’t knock a handle and make the water extra hot without you being aware of it.

How to Bathe a Pomeranian

To Prevent Mats and Felting it is Important to Brush Prior to Bathing.

  • Ensure that your Dog is completely brushed and combed through before attempting to bath him.
  • Bath water should be just warm and reach no higher than the Pomeranian’s elbows.
  • Lather well ( using the best shampoo for Pomeranians ) on both sides of his body.
  • Start at the Pom’s tail area and washing the dog’s head last.
  • Always use a sponge on his head and keep the shampoo and conditioner clear of your Dog’s eyes and ears.
  • Rinse well with clean, lukewarm water.
  • The conditioner is then applied to the bottom half of his body, tail, feet and leg areas and the conditioner is then rinsed out of his coat.

How to Correctly Dry A Pomeranian

  • Place towels around your Pom. Blot dry, rather than vigorously rubbing.
  • The coat should then be blown dry.
  • Use a dryer that’s forced air, no heat. This will blow at a high speed and help to dry your dog quicker without the risk of burning the skin.
  • Please be mindful that hair dryers for humans will be too hot for your Pom.
  • If you must use a human hair dryer, set it to a cool setting and don’t get too close to your Pomeranian when using it.
  • Blow him with the dryer while simultaneously brushing with your pin brush.
  • Stand dryers are very useful and are a necessity for anyone doing a lot of dog grooming.

Careless owners have been known to place their wet dog in a crate and then use the dryer on him. Never do it! Numerous dogs have died due to negligence on the part of their owner. The dog can’t get away from the heat within the crate. It’s so dangerous.

How to Make your Pomeranian Fluffy?

  • Easily achieved by brushing a Pomeranian while also using a dryer.
  • The best results are obtained from working on one small section at a time.
  • Start by drying the underneath, and then move to the ears, top and front of the Pom’s ruff.
  • The dog’s tail area is next, finishing on the side and back areas.
  • Brush a Pomeranian while you dry with a dog dryer.
  • Brush, while blowing the water out of the hair in an upward direction for a full coated look for your Pom.

Best Shampoo for Pomeranians?

What is The Best Dog Shampoo for Pomeranians? I Use and Recommend:

I think the type of shampoo used is a minor consideration, unless this is your Best in Show Pomeranian having his bath the day before a big show.
Always opting for a soothing oatmeal shampoo for dogs not being shown. Pomeranian Taking A Bath
The occasional use of a good clarifying dog shampoo is also recommended.
Body building shampoo is used on the Pomeranian show dogs.
For complete details on grooming a Pomeranian, refer to the Pomeranian Grooming Guide

Best Brush for Pomeranians

Below I have listed the best brush for a Pomeranian.

These are the brushes used on the Dochlaggie winners to quickly achieve great Pomeranian grooming results.

Best Dog Dryer for Pomeranians

I use a similar type of dog dryer on the champion Dochlaggie Pomeranians. A good dog dryer is probably the most important Pomeranian grooming tool.
A quality dog dryer for Pomeranians will save heaps of Pomeranian grooming time and help maintain the Pomeranian’s coat in the best condition.
An important part of Pomeranian grooming is removing shedding fur to enable new coat to grow. 
A dog dryer helps remove dead coat, Pomeranian shedding fur and also helps prevent mats from forming.


Pomeranian Puppy Grooming

Dochlaggie Pomeranian puppies are taught from a very early age to accept and enjoy grooming as part of their daily routine. I start Pomeranian puppy grooming at 3 weeks gently caressing the puppy and brushing the hair forward with my hand.
At 4 to 5 weeks a small, soft bristle brush is then used to gently brush the Pomeranian puppy’s hair forward.


Best Brushing Sprays for Grooming Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranian Fur Knots and Tangles Commonly Form:

  •  Between back legs.
  • Matted dog hair behind ears.
  •  Under the front legs.
  • Alongside the back of your dog’s haunches.
  •  In the groin region.

Removing Knots From a Pomeranian’s Coat

The hair coat, particularly if it’s long, will tend to get tangled because your Pomeranian plays and enjoys himself each day. The small tangles often get caught up in other tangles.Pomeranian Grooming
Dead hair that has been shed, as well as other debris, can also get caught up in the bigger snarls.
As a mat grows in size, hair further away from the original starting point can also get tangled and may pull on your pet’s tender skin, causing some discomfort.
If combing and brushing aren’t part of your daily care plan, these mats will grow bigger and more entangled and get pulled almost all the time.
Whenever your dog gets wet, mats will tighten up, causing more pain and the constant pulling can cause ulcers on the skin.
I have seen such bad knots and hair tangles that were virtually impossible to cut with sharp scissors as they were very close to the dog’s skin.

