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The Surprising Eating Habits of Pomeranians! Are Pomeranians Picky Eaters?

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Last Updated on 29/11/2023 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on May 23, 2023.

Are you a proud owner of a Pomeranian? If so, chances are you’ve witnessed your beautiful pup turn up its nose when presented with a particular food. Are Pomeranians picky eaters, or is there something specific that causes some to be hit-and-miss at mealtime?

Pomeranian Headquarters is here to answer questions for all Pomeranian owners. In this post, we examine the eating habits of these small but mighty dogs and provide essential information on feeding them right. Keep reading to learn more!

Pomeranian Not Eating Tips

Breeders often hear comments like the following from pet Pomeranian owners:

  • My puppy won’t eat his dry food.
  • My dog won’t eat dry food, only wet.
  • Pomeranian dogs won’t eat unless hand fed.
  • My puppy won’t eat his food.
  • My puppy is a fussy eater.
  • The puppy won’t eat dry food anymore.
  • My dog won’t eat dry food anymore.
  • My Pomeranian dog won’t eat dry food but eats treats.
  • My puppy won’t eat dry food.
  • Puppy is a picky eater.
  • My Pomeranian only eats chicken.

You have most likely been feeding your Pomeranian the same food each day for quite a while, so it’s hardly surprising that he starts not wanting to eat it. Your dog won’t eat dry food anymore because he doesn’t like it.

Are Pomeranians Picky Eaters?
Are Pomeranians Picky Eaters?

How to Feed a Fussy Dog

Are you struggling to find the perfect food for your fussy fur baby? Look no further than their natural diet! As carnivores, dogs thrive on a meat-based diet, just like their wild ancestors.

Don’t disregard dry kibble altogether! However, to fulfill your furry friend’s appetite for meat, consider exploring the top-quality dog foods available. Stop by your local butcher or supermarket to grab some beef or chicken mince and raw meaty bones. Your pup will thank you for the delicious treat.

Please keep your dog healthy and satisfied by providing high-quality meat as the primary ingredient in their diet. However, if your furry friend is over 12 months old, it’s best to have some good quality dry kibble beside their water dish. For puppies, it’s essential to maintain a balanced puppy diet until a dog reaches 12 months of age to ensure proper development of their bones and skeletal structure.

Best Food for Picky Puppies and a Puppy Picky Eater

Pomeranian puppies under 12 months of age do a lot of growing and require a correct nutritionally balanced diet developed for puppies. So I suggest the best food for picky puppies is a high-quality commercially produced product developed for puppies.

Treats to tempt your puppy include a sardine, a teaspoon of tinned tuna, salmon, grated cheese, puppy milk, or plain yogurt added to his puppy food.

Food flavor can be enhanced by warming the food before serving it in winter.

I recommend and really like the Royal Canin brand as the best food for young puppies:

Homemade Dog food for Pomeranians

If your Pomeranian is over 12 months of age, I suggest you feed your Pom an appropriate, healthy home-cooked diet. Purchase a copy of my healthy “Home Cooking for your Pomeranian” eBook full of nutritious and tasty doggie meals.

Pomeranian Raw Diet

Meals can be cooked and stored in your freezer until required. Your Pomeranian will also benefit from eating raw meat and chewing on raw bones. Purchase the raw meat and freeze it into meal-size portions.

With the above feeding options, you may like to include a small amount of commercial dog food. I again recommend royal canin Pomeranian food.

Is Your Pomeranian Only Eating Chicken? Here’s What You Need to Know:

If your Pomeranian has been exclusively eating chicken, there may be several reasons for this. It could be due to an intolerance to commercial dog foods or a temporary stomach issue. While chicken may be a good short-term solution, it is not a sustainable long-term diet.

If your Pom has become accustomed to this limited diet and refuses to eat anything else, it could lead to nutritional deficiencies. So, what can you do?

There are two approaches you can take. One supplement their chicken with additional healthy ingredients such as vegetables and fruits, and the other is to transition them to a top-quality commercial kibble partly.

