Differences Between Show Pomeranians And Pet Poms

Differences Between Show Pomeranians And Pet Pomeranians

If your puppy originated from a Show Pomeranian breeder, pet quality pom pups and show dogs are often in the same litter. The differences between the two types of puppies are often very minor. The breeder will closely watch the litter develop and evaluate how close a puppy meets the Pomeranian breed standard. You should … Read more…

Why Do Pomeranians Spin In Circles?

pomeranian dog

Pomeranians are very adorable, partly due to their size, and and partly because they may have odd quirks. Their fun-loving demeanour and great personality appeals to lots of owners who may wonder what they’ll get up to next. One typical quirk they may have is a love of spinning in circles. Owners commonly ask why … Read more…

Differences Between Pomeranians and the German Spitz

pomeranian and german spitz

The German Spitz and the Pomeranian share the same ancestry. The Poms were larger dogs in the early days, and were used for hunting, herding and almost everything else their owners required of them. Because the two breeds are very closely related, they’re similar in many ways and comparing their sizes, colours and physical characteristics … Read more…

Where can you Buy a Mini or Miniature Pomeranian, Toy or Teacup Pom ?

mini teacup pomeranian pup

Basically the answer is nowhere. I have found after talking with people who are enquiring about purchasing a mini, toy, pocket, teacup, or miniature Pomeranians, these people are actually asking to purchase the correct show size Pomeranian.Always purchase your Pomeranian from a reputable, registered SHOW breeder. A Show breeder breeds Pomeranians conforming closely to the … Read more…

Puppy Pomeranian Uglies

pomeranian puppy

What a strange description. Will it mean your puppy will actually turn out ugly? Definitely NOT! He may seem a little scraggly but still cute, in an initial period of time but never ugly. The Pomeranian is among the most beautiful of all dog breeds anywhere on the planet and it’s regarded as a “necessary … Read more…

Patella Luxation – Dislocation Of The Kneecap

Patella luxation – Grades Of Severity

Patella Luxation is a health problem commonly found in small breeds of dogs such as Pomeranians, Toy and Miniature Poodles, Chihuahuas, Pekingese, Yorkshire Terriers and other small dogs and some cats as well.  Environment as well as genetic influences play a big part in the health of your Pomeranian. Correct Diet and Medication may improve … Read more…

Clipping my Pom ?

clipping your Pomeranian

Taking your Pomeranian to a groomer may be a risky venture, especially if you haven‘t used that person’s services before. You need to give clear instructions on what you want done and, just as importantly, what you DON’T want done. Shaving or clipping the coat very short on a double-coated dog like the Pomeranian may … Read more…

Toilet Training your Pomeranian puppy

Puppy Purchase Tips

  I receive so many emails regarding toilet training or should I say toilet training gone wrong! House training your Pomeranian puppy requires much patience and perseverance in the first weeks. If you have purchased your puppy from a reputable registered breeder your task will be so much easier. Puppies born and reared in dirty … Read more…

Types of Pomeranians ?

Are there teacup, toy, mini, miniature, pocket, teddy bear, or standard Pomeranians ? Simply no, nearly all of these terms are not utilized by registered show Pomeranian  breeders. Frequently, prospective Pomeranian owners wanting to obtain a typical high quality, correctly sized Pomeranian ask for a teacup or mini Pomeranian. Officially neither variety of Pomeranian exists. … Read more…

Looking for a Pom Puppy?

pomeranian puppy

It is vital to acquire a puppy from a registered SHOW breeder and not via an individual who has invested no thought or planning into a breeding program whatsoever. Prospective Pomeranian owners should understand the huge difference in the quality between puppies produced by a dedicated SHOW breeder and other sources. The reason I place … Read more…

Tips On Bonding with Your Pomeranian

pomeranian puppy

Bonding should be something that happens naturally when you get any new dog, whether it’s a puppy or already an adult, of any breed. However, there can be obstacles to developing a strong bond with your Pomeranian. Your puppy may be very young and uninterested in doing much of anything. This could make you feel ignored … Read more…

Health Testing Pomeranians

Health Testing Pomeranians, health testing breeders should do on Pomeranians, pomeranian health test

Health testing for the following: Eye Examination by a Ophthalmologist.Cardiac Evaluation Advanced Cardiac Exam – OR Congenital Cardiac Exam – Recommend followup evaluation between 3 and 5 years of age.  Patellar LuxationHip Dysplasia (Optional)Legg-Calve-Perthes  HypothyroidismResults should be recorded on the Canine Health Information Center, also known as CHIC database.  Copyright Pomeranian.org. All Rights Reserved.

Make Homemade Nutritious Slow Cooker Meals For Your Pomeranian.

dog food

Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken, Rice and  Veges for Pomeranians. 1 kilo of minced chicken carcass (this is finely ground chicken which includes the bones) 1 cup of peeled and cubed pumpkin or sweet potato 3 cups of frozen green beans ½ cup of brown rice 2 tablespoons of coconut oil If you Pomeranian is overweight … Read more…

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