I just want a Pet Pom. Do I Really Need To Buy from A Show Pomeranian Breeder?

pet pomeranian puppy

If you’re looking for a pet, there are two main ways to find one. It’s quite common that people will suggest talking to a breeder who gets his dogs involved in titles and shows as your best option. Some will say shows don’t matter and you can get a pet from anywhere if that’s all … Read more…

Pomeranian Puppy Lameness (Juvenile Patella Luxation)

pomeranian dog

Young animals and children can experience growth spurts that may cause lameness and temporary unsoundness. When it comes to Pomeranians, the general age for them to experience this is between 5-18 months. This won’t happen to all Poms, but it’s far from being a strange occurrence. The time period in which this spontaneous limp may … Read more…

Tips On Putting Together Your Own Whelping Kit For Pomeranians

pomeranian pups

As a breeder, you shouldn’t really interfere with your Pomeranian during the birthing process. However, if you’re a responsible breeder, then it’s essential that you always have a good quality “whelping kit” so you can assist your dog while she’s in labor or shortly afterwards. Here’s a comprehensive list of essential products in your whelping … Read more…

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