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Pomeranian Puppy Uglies

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As a new puppy owner you may have heard of the Pomeranian puppy uglies stage. Now you want to know what is the Pomeranian uglies, Pomeranian ugly stage or this Pomeranian puppy transition?

Will it mean your puppy will actually turn out ugly? Definitely NOT! There is no such thing as an ugly Pomeranian puppy.

Pomeranian puppies at 8 weeks of age are usually a cute round ball of fluff. At this stage it is hard to imagine your puppy doing through the puppy uglies.

This article will explain the stages your puppy will go through with Pomeranian uglies before after pictures and complete puppy care details during the Pomeranian puppy transition period.

Do Pomeranians Go Through a Puppy Ugly Stage?

Yes most Pomeranian pups go through an Pomeranian uglies puppy stage.

This period is called many names including the Pomeranian puppy uglies, Pomeranian monkey stage, ugly stage of Pomeranian, Pom uglies, monkey stage of Pomeranian, Pomeranian transformation and the Pom puppy uglies.

How Do I Know When My Pomeranian is Going Through the Pom Puppy Uglies?

He may seem a little scraggly but still cute, in an initial period of time but never ugly. The Pomeranian is among the most beautiful of all dog breeds anywhere on the planet and it’s regarded as a “necessary evil.”

The Pomeranian ugly stage is simply one step along the path towards your beloved Pom becoming the amazing fluffy dog that she or he will become in time.

The coats of Pom pups are full, thick double coats that give them the general “fluffy cotton ball” look. The Pomeranian puppy ugly stage is just a period of growth all Poms go through. It will be more obvious in some than in others.

The puppy fur must fall out to enable the full, double adult coat to emerge.

In most Pomeranians, it will be a moderate to severe phase that can worry owners who may not be aware that it’s normal for Pomeranian puppy shedding to occur during the Pomeranian ugly stage.

Pomeranian Puppy Uglies
Pomeranian Puppy Uglies. Before on the right and after on the left.

Within the puppy’s first year of life, the puppy coat is shed and the adult coat replaces it, giving the beloved puppy that lush full coat instead.

Pomeranian Puppy Uglies is Normal

Pom puppy owners should not stress about the Pomeranian ugly stage. Pomeranian puppy shedding  is common and normal during the Pom puppy stage and most Pomeranians will spend a few months of their puppyhood looking a little scruffy. 

Should I Be Concerned If My Pomeranian Puppy Does Not Go Through the Uglies?

Usually not a reason for concern as owners see their Pom babies each day, and often may not notice any changes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and most Pom parents see their Pomeranian as beautiful irrespective of coat quantity.

If a Pomeranian puppy doesn’t go through the “ugly” phase and/or fails to shed the puppy coat, the owner should be worried as this may mean that your Pom could face major coat loss problems in the future.

Exactly What are the Pomeranian Puppy Uglies Stages?

During the Pomeranian ugly stage, Pom puppies will lose their coats but other changes also happen. The proportions of their bodies alter, making them look like their legs are longer than they should be, their ears grow into super-sized ears and various other alterations may occur, depending on each individual pup.

It’s often described as they’re going through the awkward “teenager phase.

When Does the Pomeranian Uglies Happen?

Pomeranian Puppy Uglies
Pomeranian Puppy Uglies. Pomeranian uglies before after pictures.

The worst time of the Pomeranian ugly phase is when they’re between 4-10 months old. After 10 months, their coat is full and thick once more as they regain their good looks.

How Long Do Pomeranian Uglies Last?

Pomeranian Puppy uglies stage can last for a period of 3 to 6 months.

When Do Pomeranian Puppies Get Fluffy?

Pomeranian puppies are born with a short, smooth coat. Pomeranian puppy hair growth is rapid and at 6 week they are cute balls of fluff. 

This puppy Pomeranian fur will fall out during the pom puppy uglies and be replaced by adult Pomeranian fur in a matter of months. A one year old Pomeranian should have returned to being a fluffy Pomeranian.

Looking After Your Pom During The Pomeranian Puppy Transition Period

From the time that a Pomeranian is approximately three months old until he reaches adulthood, this transition period is nicknamed the “puppy uglies.” The reason is that he sheds his hair, accumulates body oils, gets mats and stuck hairs and can be quite vulnerable.

If you follow these steps, you can give him lots of loving, reduce the issues normally associated with the puppy uglies and make life easier for both you and your Pomeranian.

1. Regular Brushing.

Regularly brush his coat to get rid of the remnants of the older, dead coat. The faster the dead coat is eliminated, the quicker the new coat can begin to grow strong.

Maintain his regular washing schedule but make sure you brush him properly and that ALL of the dead fur has been removed before bathing commences. If this isn’t done right, the coat can become severely matted. Brushing helps to stimulate the blood circulation to his hair follicles, and this will help increase the rate of growth of the new hair.

You have to remember that a puppy’s skin is more sensitive than that of an adult Pomeranian and softer tools must be used. For example, a pin brush for longer hairs and a softer bristle brush if he has missing or thin hairs.

2. Time for A Good Wash.

During the puppy uglies, your Pom may not seem to be dirty. However, he still needs a good wash every three weeks to get rid of stuck hairs and any body oils that may have accumulated. It will also prevent hair follicles and blocked pores.

To bathe your Pom, you must have a good quality conditioner and shampoo that are both specifically suitable for Pomeranians. During the uglies, your Pom puppy’s skin is extremely sensitive and if it was washed with the wrong products, irritation and/or damage can occur.

Pomeranian before and after puppy uglies
Pomeranian before and after puppy uglies pictures.

3. Leave-in Conditioner spray.

If you use a leave-in conditioner spray, that helps Pomeranian puppies by: keeping their coat soft, repelling irritants and moisturizing his skin. While brushing, it also prevents static.

4. Ensuring Your Pom Puppy Remains Warm.

Pomeranian puppies don’t have the doubled coat so while they shed, they may feel the cold. Ensure your puppy is warm at all times by keeping him inside the house at a set 71F temperature. You may choose to clothe your puppy in a sweater or shirt if he appears cold.

5. Look after Irritated Skin.

While Pom puppies go through their puppy uglies phase, they’re likely to have sore spots and/or dry skin. Both will need to be treated asap to avoid infections. Your vet can advise on the most suitable cream for this purpose on Pomeranian puppies while they’re shedding.

Other Causes Of Pomeranian Fur Loss?

Apart from the Pomeranian puppy uglies, your pup can lose fur as a result of environmental or food allergies, thyroid issues, Alopecia X, mites and numerous other health problems. Most problems can be treated so it’s critical to take your dog to the vet if anything is happening with your dog that seems wrong.

However, if Pomeranian puppy is at the age where baby fur will be shed, that’s not a reason to see the vet because he can’t do anything about it and there’s no point anyway as it’s just a part of puppy growing up and gaining that permanent, glorious adult Pomeranian coat.

Final thoughts on the Pom Uglies

When your Pomeranian puppies start shedding, it’s essential that you take all necessary actions to keep them warm and comfortable. It’s ok for Pomeranian puppies to look somewhat “ugly” during this phase of their lives.

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Pomeranian Puppy Uglies Before and After Pictures

Pomeranian Puppy Uglies
Pomeranian uglies before after pictures.

The Pomeranian Handbook

Pomeranian Puppy Uglies Before and After Pictures
Pomeranian Puppy Uglies Before and After Pictures

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