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Correct Pomeranian Puppy Feeding

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What to Feed a Pomeranian Puppy

Do you want to know how to feed a Pomeranian puppy? What is the best Pomeranian puppy food? How much should a Pomeranian puppy eat? Correct puppy feeding amount and Pomeranian puppy dog feeding frequency options all explained in detail.

Pomeranian Puppy Feeding
Correct nutrition is essential for a pup’s development. Don’t let this happen to your puppy.

Can Puppies Eat Adult Dog Food?

Correct nutrition is essential for a pup’s development. Feeding a puppy adult dog food can have dire consequences. For the long-term health of your Pomeranian puppy a quality puppy diet is essential.

Don’t let the above happen to your Pomeranian puppy! 

What Do Pomeranian Puppies Eat?

The best food for Pomeranian puppies a high quality commercial puppy food because most adult dog food and home cooked doggie meals won’t contain the correct ratio of calcium to phosphorus.

Best Food for Pomeranian Puppy

  • A high quality wet puppy food.
  • High quality dry puppy food (often called puppy kibble). A Pomeranian puppy is best fed a dry food which comes in very small pieces.
  • Feed your puppy dairy products daily. For example: puppy milk, yoghurt and cheese.
  • Minced raw chicken carcass. (This is the minced chicken that contains small ground up chicken bones.)

Pomeranian Puppy Food

I recommend and really like the Royal Canin brand as the best food for young puppies:

Pomeranian Puppy Feeding Timetable

How often to feed puppies 8 weeks old:

  •  Premium quality dry puppy food should be available at all times.
  •  Water must be available at all times.
  •  Canned puppy food or minced raw chicken carcass together with puppy milk (or cheese or yoghurt) is offered to puppy three to four times per day.

How Much Should You Feed a Pomeranian Puppy?

How much to feed a Pomeranian puppy? Are you unsure of the correct Pomeranian puppy feeding quantity? 

At Dochlaggie Pomeranians 8 week old Pomeranian Puppies are offered the following as per my Pomeranian puppy feeding chart:

Exactly What to Feed a Pomeranian Puppy

  • 1 or 2 heaped tablespoons of canned puppy food with a little cheese or puppy milk on top, three or four times per day.  Meals are made more palatable in winter if warmed prior to serving.
  • 1 or 2 heaped tablespoons of puppy kibble or dry food in a small shallow dish should be available 24/7.

Increase these amounts a little each month until puppy is about six months. This puppy feeding quantity is just a guide as puppies are individuals. A very active or bigger pup will require more food.

Use common sense. If puppy is clearly still hungry and isn’t fat, increase Pomeranian puppy food amount you feed him.

Important Pomeranian Puppy Diet Facts

  • Avoid feeding any Puppy red meat.
  • Avoid giving Puppy calcium supplements.
  • Increase the amount of calcium in pup’s diet the safe way by feeding more dairy.
  • Don’t feed your Puppy an adult dog food.
  • Home cooking for puppies is not recomended.

Pomeranian Puppies Often Require Increased Calcium While Teething.

Signs of calcium deficiency include:

  •  One or both ears standing awkwardly or flopping over.
  •  The tail standing upwards instead of flat on pup’s back.

Signs of extreme calcium deficiency include:

Importance of the Correct Phosphorous and Calcium Ratio

Phosphorous and calcium work together well to maintain the structure and growth of your dog’s skeletal system. If your Pom is deficient or has too much of either minerals, problems with the skeleton can occur. This is especially true in young puppies.

In the long term, it’s critical to good health that you feed your Pomeranian the correct ratio of these two minerals. Issues with these minerals generally don’t exist nowadays because it’s easy to buy commercial pet food with a healthy balance of both substances.

Problems of this nature usually occur if you feed your  Pom an excessive amount of these minerals or make a homemade diet that isn’t properly balanced. Young, rapidly-growing puppies face this problem much more often than older dogs.

