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How to Avoid the Situation of Jealous Dogs and Babies

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Last Updated on 29/06/2023 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on April 18, 2017.

Help your Pomeranian dog adjusting to new baby. You dont not want your Pom dog jealous of baby. Your Pomeranian may be accustomed to being the “baby” of your family. Then you discover you’re about to have a human baby and some big things will need to change.

However, if you put some training options in place (both before and after baby has arrived), your household can continue to run quite smoothly. If people have problems with their baby and dog, it’s because they didn’t plan for the changes in advance.

Preparing Your Pomeranian for the New Human Baby 

After you receive the news of the pregnancy, you need to start retraining your Pomeranian so he has enough time to get used to the changes that will happen.

These include:

  • The way your home is laid out.
  • The different smells produced by a new baby.
  • Changes to your pet’s schedule as activities may need adjustment to cater for the needs of your baby.

Teaching Pomeranian Simple Commands

If your Pomeranian understands the commands you have taught him and always obeys, that will make for a smoother transition. He needs to sit, heel and stay when told. If he hasn’t mastered these commands, you need to put in extra effort before your baby’s arrival.

Prior the Human Baby’s Arrival

Because there’s a long list of things that your Pom will have to get used to once baby arrives, it’s wise to start immediately.

New Smells 

For example, baby scents will be something new for him so you can help by rubbing some baby powder into your carpet, into a soft cloth for washing and other things. Let your Pom smell this unusual scent as often as possible so he becomes used to it.

New Sounds

If you plan to use a baby mobile or other toys that make noises, get them ahead of time and let your beloved Pom listen to them as often as possible. Once he’s very familiar with the scents and sounds, your baby’s arrival won’t be as traumatic for him. You should also bring home a blanket your baby has been wrapped in after birth so your beloved Pom gets accustomed to that particular scent.

Home Layout 

If you plan to alter your home’s layout, do it as early as you can. Dogs prefer consistency. For example, you may put baby’s highchair where your Pomeranian’s bowl normally sits and move that to a different part of the kitchen. So do it now and then he’ll quickly adjust. If he really doesn’t like water and food bowls being moved, do it gradually, a few inches at a time. Eventually you’ll get there.

Baby and Pomeranian
Baby and Pomeranian

Baby Crying 

Get recordings of a crying baby and play them so your Pom gets used to the new and strange sounds. Ask if you can record your neighbour’s crying baby. You can get a mix of different types of crying and start with soft volume and increase it after a while. While the crying is happening, pat your Pom and talk to him calmly.

As he adjusts to each volume, slowly increase it until he’s used to a crying baby at any volume.

Pomeranian Dog Toys

You’ll have dog toys and new baby toys but your Pomeranian won’t know the difference until you teach him.

Select a particular area for the toys your dog is permitted to play with and a different area for baby toys (that will soon become his toy bin). Show your dog which toys are his and which ones belong to baby and he mustn’t touch them. This process can take months sometimes.

This training is crucial because your Pom may not recognise the toys which are his and try to take one off baby that actually doesn’t belong to him. Each time you see your Pom heading for baby’s toys, clap your hands loudly and then give your Pet a toy that belongs to him.

It’s important to do it this way because he shouldn’t be reprimanded for simply being curious. You’re just showing him what he can and can’t play with. Pat and praise him as he learns right from wrong and even give him small treats if it will help.

Baby and Pomeranian
Baby and Pomeranian

Pomeranian Handling Time Limitations 

No parent can be in two places at the same time, regardless of how good a parent they are. A new baby will take much of the attention away from your Pomeranian that he used to enjoy. So it’s important to start making changes before the new human arrives or he may become jealous.

If the person who takes care of the dog the most suddenly becomes the main carer of the new baby, you need to get other household members to give your Pom more attention, including walks, play time, feeding and grooming. If this process changes slowly, your pet will get used to other people in the home caring for his needs more than before.

After “The Arrival”

Make sure that the baby’s existence is related to only positives. If your Pom is behaving as he should when baby is around, he deserves, and must receive, plenty of praise and treats. Never place baby on the floor unsupervised and never abuse your dog for moving closer to baby in the wrong way. Show your dog what you expect and give him a reward when he does it.

When a baby first comes home, he has a weak immune system so your dog must be healthy and be current with all vaccinations and de-worming programs before the arrival.

People can’t catch heartworms, distemper or parvovirus. However, Campylobacter jejuni bacteria (dog symptoms include lethargy, diarrhoea and fever) and ringworm CAN be passed onto humans, especially babies in a weakened state.

Jealous Dogs and Babies

You can spend months trying to plan for every eventuality. However, even then it’s still possible for your Pomeranian dog jealous of baby or “clingy” after your baby has been brought home. Keep going with your schedule, following all the steps necessary to achieve harmony. If he needs it, give him an extra pat and then focus on baby again.

If you’re sitting on the couch feeding your baby, your four-legged baby can still snuggle up to you. When taking baby for a walk in his stroller, take Pom as well. Gradually he’ll adjust to having a baby sister or brother.

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