If you prefer making homemade meals, consider adding nutrient-rich vegetables like broccoli, green beans, peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. You can also include fruits like blueberries and raspberries for added health benefits.

Alternatively, if you switch to commercial kibble, choose a trustworthy brand that avoids chemicals, by-products, and other harmful ingredients. Royal Canin is a popular choice for small breeds.

Remember, a balanced and varied diet is essential for your Pom’s health and happiness.

Pomeranian Dog Won’t Eat Dry Food But Eats Treats?

What you should do if your pom dog won’t eat dry food but eats treats. Avoid all commercially made dog snacks and treats; give your Pom a large raw bone to chew on a few times a week.

Lots of dogs are fussy eaters. Wild animals will eat just about anything because they have no choice. In a residential home, the dogs have learned that some foods are delicious and others are edible.

Even if you’re strict and don’t feed your dog food designed for humans, it doesn’t mean they can ignore your food that they can smell and see.

Don’t give your Pomeranian food from your table because it whets his appetite for steak and human food and lowers your role as the master.

There’s a difference between a Pomeranian picky eater and a puppy fussy eater. A puppy picky eater can be tempted with a small piece of human food if he doesn’t want to eat his own food. A fussy eater has refused to eat certain foods anymore.

It’s important to rule out any health problems first. However, if your vet says he’s fine, there are ways to tempt him to eat.

How to Deal with Fussy Eaters Tips 

A Health Check

The first thing to do if you have a Pomeranian not eating is to exclude any health issues. So please ring your vet and book your Pomeranian for a health check-up.

Pomeranian Treats

My Pomeranian dog won’t eat dry food but eats treats. My next step would be to reduce the treats you give him. He’ll be more likely to eat if he doesn’t compare a treat to his dog food. Feed him smaller amounts more often…three or four times per day.

Your Pomeranian Needs Exercise

Take him for a walk before his meal because it will make him extra hungry, and then he’ll eat whatever you give him.

Neuter Your Pomeranian

Neuter or spay your Pom puppy. It has a lot of benefits, including preventing him from becoming fussy about his food.

Pomeranian puppy
Pomeranian puppy

Feeding Time Should be Positive

He’ll be less fussy if you associate meal times with positive experiences. If he connects food and punishment, he’ll want to avoid eating—in a quiet environment.

Ensure the room is quiet when you feed him and don’t have other dogs or children to distract him. Change the times.

Feed him at different times of the day to see what time is best for him. Some like to eat just after you arrive home, while others prefer to eat during the afternoon.

Resist Temptations

This is the last resort when all other tips have failed. Tempting him with some human food will work, but only briefly, as he’ll soon get bored.

A healthy Pomeranian dog needs to eat the right amount of food. A fussy Pom dog may be underweight or, in some cases, overweight if you have fed him too many treats.

If underweight, he may have bone density, liver, and kidney issues and is more likely to get skin infections. If your dog is overweight, he might have joint and heart problems.

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, the answer to the question “Are Pomeranians picky eaters?” depends on your puppy. Some dogs might not be as particular about their food, while others might have more specific requests about what they want in their kibble or treats.

The best way to know if your Poms are fussy eaters is to experiment and see what kind of food they gravitate towards—trial and error are pivotal here! For example, you can try a few different types of dog food before settling on the one your pup seems to like the most.

Moreover, you should also monitor their behavior; if you notice them losing interest in mealtimes or displaying disinterest in certain meals, this could indicate that they are picky eaters. Awareness of your pet’s diet will ensure a happy, healthy life and many years filled with tasty treats and delicious meals!

Please note: while I do discuss health, care, and behavioral issues, you should never use this information as a replacement for advice from qualified veterinarians, diagnoses, or recommended treatment regimes. If you have any worries about the health of your Pomeranian, your first contact should be your regular vet or, if you don’t yet have one, a vet that works locally. Never ignore or avoid treatment and advice from your vet because of a piece of information you have read on any website.

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Is Your Pomeranian Dog a Fussy Eater
Is Your Pomeranian Dog a Fussy Eater


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