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Last Updated on 29/11/2023 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on May 1, 2022.

You are asking is a Pomeranian right for me? To help you decide the answer to that important question, I would like to share my observations on Pomeranian personality traits.

Benefit from my extensive knowledge of the Pomeranian breed, over 50 years of involvement with Poms as a Pom dog owner, Pomeranian breeder, and Pomeranian exhibitor of close to 100 Champion Pomeranians. 

Pomeranian Personality Traits

Although Pomeranians are small dogs, only weighing 3 – 7 pounds, the personality of a Pomeranian is as big as many larger dogs. Pomeranians are ideal as family pets, and generally, the Pomeranian personality traits include: playful, energetic, loyal, loving, lively, outgoing, and quite intelligent.

The Pomeranian is a small, determined dog that can be independent yet loyal to its owner. They have an unusually high level of character for their size and are very bold in nature with the ability to get into trouble when not supervised properly.

Pomeranian Puppy Personality

The Pomeranian puppy’s personality is similar to the adult Pomeranian.  These very cute, little balls of fluff have no idea how tiny they really are.

Pomeranian Behavior Characteristics

Important Pomeranian character traits include that they are intelligent and playful, they require lots of mental stimuli so they’re kept busy. They’re fiercely independent and succumb to “small dog syndrome,” a trait they share with numerous other small dog breeds.

They require plenty of training to help them be social and to ensure good behavior. Poms enjoy learning, so it generally becomes easier to train them as you add new elements to the teaching regime.

Pomeranians are an alert breed, acutely aware of environmental changes. If they bark when faced with any new stimuli, that can create the bad habit of too much barking without a valid reason.

Because they’re extremely defensive when it comes to new stimuli in their territory, they’re likely to bark at any sounds outside, regardless of whether it’s somebody walking past the house or a person coming to the front door.

These dogs sometimes use their intelligence as a tool to get everything they want from the person or family who owns them. As extroverts, they love being the center of attention. However, if you don’t set rules for them to follow, they can be naughty.

They make fantastic watchdogs because they’re very alert, partly because they’re also very curious. They love being outside and, if possible, they’ll either peek through the curtains or sit on a window sill and watch the world moving around outside.

Your Pom will bark to warn you if somebody is at your front door. Poms are lap dogs. This doesn’t mean they’ll want to spend every day sitting in your lap. However, they’ll want to stay close to you as much as possible. Poms are normally inside dogs but that doesn’t squash their desire to explore the world outside of their home.

They love running around and, in extremely cold temperatures, they need protection to keep them warm. If your dog has been cooped up inside all day, he’ll love it if you grab his leash and take him for a long walk or to the local dog park so he can run around. Poms love exploring new things, whether they’re, smells, visual things, or sounds.

Pomeranian Personality
Pomeranian Personality

More About Pomeranian’s Personality

The natural Pomeranian temperament means that most will want to sleep with you, usually in your bed so they feel safe, happy, and more relaxed.

However, it’s crucial that you be aware of the little body in your bed, especially Pom puppies as they’re so tiny. You may roll over in bed and squash your puppy by accident, which would also frighten the puppy.

He may fall off the bed if he moves while asleep. If you allow your pet to sleep in your bed for any length of time, it’s almost impossible to break him of this habit and make him sleep in a doggie bed.

Many people wrongly believe that a pom is naturally a barker when he’s actually not a habitual barker. Barking usually happens when he wants your attention if there are strangers at your door or near you when you’re out walking together.

Pomeranian Traits

A Pomeranian could never be described as boring. Despite having a tiny body, he’s loaded with character that surpasses that of many larger dogs. He offers his family unconditional love and, once he gets to know you, his loyalty is beyond question.

He’s generally stubborn, bold, tenacious, and high-spirited. Because of these attributes, you must find ways of using positive, productive, reinforced training that will harness his intelligence. Keep his lessons fun and short to avoid him losing interest or getting bored quickly.

Make sure all members of your family take time to play with him as they get to know him and he also needs to get used to them helping him use his energy productively and regularly is the ideal way to achieve all these elements.

It’s obvious that Pomeranians aren’t big, but they’re incredibly lively. You need to ensure he gets at least one good walk each day, on top of playing with the humans, other pets, and the toys in the family home.

Are Pomeranians Affectionate?

Pomeranians can be described as affectionate without going over the top. They quickly become extremely attached to their human family and often select one person as that special human. Pomeranians dislike being separated from their owners for any reason. Instead, they thrive in an atmosphere where people are home the majority of the day.

If you want to know what Pomeranians like to do, try different activities to gauge their behavior. If he’s enjoying it, your affectionate Pomeranian will certainly let you know, one way or another. It helps you develop the high level of stimulation and companionship he yearns for.

Pomeranians have a reputation for being fiercely loyal dogs, partly due to their inherited guarding sense.

Pomeranians are descended from sheepdogs who required strong guarding instincts because they protected flocks from predators and poachers. Although Pomeranians are small, size doesn’t prevent those basic instincts from shining through.


Are Pomeranians Friendly?

Natural Pomeranian behavior characteristics shine brightly as they get to know members of the household. They’re playful, active, and extroverted by nature. They find it incredibly simple to build a platonic, harmonious bond with other pets and their human family.

Naturally, they’re terrific watchdogs, always bright, vivacious, and attentive. Don’t ignore his size because his bark will be louder than most dogs, if he hears, sees, or otherwise senses something in the house that’s wrong.

If somebody is at the front door, you’ll know before the bell or knock is heard. So, he’s smart enough to bark but also make you go to the front door (or some other part of the house).

Do Pomeranians Like to Cuddle?

