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10 Best Harness for Pomeranian Dogs

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I have spoken with numerous Pomeranian owners and asked for recommendations and reviews to identify the top 10 best dog harness for Pomeranians. The harnesses for these small dogs vary from the step-in versions through to the stylish vests and fulfil needs of your Pomeranians.

Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness with the Adjustable Neck

The Puppia brand is the most popular harness for Pomeranian dogs for three main reasons:

  • The neck is adjustable, making it ideal for Poms that are in between sizes.
  • It still retains the same comfort and look as the soft harness.
  • It also has an adjustable chest belt.

[easyazon_infoblock align="center" cart="y" cloak="y" identifier="B007LS64FE" locale="US" localize="y" nw="y" nf="y" tag="petgal-20"]This Puppia brand Pomeranian harness has solved problems that so many proud dog owners have wanted. It solves the issue with restrictions caused by the Soft Harness as well as the demand for an adjustable neck.

This newer harness has 2 fast release buckles for the neck as well as hook and loop straps to make the neck more adjustable.

Simply undo the clasp around your Pomeranian’s neck, open straps and then adjust each side to fit his neck properly. It’s the best solution for Poms that don’t match normal sizes. The harness is made from the identical polyester mesh as the adjustable chest belt and Soft Harness and the same high-quality look and comfort as the Soft Harness.

Pomeranian Owner Review:

  •  The back strap and adaptable neck combine to create as perfect a fit as you could ever find. The harness won’t slide around a dog’s body easily and it’s nearly impossible for a dog to move backwards and get free of his harness. For this reason, I have ordered this harness for my Pomeranian dog.
  •  I’m extremely happy about the nylon straps and plastic clips that go over the velcro fasteners at the neck. I have always been concerned that velcro can wear out and my dog can wiggle free at the absolute worst time. I might never have the need for it but the extra security gives me peace of mind, just in case.
  • Tough seams. My Pomeranian puppy is seven months old and extremely hyperactive. During the last few weeks, he has pulled harder on the harness than I would expect a dog twice as big as him to pull and has done it hundreds of times. He chases his tail, dives and rolls on the ground, leaps in the air, gets himself tangled up in bushes and still has more energy to burn. Despite all the wear and tear, his harness still looks close to new.
  •  It does have a few scuff marks but there aren’t any loose threads, and the clips and straps are still in good condition. Because we take him out a lot, we have chosen to leave his harness on him from when he gets up until when it’s his bed time. Taking that into consideration as well, his harness is still in great shape.

2. Best Pet Supplies Voyager All Weather Dog Harness

This is a step-in harness and it gently and securely holds your Pomeranian through the use of velcro closures. It has extra-gentle, padded, soft mesh. It has great visibility at night, thanks to the reflective bands attached to the sides.

Other reasons why I like this Pomeranian harness:

  •  It comes in more than 16 bright colors.
  •  Back-outs are prevented by buckle and velcro secure closures.
  •  Leash attachment is secured by double metal D-rings.

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A Review From a Pomeranian Owner:

I use the harness on every Pomeranian I own. It’s ideal for lots of reasons:

  •  The harness is a step-in type.
  •  The velcro helps make this Pomeranian harness comfortable.
  •  It’s breathable and light to wear.
  •  There are two D rings that secure the leash on the dog’s back. This is critical because it doesn’t circle the dog’s throat and pull so hard that it collapses the Pom’s trachea.
  •  A Pomeranian can’t get out of it.
  •  Ensure your dog’s measurements are accurate so you buy the correct size.

3. Bark Appeal EZ Wrap Harness with Leash

A plaid sophisticated harness such as this will enable your Pomeranian to strut his stuff, thanks to Bark Appeal.
It’s comfortable and easy to adjust, thanks to velcro closures and a step-in design.
An added bonus is the matching leash.

I like it for numerous reasons:

  • The mesh fabric is soft, comfortable, lightweight and breathable.
  • The vest is designed to avoid any pressure on your Pom’s neck.
  • It’s simple to don and remove due to the popular, yet practical step-in design.

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A Happy Customer’s Review:

This particular Pomeranian harness is ideal for all small dog breeds and is simple to put on your dog…and it’s about time! There’s no choking or chafing and he can’t wiggle his body to get out of it. Wrap, snap and you’re off. Your dog is comfortable in a harness that’s the right size.

4. Bolux Dog Harness

Does your Pomeranian provide emotional support? If so, this harness has an extra benefit for you and for people that come into contact with you.

This Bolux reflective harness has a larger than normal velcro panel where you can attach a specific patch showing other people that your Pom is a support dog, therapy dog or perhaps he’s simply nervous (never touch him). It’s made from Oxford material that’s also waterproof, making this the perfect selection if your Pomeranian goes everywhere you go.

This harness has a long list of likable attributes:

  •  A chest strap that can easily be adjusted along with a buckle, meaning your Pom won’t escape his harness.
  •  The top of this harness has a nylon handle that makes it simpler to pick up your Pomeranian.
  •  Reflective stitching gives your dog greater visibility when it’s dark.

