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Last Updated on 28/07/2020 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on April 26, 2017.

How To Take Care of Your Pomeranian in Heat

If the place in which you live experiences hot summer months or maybe you have hot weather all the time, you’ll need to know about extra steps necessary for caring for your Pomeranian in heat.

Tips on how to keep your Pomeranian cool during the summer months; summer Pomeranian care.

Your Pomeranian’s Living Area

Most owners use fans and/or air conditioning to stay cool in Summer and so they don’t think about whether their dog needs extra help to stay cool, particularly in the spaces he normally spends his time, namely his bed area, rest area and wherever he plays. Here are some aspects you may need to rethink.

Pomeranian Playpen

See how much sun comes through the windows. When it’s Summer, the sun is hotter and lasts twice as long as in Winter, as well as being on a different angle. There can be days when the relentless sub shines straight into your dog’s space. If you’re out all day and during the weekend you’re more focused on your family, you may not be aware of this.

Spend some time on a particularly hot day to check whether his space does get bombarded with heat that can make him very uncomfortable. It may be necessary to close curtains or blinds or move his space to a different area. 

Air conditioning can also cause problems in Summer. Some Pomeranians don’t cope well when cold air blows directly on them. Ensure he gets the benefit of the cool breeze but isn’t bombarded with a direct burst of cold air.

Ensure Your Pomeranian is Safe and Cool During Summer


A cooling mat is very useful if you don’t have air conditioning or as a backup if it’s not on or not working. It’s useful to cool him down after he has been playing outside. A good quality cooling mat contains a pressure-active gel pad which is ideal because it means there are no potentially dangerous power cords.

The gel absorbs heat from your Pom’s body and is a safe method for keeping him cool when it’s hot. The mats are portable so you can use it anywhere in the home and even outside if the need arises.[easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”y” height=”292″ identifier=”B003LM4NM0″ locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”petgal-20″ width=”500″]


There are lots of things to consider when taking your Pomeranian outside

Pomeranian Exercise

It’s important to keep up with Pomeranian’s exercise routine or he can get frustrated and misbehave because he can’t release his pent-up energy. However, you need to take steps to protect him at the same time.

This toy breed is best having two walks each day so, during Summer, do it in the early morning and late in the evening, when the weather isn’t as hot and fierce, thus avoiding some of the potential problems. However, you may decide to lengthen the morning walk and shorten the evening walk due to the hotter conditions

   2. In your back yard

You may love spending hours in your back yard, whether it’s swimming, gardening or having barbeques. The good news is that, with care and planning, your Pomeranian can keep you company and enjoy some outside time as well. Make sure there’s plenty of shade for him, water and a way to get cool.

A chidren’s plastic pool is ideal for him to splash about in with complete safety, as long as you don’t leave him on his own in the water. Another fun option is the use of an oscillating sprinkler which combines cooling down and fun.

  • Pomeranian Paw Protection 

It’s critical that you keep your Pom’s paws protected in Summer where the concrete and asphalt surfaces may be 30 degrees hotter than normal. Despite the fact that paws are made up of a thick skin, it doesn’t mean they’re impervious to heat and it only takes seconds to incur first degree burns. His paws will dry up and start peeling, a situation aggravated each time he tries to walk.

To prevent this from occurring, apply a high quality paw wax. It only takes 10 seconds to be absorbed and will form a protection layer between his paws and hot surfaces. Apply this two or three times each week. You may opt to use doggie shoes and some dogs find them more comfortable to wear.[easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”y” height=”450″ identifier=”B072LDWN9N” locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”petgal-20″ width=”450″]

  • ALWAYS carry water 

Regardless of where you’re going, ALWAYS bring water for both your Pomeranian and yourself. Dogs drink a lot more water when it’s hot and by giving them more water more frequently, you can help prevent dehydration.

If you’re going for a long walk, stop every 20 minutes or so and have a short rest and some water. You can buy canine water coolers that have room to insert ice cubes to keep the water cold and a lid that doubles as a drinking bowl.

  • Pomeranian nose care

    As with humans, a dog’s nose is very vulnerable to sunburn. After the top layer gets damaged, it will start peeling. If you don’t take action to heal it, it can start to crack and more serious problems may happen. Dab a balm or snout butter on his nose 15 mins before venturing into the hot sun can keep his leather healthy and provide the necessary protection.[easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”y” height=”500″ identifier=”B00IEDA5S2″ locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”petgal-20″ width=”500″]

  • Use a Dog Bandana
    A canine cooling bandana is a terrific method for keeping your beloved Pom cool and comfortable when it’s hot, regardless of whether he’s inside or outside. Choose one that’s suitable for toy breeds or it will be too heavy on his neck. Another option is to get a “regular” bandana in cold water and secure it to your Pom’s neck, like a collar, with space for you to slip in two fingers between his neck and the bandana.[easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”y” height=”371″ identifier=”B01MT8PCWY” locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”petgal-20″ width=”500″]
Protect your Pomeranian’s Tummy

Toy dogs are closer to the ground than larger dog breeds which means their stomach is extra sensitive and more prone to sunburn due to light reflected off the ground. It’s wise to rub some canine sunblock on his groin and stomach areas if you plan on being out for more than 30 minutes in Summer.

