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Butterflyden Pomeranians

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Australian Pomeranian Breeders

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Butterflyden Pomeranians is a Pomeranian breeder specializing in Parti colored Pomeranians and Chocolate Pomeranians. located Queensland, Australia.

I breed for Quality, Soundness, Personality & Temperament and to Breed Standards.

I have been involved in owning and breeding purebred registered Pomeranians since 2010.
I especially have a love for the Parti coloured Pomeranians and chocolates, whether they are solid or Parti coloured.

I have had a passion to work towards continually improving my Pomeranians so that they are excellent examples of their BREED STANDARD.

I have bred many quality Pomeranians, but due to circumstances in my life, until now I have not been able to exhibit my Pomeranians. Now I am actively showing Pomeranians, including Parti Pomeranians, with a successful Breeder Exhibitor of Parti Pomeranians, and who started her breeding program with a beautiful Parti bitch we bred.

I will be exhibiting my own Pomeranians shortly, and will be realizing my dream of breeding and exhibiting quality Parti Pomeranians

Puppies are sometimes available.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or Information. Kelly Maresse

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