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Last Updated on 20/02/2021 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on November 13, 2017.

This article explains the best way to find a Pomeranian puppy.

I want a Pomeranian puppy, but do I really need to buy from a show Pomeranian breeder

If you’re looking for a pet Pomeranian, there are two main ways to find one. It’s quite common that people will suggest talking to a breeder who gets his dogs involved in titles and shows as your best option.

Some will say shows don’t matter and you can get a pet Pomeranian dog from anywhere if that’s all you want.

Pet Pomeranian Dog Snobbery?

You’re certainly not being a snob if you consider that your pet Pom should be bred to the breed standard. It’s far from being excessive and it’s necessary to understand just why you’re not a snob.

Reasons why you’re not a Pet Pom Dog Snob

One of the main reasons behind dog shows is to test your new canine friend against the standards set for his specific breed. Evaluations are done on temperament, type, gait, appearance, movement and soundness.

Let’s Break the Reasons To Buy from a Show Pomeranian Breeder Down:

Pomeranian Temperament:

Your Pom dog’s attitude towards dogs (and other animals) and humans. Here is the temperament from the breed standard for Pomeranians. “The Pomeranian is an extrovert, exhibiting great intelligence and a vivacious spirit, making him a great companion dog as well as a competitive show dog.”

Pomeranian Dog Type:

Breed type covers character, appearance, temperament, bone structure, condition and movement. The breed type is a combination of each of these facets. It also possesses a character that’s specific to the essence of that particular breed; in the Pomeranian it’s a blend of carriage, temperament and behavior. 

Pomeranian Dog Gait:

The dog’s gait is how well he moves. Ideally he should move freely, with no trace of bad structure.

Pomeranian Dog Appearance:

The average Pomeranian is a toy-sized, small dog with a wedge-shaped head in proportion to the size of his body. His muzzle is fine, straight and short with a well pronounced stop. His coat color can affect the color of his nose. His dark, medium-sized eyes are almond-shaped. His teeth come together in a scissors bite. He has small ears that sit high and erect. His feathered tail is usually seen laying flat over his back.

Pomeranian Coat:

A Pomeranian has a double, thick coat. His outer coat is harsh, straight and long. His undercoat is softer, short and thick.  A Pom’s coat coloring can be one or a mix of patterns and colors and they include: orange, cream, red, brown, white, black, blue, tan and black, orange sable, wolf sable, brindle and a parti-color (white and colored markings).

Pomeranian Health and Soundness:

This happens when your Pom dog’s physical and mental health are good, all faculties and organs function correctly and everything is in balance.

The Whole Pomeranian Package:

Pomeranian puppies
Pomeranian puppies

A Pomeranian is an energetic, proud dog. He’s highly intelligent, enthusiastic, keen to learn and will be fiercely loyal to his family and handler. A Pom is a great show dog. He’s a fine companion because he’s affectionate, loving and docile. He’s a very independent toy breed, is inquisitive, active and alert.

People who don’t regard themselves as “dog lovers” or “dog people” often fall in love with this adorable, lively dog. He’ll sometimes need a firm hand, especially when training him but he’s a fast learner. If you introduce your new pet Pom to other house pets or other dogs, he’ll generally get on with them. Pomeranian pets are also a great watchdogs.

Big Pomeranian Picture

Now you have a better understanding about dog shows, you’re possibly still unsure why this is important, especially if you only want a pom dog for a family pet.

You obviously selected a Pomeranian for a few particular reasons. You have already put in the necessary research. Pomeranians are glamorous balls of fluff, highly intelligent and they’re ideal companions because they can sit beside you, at your feet or somewhere close by because they love being with people.

Responsible Pomeranian show breeders always try to keep these positive, definitive attributes.

Example: There can be timid Poms and also aggressive ones. Dogs at either end of the spectrum should be taken seriously and temperament problems are often inherited.

If you had a Pom you wanted to show but he’s at either end of the temperament spectrum, the dog probably won’t cope. He may be aggressive towards other dogs and people or he may retreat into himself.

Don’t gamble and buy a Pom dog from anywhere except from a show Pomeranian breeder because other sources can easily lie about any aspect of their dog’s history, including whether he had been in shows previously. A Pomeranian breeder’s dogs will have a proven consistency in performing in shows.

pet pomeranian puppy
Pomeranian puppies

Consider structure and type. Does that dog even resemble a Pomeranian? Can he move easily, without any health issues? It would be wiser to make a purchase from a breeder who has repeatedly proven publicly that the dog can move easily.

Don’t rely on a seller who isn’t interesting in proving anything about their dog. Remember that the stakes are high because you want to provide comfort and good life quality for the puppy and ensure your wallet doesn’t empty itself for the wrong reasons.

In any well-bred litter, it’s possible there will be at least one puppy unsuitable for showing. He’ll have certain imperfections but will still make a great pet. It’s not obligatory that your puppy is show quality if you only want a pet Pom.

Pomeranian Rescue

Every day Pomeranian rescue see lots of Pom dogs being brought in due to poor temperament or lacking breed type due to poor breeding. Many of these dogs will need extensive care by vets and some will need surgical procedures that cost a lot of money.

Some people hand their Pom dogs over because they couldn’t properly care for them, whether it’s due to temperament, financial outgoings or other reasons.

Final Thoughts on I Want To Buy Pomeranian Dog:

It’s not all snobbish,  or elitist, or assuming some dogs are better than others. What it is all about is acquiring a puppy that matches everything you have been told. Helping more Pomeranian puppies get the best care and start in life by being loved and giving love in return.

Lastly, it’s about preserving and loving the Pomeranian dog breed and everything good about them, today and into the future. Before you buy a puppy Pomeranian, choose the best Pomeranian breeder so you can get the best Pom dog to suit your needs and to love for as long as he lives.

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