If you’re going to a lake, the beach or some other place that has both sand and/or water that may reflect the UV rays, you need to use protection for your Pom’s belly, nose and paws. Always better to be safe than sorry.

How to Groom a Pomeranian for Summer

The harsh Summer sun can cause multiple possible problems. The sun has a gradual burning effect and may even change your Pomeranian’s fur color. A brown or black fur color may gain a reddish tinge. The sun may cause itchiness and/or peeling as the skin dries out.

To prevent such problems, use a good quality leave-in conditioner. The light spray helps prevent any harm and if you select the right product, it will also work as a deodoriser, making your pet smell clean and fresh. You don’t need to use much. Spray and then brush his coat downwards so the conditioner is distributed properly.

Pomeranian Cuts For Summer

Don’t be tempted to have your Pomeranian clipped. Clipping your Pomeranian wont keep him cool as the double coated works to insulate and keep our Pom cool in summer and warm in Winter.

Double coated dog breeds like the Pomeranian often develop a condition called Post-Clipping Alopecia after clipping. If you must have a trimmed Pomeranian, talk to your Groomer about the best Pomeranian cuts for summer.

Ask about the Groomer about trimming your Pomeranian with short hair cut using scissors. Cutting Pomeranian hair short with scissors instead of shaving is a better option. A show Pomeranian hair cut is another option. 

Pomeranian Car Travel During Summer

Here are some safety precautions to keep in mind if you take your Pom in the car with you on a hot day:

  • Each time you take your Pom in the car, first start the engine and then turn on the air conditioning (AC) to start cooling it down. Cars get extremely hot when parked in the hot sun. Open the windows as well because then the hot air will be pushed out. Then shut them so the cooler air can circulate.
  • Touch your Pom’s car seat and ensure it’s not too hot. (For example, the steering wheel gets too hot to touch in Summer).
  • While you may love the cold air vent blowing directly on you, toy breeds are very sensitive to changes in the temperature so his vent can’t blow directly on him.
  • If your Pomeranian gets car sick, open his window a small amount in addition to the AC running as it tends to settle that nauseous feeling. (This works equally well for people).
  • Depending on how high his seat is, you may need car shades so his eyes aren’t being subjected to direct bright sunlight. That can cause discomfort and increase car sickness.

Swimming and your Pomeranian

Caring for Pomeranian in heat
Caring for Pomeranian in heat

The first thing to understand is that dogs are NOT all excellent swimmers automatically. This is a myth. If you have a big pool, it will take time for your dog to learn how to stay afloat so here are a few safety tips to help him:

  1.  Never throw your dog into any body of water. While he’ll instinctively dog paddle as best as he can to get to land again, it’s not the best way to teach him how much fun he can have while swimming. It may even scare him.
  2.  Always supervise him when he’s swimming, even if he appears to be having fun. Dogs can easily grow tired and find it difficult to get out of the water.
  3. The majority of swimming pools contain lots of chlorine to ensure the water is clean. This can irritate your Pom’s eyes so check to see if they’re red. This can be eased with a canine solution of saline. If the chlorine is left on his fur and skin, it can cause severe dryness so ensure you always rinse him thoroughly after he has a swim/play in the pool.

Pomeranian Dogs can Suffer Heat stress and Possible Stroke

You can take every possible precaution to ensure your Pomeranian’s health is good during Summer but it’s impossible to know how he will react in all situations. If he suffers from heat stress, you need to immediately cool him down before it becomes heat stroke, which may be fatal.

You must learn all the symptoms and signs of heat stress in your Pomeranian and what to do the moment you notice any sign or symptom.Heat stress (Hyperthermia) occurs when your dog’s internal temperature hits 103°F. Heat stroke occurs at 106°F or more. It’s extremely dangerous and could cause failure of multiple organs.

Please note: while I do discuss health, care, and behavioral issues, you should never use this information as a replacement for advice from qualified veterinarians, diagnoses, or recommended treatment regimes. If you have any worries about the health of your Pomeranian, your first contact should be your regular vet or, if you don’t yet have one, a vet that works locally. Never ignore or avoid treatment and advice from your vet because of a piece of information you have read on any website.

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Caring for a Pomeranian in Heat
Caring for a Pomeranian in Heat


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