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Review by a Pom Owner:

This harness is better than the step-in-one we have for our small Pomeranian. I bought the small one because he weighs less than 10 lbs. and is under 18”. The front band is adjustable and the middle band has extra room if required. Taking my Pom for walks is so easy.

5. EcoBark Max Comfort and Control Vest Dog Harness

This lightweight, comfortable harness is made from breathable mesh and other materials that are eco-friendly. It also has a wonderful, visual appeal because you can select from a rainbow of prints and colors. This EcoBark harness is a great functional, fashionable accessory for Poms when they’re outside the home.

Things I like about this harness:

  •  Quick and easy to put on.
  • Precise sizing and secure straps prevent a dog from being able to get out.
  • The special vest design stops any pressure on a Pomeranian dog’s delicate neck.

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Pom Owner Review:

My Pomeranian suffers from trachea issues, so this harness prevents her throat being irritated. When I get her harness, she’s keen to wear it and go for walks. It seems truly comfortable.

6. RYPET Small Dog Harness and Leash Set

Imagine a Pomeranian wearing a bowtie. This leash and plaid vest harness set has an attached bowtie. Take your Pomeranian to the park and then to enjoy a fancy patio dinner, where the leash will ensure he spends quality time by your side.

Things I like:

  •  It fits your Pom properly, thanks to the adjustable side straps.
  •  He’s so adorable.
  •  He’s always comfortable because of the lightweight, breathable, soft material.

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Review From a Loving Pom Owner:

He’s very cute. I bought a medium size and it fits well. He’s adorable and I love him.

7. Blueberry Pet Step-in Classic Dog Harness

Step-in-harnesses are regarded as the best for Pomeranians due to the simplicity and speed of putting them on and removing them. They’re fastened around the dog’s shoulders in a secure manner so backing out isn’t an option. This Blueberry Pet harness is made from webbing that’s strong, yet simple to use.

I like these features:

  •  A choice of 19 popular bright colors.
  •  The nylon webbing is strong but never stretches.
  •  It has several adjustment points to customize the harness for your dog.

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Review By a Pomeranian Owner:

This harness is ideal for my Pomeranian puppy. It’s durable, even when chewed. It’s the ideal width and length for walks and training. I definitely recommend this harness for small Pomeranian dogs and for other small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas and so on.

8. Comfort Fit Metric USA Small Dog Harness

This harness has a size XXS which makes this the best harness for Pomeranian puppy. The Comfort Fit Metric USA Small Dog Harness fits the tiniest Pom puppies and is a suitable harness for small Pomeranian dogs. It’s extra-comfortable due to soft padding. First measure your Pom puppy and check a size chart so you get the perfect fit.

Other reasons I like it:

  • Harness is comfortable and soft with a quick release clip to put it on or remove it.
  • Two D-rings that are reinforced so the leash is attached securely.
  • Lots of bright colors to suit your dog’s personality.

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Pomeranian Owner Review:

I have been hunting for the best Pomeranian harness for ages. This one is perfect because it’s easy to adjust. I bought a small one so it will still fit when she’s being groomed or owns a full coat. It’s so easy to remove or put on.

9. Gooby Choke Free Small Dog Harness

Pomeranians are a breed prone to having collapsing tracheas so it’s critical that you buy a Pomeranian dog harness that won’t put any pressure on their throat. The Gooby Choke-Free Step-In Comfort Dog Harness has been specifically designed to prevent pressure on a dog’s neck/throat. The X frame makes sure the force is even right across your dog’s chest so when he goes for walks, he has no difficulty breathing.

Why I like it:

  •  The “Step-in” style is simple and quick to don and remove.
  •  There are four straps that you adjust to ensure an ideal fit.
  •  Suede trimmings and soft mesh combine to ensure your dog is comfortable.

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Positive Pom dog Owner Review:

I chose these harnesses because they’re the first one I found with a deep v neckline so I wanted a harness comfy for my Pom because he has a collapsing trachea. It’s made from high quality materials and the generous straps stop him escaping. It matches my needs completely.

10. PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

When you take your Pom for a walk and he pulls the leash, this PetSafe Easy Walk harness is ideal. It fits across the dog’s chest and will softly guide him to the side. This will decrease or possibly stop pulling on his leash. It’s the best small dog harness for Pomeranian Dogs who can’t wear a collar.

I like it because:

  • It fits across your Pom’s chest, meaning zero pressure on his neck.
  • Quick-snap buckles that help put it on and remove it.
  • Different colored straps to help with the right alignment of the harness.

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Pomeranian Owner Review:

These are great harnesses if dogs pull on their leash. I strived for many years to stop my dog pulling on his leash with no success. I was recommended to try this harness and now there’s no more pulling.

Final Thoughts on Pomeranian Harness

For full details on why your dog should wear a Pomeranian harness CLICK HERE:

Pomeranian Harness Size:

Always ensure you select the correct Pomeranian harness size by measuring your Pom dog. How to select the correct size harness for Pomeranian dogs CLICK HERE:

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Pomeranian dog harness

Pomeranian dog harness

The Pomeranian Handbook

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