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How to Lift Dog or Puppy Correctly

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Last Updated on 29/06/2023 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on July 14, 2018.

Learn How to Lift a Dog Properly

I will show you how to lift a dog or a puppy Pomeranian in this article.

Lifting and holding your Pomeranian might not look like a complicated thing to do, but there are lots of Pom owners who do it the wrong way. There’s actually a safe way to lift and hold a small dog like a Pomeranian.

The Best Way To Carry a Dog

Understanding the right way to lift and hold your Pomeranian and how to lift a dog safely. The trick is to always support his rear and chest because that equally distributes his weight.

Please read this short article and learn how to lift a puppy, how to hold a dog and how to lift a small dog like the Pomeranian. This will avoid you dropping him accidentally and causing him an injury.

How to Lift a Pomeranian

Verbal Cues

Prior to lifting my dog, I’ll give him a verbal command that indicates he’s about to be lifted from the ground. Think about it…If a person walked over to you, lifted you up, and carried you off – with zero warning, I bet you wouldn’t like that at all.

So, for that very reason, I have taught my Pomeranians the verbal warning, “Up.” You can select any word you want, but ensure it’s only used for that purpose or it will get your dog confused. Then he knows that whenever he hears that word, you’re about to pick him up.

Squat down and put your dominant arm behind your Pom’s hind legs. Put your other hand around his chest. As you start lifting, his back and front legs will fold together with a little, so the body rests in your arms.

As you slowly stand and lift, bring the body in towards your chest. This gives him more support while ensuring he’s secured with your arms. This also eliminates excessive stress on your lower back area.

What You Should NOT Do

1) Never Lift Your Pomeranian Dog Scruff of Neck

Lots of people assume it’s fine to lift dogs up by the scruff of the neck simply because they see mother dogs do it to their puppies. The problem is that it’s very uncomfortable and possibly even painful for the dog. The mother only ever picks her pups up like that when they’re extremely young. Once the puppy matures a bit, that behavior ceases.

2) NEVER, EVER Pick Up Any Dog By The Collar

This is extremely dangerous. Lifting a dog by the collar will cut off the air supply briefly and it may also cause his trachea permanent damage.

3) Don’t Lift Your Dog By His Tail

Tails aren’t handles and if you pull them, you can seriously damage its muscles and nerves. If it’s serious, he may not be able to wag it anymore. Some experts believe he may struggle to go to the bathroom. Lastly, but not least, you may partly or completely break the tail and if you have ever seen a dog with a broken tail, it’s sad as he can’t wag it, and that’s how he tells you he’s happy to see you because he loves you.

4) Never Lift Your Pomeranian By His Legs

There are numerous things that are wrong if you lift your dog this way. You can cause him pain and strain on his ligaments and muscles. There’s also a very high possibility that you’ll drop him…for two reasons. The first is that you lose your grip. The second reason is that he’s in discomfort and pain and he may decide to wriggle out of your grasp.

How to Carry a Dog

The Incorrect Way To Hold A Pomeranian
The Incorrect Way To Hold A Pomeranian

Don’t put your hands between his front legs and push his elbows outwards. The right way is to wrap your hands around the legs of the dog and provide support in the right position while holding his body close to yours for extra security. This is a very important thing to do when you hold a Pomeranian puppy. 

Don’t let your Pom’s back legs dangle unsecured because he finds it very uncomfortable. He’ll also wriggle and maybe even scratch as he tries to escape your clutches, and fall to the ground as a result, possibly hurting himself. If you secure his rear and front, you’ll reduce any shoulder and backpressure.

Enjoy your Pomeranian, remember Poms are fragile and deserve the very best of care.

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How to Lift and Hold Pomeranian
How to Lift and Hold Pomeranian

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