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Pointers To Prevent Your Pomeranian Puppy From Biting/Mouthing People

pomeranian puppyIt’s only natural for Pomeranian puppies to play, chew and investigate everything they can find. One effective way to learn about things is to try and mouth or bite with their extremely sharp teeth. It’s very common, when they’re playing with you and other family members, that they will chew, moth and bite your hands, arms, legs and even items of clothing.

Teaching your Pom to stop mouthing.

There are various ways you can train your pet Pom to stop this bad habit. Your end goal is to prevent him from biting or mouthing completely. However, that has to be done in stages. Your first step is to demonstrate that he must be gentle when he uses his mouth because human skin is highly sensitive. 

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The good news is that puppies generally always grow out of these habits but there are times when a puppy won’t. If your Pomeranian’s teeth are occasionally breaking skin or, even worse, always breaking skin and using force every time, you’ll need the above steps to train him not to. As a last resort, talk to your vet.

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