Correct nutrition is essential for our pup's development

Correct Nutrition is Essential for Puppies

Correct nutrition is essential for our pup’s development. Don’t let this happen to your puppy…

Correct nutrition is essential for our pup's development
If your puppy is under 12 months, I recommend a high quality commercial puppy food because most home cooked doggie meals won’t contain the correct ratio of calcium to phosphorus.

Recommended feeding options for Pomeranian Puppies:

• A high quality canned puppy food.
• High quality dry puppy food (often called puppy kibble). A Pomeranian puppy is best fed a dry food which comes in very small pieces).
• Feed your puppy dairy products daily. For example: puppy milk, yoghurt and cheese.
• Minced raw chicken carcass. (This is the minced chicken that contains small ground up chicken bones.)

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After 12 months of age, I firmly believe healthy, home cooked meals are best for your Pomeranian.

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