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Why Do Pomeranians Spin In Circles?

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Pomeranians are a toy dog breed that is known for its small size and Spitz-type features. They are also known for their penchant for spinning in circles.

But why do they do this? And is it something owners should be concerned about? In this blog post, we'll look at the reason behind Pomeranians' circling behavior and what you can do if you're concerned about it.

Does your Pomeranian spins in circles and you wonder why? Poms are very adorable, partly due to their size, and partly because they may have odd quirks.

Their fun-loving demeanor and great personality appeal to lots of owners who may wonder what they’ll get up to next.

One typical quirk they may have is a love of spinning in circles. Owners commonly ask why this happens and if it’s normal behavior.

If your Pomeranian spins in circles, there’s no cause for concern. It’s typical Pom dog behavior and isn’t dangerous in any way.

Pomeranians do NOT spin when they are sick, during potty time, or when making their bed. Pomeranians spin as a way to share how happy they are.

Pomeranians are happy when they spin. It’s just that he’s telling you how much he loves you, how happy he is and this little dog craves your attention.

The habit of spinning in circles is a Pomeranian breed trait. This breed trait is referred to as the  Pomeranian pirouette.

Judges will often make allowances for this engrained Pomeranian habit in the show ring. Poms often like to give a little spin in the show ring, much to the embarrassment of their handler.  Pomeranian dogs will often give a very quick, excited spin as they turn in the show ring. 

Show dogs are often asked to move in a triangle shape. This movement pattern is standard and allows the judge to view side, coming, and back actions. 

Another test of Pom dog action is the out and back. This pattern only allows for a check of front and back movement. The turn at the end of the going out is usually a perfect opportunity for excited Pomeranian Spinning.

This little dog is telling the world he is very happy and " look at me, I am beautiful".

Why Do Pomeranians Spin In Circles?
Why Do Pomeranians Spin In Circles?

4 Reasons for Pomeranian Spinning

Let’s look at why Pomeranians Spin to see if you need to be worried or not:

Your Pomeranian is Very Pleased To See You

  • Pomeranian Spinning is Pom's way of telling you he’s enjoying himself and is happy. When you come home and walk in the door, your Pom will be so happy that he’ll start spinning in circles. It’s his way of saying, “hello Mommy, you’re finally home at last and I love you.”

He Wants Your Attention

  • The Pom is one of the friendliest, most charismatic dogs in the world, as well as being a terrific companion and lap dog. Over the generations, these qualities have become deeply inbred and have enabled Pomeranians to really love their human family and spin to get your attention so they can demonstrate how much they do love you. Pomeranian Spinning is a rather unique way of getting you to stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention to your beloved Pom. It works very well. If your Pom acts like a shadow, going wherever you go, it’s not something bad.
Pomeranian Dog
Pomeranian Dog

However, remember to do your tasks because he’s an easy distraction. If you’re very busy and he’s spinning around because he craves attention, take a few minutes each hour to pat and talk to him.

Then he understands that you know he’s there and it gives him positive reassurance that you’re not ignoring him. Your Pom is also trying to help you, even if you don’t realize it.

Taking a few minutes away from your busy life each hour will enable you to reduce your stress levels and, ultimately, it also helps you get more done.

So he’s not being entirely selfish. Finally, he needs at least one walk every day. It helps him to burn off excess energy and keeps you both healthy in the process.

Pomeranian Excitement

  • If your Pomeranian spins while you make dinner, when you try to play with him, or when you grab his leash because it’s walk time, this is because he’s excited. You shouldn’t be concerned because another side effect can be “excitement urination,” not a problem you want to have.

Pomeranian Playing

  • Playing on his own. Think back to your own childhood. You may have gone outside and literally spun around, just for fun. Dogs can be a lot like humans in many ways, including finding their own ways of enjoying themselves.

After all, a Pom dog is a bit like a child. It’s normal to expect him to find funny, silly, even odd, ways to enjoy himself…and this includes Pomeranian spinning.

Final Thoughts on Pomeranian Spinning

While there is no one answer to why Pomeranians spin in circles, it could be because they are trying to get your attention. They may also be spinning to release energy or because they are excited.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Pomeranians love to spin, and it’s undoubtedly a fun sight to see. Have you ever seen your Pomeranian spin? What do you think is the reason behind it?

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why Do Pomeranians Spin In Circles
Why Do Pomeranians Spin In Circles

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