Calcium Deficiency.

The correct ratio of phosphorous to calcium is vital. A calcium deficiency used to be fairly normal. The cause was mainly due to feeding your dog diets that are high in meats and organ meats that are low in calcium and high in phosphorous. If the dogs weren’t fed calcium supplements, they would often develop rickets (a skeletal abnormality) and many other ailments.  

Changing Puppy Food to Adult Dog Food

How Long to Feed Puppy Food?

After 12 months of age, I firmly believe healthy, home cooked meals are best for your Pomeranian. Pomeranian pups go through many changes during their first year. For correct growth and bone development I recommend feeding a high quality puppy food until your Pom’s first birthday.

Around the 52 week mark Pomeranians should be fed a diet more suited to a dog who is now an adult Pom. Adult dog food is filled with the correct balance of vitamins and nutrients for adult dogs.

One reason for the change is that adult dogs require less food and calories than growing puppies. The minerals and vitamins required by adult dogs differ as well.

It’s wise to make the transition slowly so by the time he’s 52 weeks old, he’s only having adult dog food. If you don’t complete the changeover by this time, there may be some consequences.

One is that the puppy’s metabolism slows and so the additional calories he’s consuming aren’t being burnt off and a result could be a little tubby Pom.

The best way to make the change go smoothly is to replace ¼ cup of puppy food with dog food. Increase by a further ¼ every few days until the whole amount is replaced. If your puppy has an upset stomach, reduce the adult food and then make the change at a far slower rate.

Compare feeding a puppy under 52 weeks of age vs. over 52 weeks of age.

Home Cooking Pet Food-Pomeranian Food Recipes

At around the one year mark, I recommend changing your Pomeranian’s diet from commercial puppy dog food to a home cooked dog food diet.

Seriously consider home cooking for your Pomeranian. Home cooked dog food is number one on my best Pomeranian dog food list.

Home cooking will ensure your Pom eats a variety of nourishing and healthy food. Pet food can be cooked in advance and frozen for later use in meal size portions.

Refer to the Home Cooking for your Pomeranian section for the best Pomeranian food recipes.

Pomeranian Vitamins and Supplements

If you give your puppy (under 52 weeks) extra minerals and Pomeranian vitamins, these supplements may cause health issues. Once the puppy is over that mark, supplements are usually fine added to the adult dog food you use. Talk to your vet about any supplements which may be required. Most high quality commercially produced dog food does not require supplementation.

Adult Pomeranian Feeding Schedule

It is important to make changes to your Pomeranian dog’s feeding regime, once he turns one year old. Failing to reduce the number of times your Pomeranian is fed daily, can result in an overweight Pomeranian.

As the puppy ages, he can eat twice a day instead of the three to four times he was eating when younger. If stomach upsets occur, revert back to thrice daily for a short time. For more details on best food for Pomeranian adult, CLICK HERE:

How Much to Feed an Adult Pomeranian Dog

Ensure you understand how much food is the recommended daily allowance when you change to adult dog food. Generally, it will be less than fed to a Pom puppy. Again, talk to your vet or breeder about the amount of calories required by most adult Pomeranians. 

Pomeranian Puppy
Pomeranian Puppy

Pomeranian Protein Requirements

Start by talking to your vet. It’s common for adult food to have less protein than puppy food. Many factors govern how much, and what food you feed your Pomeranian, regardless of whether he’s a puppy or an adult.

Other elements include gender, health, activity level and size of the dog. One serious problem that must be avoided is obesity.

When you change the food to adult food, you may have to try things to see what works best. If your puppy doesn’t like adult dog food, add a small amount of canned puppy food, fat-free turkey or chicken broth.

Praise your puppy when he eats the new food combinations and if nothing you try makes him eat, you can pretend to eat it yourself, to show him that it’s delicious.

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The Best Pomeranian Food Recipes

Best Food for Pomeranian Puppy
Best Food for Pomeranian Puppy

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