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Does your Pomeranian have dry itchy skin?

pomeranian with dry itchy skinIdentifying And Managing Dry Skin Problems

Dry skin is a very annoying problem for you and your beloved canine family members. Because lots of things can cause dry skin, it’s hard enough just diagnosing the right problem, let alone looking at treatment options. If your dog is suffering from flaky, itchy or dry skin, the following information will help you provide relief for your Pomeranian. Why do dogs sometimes have dry skin? If you say it quickly, dry skin doesn’t seem like a big problem. However, it can be viewed as the tip of an iceberg; it’s only when you get beneath the surface that you may discover more serious problems with your dog’s health. Dry skin can be a symptom of other, more severe medical problems including: parasites, allergies, hypothyroidism and Cushing’s disease.


Parasites are a possible cause for dry skin. If your Pom’s skin is flaky and dry, it may indicate the presence of various parasites that can each cause separate problems Demodex mites can cause mange. Your pet may have scabies or walking dandruff (its medical name is cheyletiellosis). Your pet may even have lice. The only way to correctly diagnose parasites as the cause of your pet’s dry skin issues is to take him to the vet. There are times when even your vet isn’t sufficiently knowledgeable so he could send you to an animal dermatologist for further examination. This is similar to you getting referred from your GP to a specialist. Neither your GP nor a vet will know everything. Sorry the complete article is only available to our Premium members. Please join us now. Copyright Pomeranian.Org. All Rights Reserved.

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