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Are Pomeranians Hyper?

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Why is My Pomeranian So Hyper?

Because Pomeranians are toy dogs, you may be fooled into thinking they’ll spend every day sitting quietly and calmly. However, nothing could be further from the truth. They have boundless energy, running around inside your home, barking at shadows and jumping up and down at your feet.

It’s common for dogs who are very active to be labelled as “hyperactive,” when the truth is that they may not have enough ways they can burn off all their excess energy. If your Pom can be described in this way, you need to give him more exercise, both physical and mental, so he tires faster. Pomeranian owners should learn how to calm down a Pomeranian puppy.

How to Calm a Hyper Pomeranian

  • Play fetch with balls inside the house or in the backyard (if it’s safe).
  • Teach him plenty of challenging tricks.
  • Test him out on agility obstacle courses.
  • Make sure you take him for daily walks and, fitness level allowing), some runs as well.
  • Once he has burnt off most of his energy, give him a reward for calming down to rest.

How to Calm a Pomeranian

  •  Always talk in a peaceful, soft voice unless you’re commanding him to do something or telling him off.
  • Ignore him if he becomes overactive or tries to get pushy.
  • Dogs crave attention and will try anything to get it unless trained not to do so. If he behaves poorly, ignore him. If you do react, he thinks it’s ok to behave like that. The next time your dog nips at your heels or jumps when you don’t want him to, try ignoring him. This means not looking at him, not talking and not touching. See what he does as a result. He’ll generally calm down quickly when he isn’t getting his own way.
  • Make him sit and stay seated if he still wants to play.
  • Give him a reward if he remains calm. The reward can even be an energetic play time if you have decided it’s ok at that point.
  • While you don’t want a big fur ball laying on the rug all day, you do want your beloved pet to obey you and not cause too much disruption to your schedule.
  • Demonstrate that relaxing is also rewarding in a different way. You may choose to pet and massage him as he lies in your lap or on the floor or couch. He’ll quickly learn that quiet times are as much fun as running around like a wild animal.

Monitor Your Energy As Well

A dog will mirror you in terms of energy. You may be an assertive, calm person. Maybe your energy is similar to the leader of a pack. Perhaps you’re highly stressed due to work or other issues. Anxious or nervous moods in you will be reflected in similar moods in your pet.

This isn’t only in your speech but also body language and tone of voice. You must be the leader of the pack by also being attuned to your energy levels and types.

Aromatherapy Can Be Very Useful

Dogs have an extremely powerful sense of smell and it’s the one sense that guides them the most. Lavender can make people feel relaxed. So dogs may also become relaxed if you use scents designed to calm the mind and body. Discuss aromatherapy options with your vet or a holistic expert to learn what the best scents are for your Pom and how best to disperse such scents.

Final Thoughts on How to Calm a Hyper Pomeranian

Putting into practice these helpful Pomeranian training tips should address these Pomeranian behaviour problems.  Always ask your breeder and your vet for assistance with Pomeranian dog's behaviour issues.

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