If you’re considering Pomeranians as pets, here’s useful information to keep in mind. Pomeranians love being in your lap, cuddling up, and getting spoiled.

However, keeping this Pomeranian behavior in mind, it’s best done after they have spent their energy running around and behaving like a dog. Then they’re tired and are keen to lay there while you do the Pomeranian cuddle.

Perhaps you wonder, “why does my dog like to cuddle?” It’s because they used to live in packs and cuddling helps them feel warm and it’s also an expression of affection and love.

However, there’s an incorrect way and the correct way to demonstrate your love for your pet, regardless of whether he’s a puppy Pomeranian or an adult.

Your Pom might feel anxious if hugged. However, snuggling could help him become even more affectionate.

Warning – Snuggling should come from him. The opposite effect can be the result of attempting to force it

Why Do Pomeranians Like to Cuddle?

Pomeranian Puppy

These small fluffy Pomeranians adore affection – both receiving and giving. If you’re filled with love, choosing a Pom is ideal. They’ll build a solid attachment to you and won’t hesitate to show you that they crave plenty of affection and attention.

Lastly, Pomeranians are very intuitive when it comes to reading emotions felt by their owners. They sense emotional and physical pain. If you feel down, your Pomeranian will be right there to snuggle or give you one of their toys because it’s a form of distraction and a way they can show you how much they care for you.

Do Pomeranians Like to Be Held?

Did you ever think about whether your Pom likes being held or if he just tolerates it?
Do Pomeranians like to be held? Yes, the majority of Pomeranians do. It’s natural for a Pomeranian to be very affectionate and be close to its owner.
When the house is empty, your Pom will feel sad and lonely because nobody is there to cuddle or pet him.

How to Tell If My Pomeranian Likes to Be Held?

Picture yourself as being the same size as your Pomeranian, and a much bigger person picks you up. That would be frightening, right? Some Pomeranians do feel that way and may squirm and wriggle to escape right at the moment you grasp them.

If he jumps down after you have lifted him up, it could prove dangerous. While Pomeranians are high-spirited, they’re also fragile and if they jumped down, it might lead to an injury.

Now you can understand the importance of knowing whether it’s ok to hold your Pom.

Pomeranian Guard Dog

Pomeranians aren’t good as guard dogs but they can be terrific watchdogs. Because they’re fiercely loyal and protective of their human owners, and even the house itself, they’ll bark a warning whenever they sense that you or their territory is threatened in any way.

Their bark is loud and persistent when telling you something so you need to follow him to where the problem is.

Pomeranian Puppy

Bad Things About Pomeranians

Are Pomeranians Fragile?

There are far too many people who buy a puppy Pomeranian with zero comprehension of the extreme fragility of this toy dog breed. You can accidentally injure or kill such a dog by either sitting or stepping on him.

A Pomeranian can cause a serious injury or kill himself by jumping off the back of a sofa or from your arms.
Any big dog could grab him by the neck and one swift shake and your Pom is dead.

Being a Pomeranian owner means you must always be supervising whatever he’s doing, whether it’s in your home, out in your garden, or while being taken somewhere for a walk or visit.

Are Pomeranians Good with Toddlers?

Pomeranian puppies aren’t suitable pets for toddlers. This is true even if your toddler was the most well-behaved child in the world.

Although well-meaning, children can’t stop a certain amount of clumsiness, but even though the child’s intention bore no malice, that’s no consolation to a Pom puppy who has been accidentally sat on, stepped on, rolled on, squeezed, or dropped on the patio.

Pomeranian puppy behavior can also be unpredictable, especially when he’s new to your family (including your toddlers).

Adult Pomeranians can also become overwhelmed by the fast movements and loud voices made by children as they play, and fear and stress could be the end result. There are also lots of Pomeranians that simply refuse to put up with any nonsense from children of any age.

Pomeranian Anxiety Attacks

There are Pomeranians that are friendly, but the majority can be a tad reserved around people they don’t know. If they don’t have sufficient socialization, their innate caution may turn into a strong feeling of Pomeranian anxiety, extremely irritating every time visitors come to your home.

Pomeranians Can Have a Mind of Their Own?

Most Pomeranians aren’t keen to please or submissive dogs. Although they’re extremely bright, their mind is independently strong.

Do Pomeranians Bark?

Poms can sometimes be too fast to raise the alarm if there are sounds and/or sights they want to warn you are happening.

You must be just as quick to prevent Pom barking from happening. Pomeranians are not ideal dogs if you have close neighbors or work all day.

Pomeranian Housebreaking Problems

When it comes to Pomeranian housebreaking, it’s a difficult process with Pomeranians because they’re so tiny that they can easily duck under a little table or chair.

Within seconds, the deed is done and it may be difficult to see unless you know where to look. If you don’t see it and correct the behavior, then it can become an established bad habit.

Pomeranian Grooming Needs

A Pomeranian needs plenty of grooming or he’ll have problems that can’t be fixed. He must have his thick coat brushed and combed regularly so mats don’t get created. An occasional trim will help to maintain his good health as well.

Pomeranian Teeth Problems

Pomeranian retained puppy teeth is a common puppy Pomeranian problem. As a breed, Poms have dry mouths because they rely heavily on mouth breathing. This increases their risk of teeth and gum issues because the salivary flow, and the actual saliva, possess strong protective and cleansing properties.

Final thoughts on Pomeranian Personality Traits

In general, Poms aren’t the “yappers” that lots of people believe. The Pomeranian is a glamorous little dog with heaps of big dog attitude. A tiny dog that wants to escort you everywhere, a cute little dog who wants to cuddle up close to his owner whenever possible.

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Pomeranian Temperament
Pomeranian Temperament


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