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Pomfire Pomeranians

Pomeranian Puppy
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Australian Pomeranian Breeders

Pomfire Pomeranians is a Pomeranian breeder located in Canberra, Australia. Pomfire Pomeranians does genetic testing and exhibit their Pomeranians.

Pomeranians are gorgeous​,​ intelligent​,​ and very trainable dogs - every interaction is a memorable one. And we especially love how therapeutic it is to comb their gorgeous coats while watching TV!

Puppies are raised in a home environment and monitored 24/7. Pomeranian babies are very delicate​,​ so they need constant monitoring and attention. From 4-5 weeks​,​ they start to get used to an outside environment. They are predominantly indoor dogs​,​ but have access to our yard with a big outdoor space.

Included With Our Pomeranian Puppies

Before the pups leave​,​ new owners are given an electronic booklet with all the details they're going to need​,​ including emergency info​,​ feeding​,​ training​,​ daily maintenance​,​ and how to puppy-proof their home. On the day they leave​,​ the dogs will have a familiar-smelling blanket and toys (to help them adjust to their new home)​,​ a week's worth of food​,​ info on how to transition them to other recommended diets​,​ and bowls.

Pomeranian Health

Pomfire Pomeranians is to breed exceptionally healthy dogs - always as pets first​,​ but also for the show ring to promote the breed (and we have a lot of fun doing that!).

We conduct all the relevant health testing for our breed - all of our dogs have been genetically tested and have had a full breed analysis through Orivet. All our dogs are checked at least annually at the vet​,​ with all the most vulnerable points examined (eyes​,​ ears​,​ etc.). Diet is also extremely important - we ensure they are eating right​,​ evaluating the feed and seeing its impact on the dogs. All puppies will of course come wormed.


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