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How To Know If Your Dog is a Purebred Pomeranian

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How can you tell if your Pomeranian is a purebred dog? It's not always easy to know for sure, but some things can always be checked.

Unless your breeder provided Kennel Club registration papers, it is not always easy to tell if your dog is a purebred Pomeranian. The best way to know for sure is by looking at the dog's official pedigree or doing DNA genetic testing if the correct paperwork is unavailable.

All dogs are lovely, pure breeds and crossbreeds. Sure, you might have heard of exceptions, but for the most part, it's true.

If you buy a pup advertised as a Pomeranian, there are certain rights that come with the purchase. You deserve to receive what was advertised. You deserve to receive what you paid for, and that's a Pomeranian.

Unfortunately, for some purchasers, as time goes by if the new puppy does not resemble the tiny and adorable short-backed double-coated type dog desired. Questions may need to be asked.

This article will teach you how to determine if your pup might be a fluffy and adorable purebred Pomeranian.

Fake or Pure Pomeranian
Fake or Pure Pomeranian

How Can You Tell If a Dog is Pure Pomeranian?

We have all seen advertisements for pure Pomeranian puppies but without papers. How can you tell if the Pomeranian you’re about to buy, or the Pom you already own is truly purebred Pomeranian?

There are a number of ways to determine whether this is the case. If you purchase your Pomeranian puppy from a preservation show Pomeranian breeder, you’ll be given Kennel Club pedigree papers that will guarantee your new puppy is a full-breed Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian lineage is displayed in this pedigree and your new puppy will be a guaranteed pedigree Pomeranian. 

There are a few reasons why pure Pomeranian puppies may not be registered. One very common scam is to tell potential buyers that the puppy’s parents have the correct American Kennel Club paperwork. However, what does “the paperwork” actually cover?

  • Do the papers state that the puppy is microchipped?
  • Does this mean Kennel Club paperwork?
  • Or perhaps it’s to do with council registration?

Have you actually seen these documents? Lots of people get Pomeranians through adoption, taking the dog from a friend or relative or other sources where paperwork wasn’t supplied.

If you’re in this situation, you should read the Kennel Club standards of breeding for Pomeranians. Then carefully examine the dog to check if he does meet the rigid standards required. However, this doesn’t prove he’s a purebred Pomeranian.

How to tell if a dog is purebred without papers? Rescue organizations frequently will advertise dogs as crossbred when they’re obviously a full breed Pomeranian.

The reason is that if Kennel Club paperwork isn’t available, that dog is regarded as crossbred. A dog, without official Kennel Club paperwork, cannot be regarded as a pure-blood real Pomeranian.

Purebred Pomeranian Or Not?
Purebred Pomeranian Or Not?

How to Find Out if My Dog is Purebred Pomeranian or Not?

One easy way to determine whether your Pom dog is a true full-breed Pomeranian is through DNA testing. Without the necessary paperwork, this is the only certain way to prove the breeding.

This type of testing has become extremely advanced in recent years. There are many kennel clubs that won’t register a dog unless a DNA test has been carried out.

It’s not complicated or expensive to do. There are numerous companies that can do this DNA testing and more are rising up all the time.

The most common test is to do a mouth saliva swab. The sample is sent off for analysis and 2 to 4 weeks later the results will come back. Most vets can do this test for you.

DNA testing can determine if the dog is purebred. If his origins aren’t known, the test can usually reveal the breeds of the dog’s parents.

Do some research before choosing a testing company as pricing and accuracy rates can vary. If both parents are purebreds, it’s easier to identify a dog’s parents.

Your vet can arrange for the test to be done. He’ll take the samples and send them away. Once they come back, he can tell you the answers to your questions.

How to Find Out What My Pomeranian is Mixed With?

A DNA test may reveal what other dog breeds are in your dog's DNA. Here in Australia, the DNA companies struggle with the Pomeranian DNA and the Spitz dog. Determining if you own a pure Pomeranian or a fake Pomeranian dog is relatively easy.

Fake or Pure Pomeranian
Fake or Pure Pomeranian

How Do I Know if My Dog is Pedigree Purebred Pomeranian?

The term "pedigree dog" is very confusing to everyone. People seem to think the term "pedigree" means Kennel Club registered. This is simply not so.

Let me explain further; everyone has a pedigree. We all have parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. This is our pedigree. At the bottom of this page, I have included a Pomeranian pedigree. 

Obtain an extended birth certificate for yourself. The extended birth certificate should list your ancestors, this is your pedigree. All animals, including dogs and all Pomeranians, have a pedigree.

We all have parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Many Kennel Clubs require DNA testing results to be submitted together with applications to register Pomeranian litters.

Anyone can state their dog has a pedigree, or that any other dog has a pedigree for that matter and they are not wrong. We all, including our dogs have ancestors.

This extremely, confusing custom of calling a purebred dog, a pedigree dog goes back to when ownership of purebred dogs was regarded as a status symbol.

During the early years of the sport of purebred dogs, this was a hobby often reserved for the very rich and famous.

Purebred Pomeranian Or Not?
Purebred Pomeranian Or Not?

What Is the Difference Between Purebred and Mixed Pomeranians?

It is difficult to know if your Pomeranian is a purebred or a mixed dog without doing genetic testing. There are variations within the breed, making it hard for you to determine what type of mix they might have by looking at them alone, but there may still be some traits that identify their heritage quite easily.

A full-breed Pomeranian is a specific type of dog. In contrast to mixed breeds, purebreds have been bred for specific characteristics and look similar from generation to generation.

Mixed-breed dogs can be any mix between two breeds and will often bear little resemblance to either dog breed, but they still possess identifiable traits that make them recognizable as such.

The appearance of a hybrid can vary from litter to litter and sometimes there will be a wide variety between puppies in the same litter. This means that you may not know what your cross-breed puppy's personality will be.

The reasons for preferring a purebred dog can vary, but it usually boils down to personal preference. For some people, the biggest reason they choose purebred over mixed breed dogs is that you know what kind of puppy you are buying vs. mixed breed dogs that may have different dispositions and traits from other mixes in their lineage.

Responsible breeders will have had all their breeding dogs and the puppy's parent health tested. These good breeders will be involved in their national breed club and involve themselves and their dogs in dog sports.

The Pomeranian is an extremely popular breed of dog, with both its supporters and opponents. There are standard-sized dogs that come from preservation breeders versus larger spitz types that usually originate from puppy mills or backyard breeders.

Fake or Pure Pomeranian
Fake or Pure Pomeranian

How to Check Pure Breed Pomeranian Conclusion

The only way to be 100% sure of a full breed Pomeranian, is to purchase from preservation, show Pomeranian breeder.

This Pomeranian puppy will come complete with Kennel Club paperwork and in most cases DNA testing already completed.

To know if your dog is a purebred Pomeranian, you need to know the parents’ breeds. Pedigree papers and DNA testing will help confirm that the pup is indeed a pure breed.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether your dog might be mixed with another type of canine, please get in touch with your breeder.

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Purebred Pomeranian Or Not?
Purebred Pomeranian Or Not?
Example of a Kennel Club Pedigree for Pure Pomeranian
Example of a Kennel Club Pedigree for Pomeranian.

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Full Breed Pomeranian Or Not? All the dogs appear to be PUREBRED Pomeranians. While all are beautiful dogs, there is a huge difference in the appearance of Pomeranians bred for SHOW to those bred for CASH.
Full Breed Pomeranian Or Not? All the dogs appear to be PUREBRED Pomeranians. While all are beautiful dogs, there is a huge difference in the appearance of Pomeranians bred for SHOW to those bred for CASH.