How to Get Knots Out of Pomeranian Dog Hair 

Some Pomeranian owners try to avoid grooming because they dislike handling mats. Generally speaking, if a mat is larger than your thumb, it must be treated carefully.
A pom’s skin is thinner than a person’s skin and it’s quite delicate.
If your Pomeranian has severe knots, it’s a wise idea to speak to a professional groomer.
You can use a mat breaker or rake to break up smaller mats. The scissors are needed for the bigger, more complex mats but take care as it’s simple to cut your Pom’s skin.
Smaller mats can be broken apart with a mat rake or mat breaker.
Larger, more involved mats must be cut out with scissors. Be careful. It is easy to cut your Pomeranian.

If your Pomeranian Has Mats Follow a Few Simple Steps:

  • 1. Identify whereabouts on your pom’s body the mats are hiding. Then start to brush around them to get dead and loose hair off his coat.
  • 2. Use a mat breaker or rake and slowly cut through every mat, beginning at the end and very slowly going deeper into the mat.
  • 3. Be very patient and do it slowly. Keep your pet calm and, if possible, have someone there to help you. Don’t try and pull a mat out by hand.
  • 4. Sometimes mats can look worse than they really are because they may not be tangled in your dog’s undercoat. These ones are easy to remove. Using a mat breaker and a comb, break the top layer and then comb his undercoat.

If your Pom has big mats that are close to the skin or some that cause pain when you try to remove them, you must stop and ring your groomer so they can be removed safely and without further discomfort to your Pomeranian.

How to Groom a Pomeranian at Home

For more information on how to groom your Pomeranian at home, Pomeranian grooming, how to cut pomeranian hair at home, how to trim a Pomeranian, brushing, best brush for a Pomeranian. Download our Pomeranian grooming booklet and Pomeranian grooming video. Learn How to Groom a Pomeranian for Show

Pomeranian Grooming
Pomeranian Grooming

This comprehensive guide will show how you can achieve that immaculate Best in Show look on your own Pomeranian. Give you and your Pomeranian the winning edge at Dog Shows, or simply to show off your beautiful Pomeranian to your friends and family. Learn how to easily create the Teddy Bear Pomeranian look for your pet Pom. Just like a professional Pomeranian groomer.

Learn all of the inside secrets the professional Pomeranian dog groomers don’ t want you to know. All my 45 years of experience of Pomeranian show grooming experience have been compressed into the Pomeranian Grooming Video and Pomeranian Grooming Booklet for your benefit.

Correct Pomeranian Grooming Supplies to help you easily and quickly achieve a professional show dog look for your Pom Dog 

Many Pomeranian grooming tips and the perfect bathing routine explained in detail. How often to bath your Pom. The best coat products, shampoos and conditioners to use on a Show dog or a pet Pom.

Many diagrams and drawing explaining actually how to groom a Pom. Before and after Pomeranian grooming pictures. 

How to deal with problem Pom coats and how to deal with Hot spots. Pomeranian grooming styles illustrated. Details of Pomeranian haircuts, Pomeranian Lion cut, Show and Teddy bear Pom clipping style and Pomeranian cuts. How to train your Pom to enjoy grooming explained.

How to Groom Your Pomeranian at Home

Pomeranian Grooming eBook available for instant download NOW. 

The perfect complement to the Pomeranian Grooming Video The Pomeranian Grooming Guide is available here on the Pomeranian Information Site via Amazon or Gumroad as an eBook in PDF format.

Download and store on your computer, tablet, phone and print a hardcopy if required. The Pomeranian Grooming Guide will be sent to you via email.

The Grooming Guide is also available at Amazon.Com in Kindle format and other outlets including iBooks, Nook, Kobo etc.

Pomeranian Grooming Video

The Pomeranian Grooming Video will show how you can achieve that immaculate Best in Show look on your own Pomeranian. Give you and your Pomeranian the winning edge at Dog Shows, or simply to show off your beautiful Pomeranian to your friends and family.

Learn how to trim Pomeranian dogs like a professional show Pomeranian groomer. Learn how to easily create the Teddy Bear Pomeranian look for your pet Pomeranian. Just like a professional Pomeranian groomer. Learn how to cut a Pomeranian into correct shape.

Contents include: The Pomeranian Grooming Kit, Pomeranian Nail trimming Line brushing your Pomeranian Step by Step Pomeranian trimming. For ease of download this grooming video is now in 4 easy to download parts.

Part 1 Includes Preparation

Part 2: Trimming the Pomeranian’s body coat

Part 3: Includes the correct way to trim a Pomeranian’s tail

Part 4: The correct way to trim a Pomeranian’s feet

Pomeranian Grooming Video and Pomeranian Grooming Book available for instant download NOW.  

Pomeranian Grooming
Pomeranian Grooming Video

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