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How Much Exercise Does a Pomeranian Need?

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Last Updated on 03/11/2023 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on September 16, 2021.

Some Pomeranian owners may be wondering, “How much exercise does a Pomeranian need?” The answer to this question will depend on several factors like age, fitness, and health conditions.

In general, Pomeranians need a moderate amount of exercise. They do well with short walks and most outdoor activities. However, owners should be careful to keep them from running too far away or getting into dangerous places where they could get lost.

If you have questions about your dog’s activity level, talk with a veterinarian for recommendations on what is best suited for their health and safety.

Pomeranian Exercise Needs Explained

How much exercise do Pomeranians need? The Pomeranian is so small but has an amazing amount of energy. This adorable dog is a great companion so you need to give him exercise each day to help him remain in good health. Here are some requirements you must consider before even seriously thinking about buying a Pomeranian.

If your Pom puppy gets too much exercise, it may affect his growth. If a Pom of any age gets too much exercise, his body can be badly affected in many ways. He can become overheated.

His body may suffer unnecessary wear and tear in many parts including his hips and knees. However, if you don’t exercise your pet enough, he has no way to release his excess energy and that may prove disastrous.

Although a Pomeranian is regarded as an indoor dog, he should also enjoy lots of outdoor activities for three major reasons:

Pomeranian’s Physical Health

When you take your Pom for a brisk walk or if you play with him and he runs around and expends energy, it also keeps his muscles maintained whilst still allowing those muscles to stretch. These exercises will improve blood flow and overall heart health.

Pom Dog Behaviour:

Your beloved Pomeranian enjoys cuddles immensely. However, he also loves walking and running around exploring new places in the outside world. These activities are an essential part of his emotional well-being. If your Pom is left alone while you go to work, he should be able to go outdoors for one or two hours to burn off some of that bottled-up energy.

Pomeranian Social Skills:

Whether you’re going for walks with your Pom or letting him play in the local dog park, these are ideal chances to teach him or fine-tune his interactions with other people and dogs as well. If you can slowly increase the number of meet-and-greets and the time spent in social activities, this can help him through any anxiety issues that may flare up when forced to socialize, especially if he’s shy, to begin with.

How Often Should You Walk a Pomeranian?

How far can a Pomeranian walk and how long should you walk a Pomeranian?

How much walking does a Pomeranian need? A small dog, such as a Pomeranian, should have 15-20 minutes of regular exercise that boosts his heart rate moderately. If you intend to go on a longer walk, carry your Pomeranian part of the way or invest in a doggie stroller.

It’s wise to arrange several elements of your walk ahead of time.

Choose the ideal route: In an ideal world, it’s smart to only walk on roads with footpaths. Walking out onto the road as cars rapidly flyby can be extremely dangerous. You can’t always predict how your dog will react to cars, especially if they toot horns or yell out. If your home area isn’t good for walks, you should strongly consider driving to a park so you can have a safe walk without any stress for both you and your Pom.

Pomeranian Exercise Timing:

You’ll generally want to take your Pom for a walk when you don’t have to rush. This should also be when your Pom is chomping at the bit to go for a walk. These two times don’t always occur simultaneously so a compromise may sometimes need to be made. Some dogs never want to go for a walk in the early morning.

These same dogs may be over-excited to be walked after dinner in the evening. You need to be able to enjoy the walk and that precious time alone with your Pom so don’t go when you’re pushed for time because you have another commitment

This will spoil the enjoyment for you and your Pom, especially if you only get to walk for a short time. A lot of dog owners prefer the evening walk after dinner is over. It’s a great way to make your dog more tired before his bedtime. However, the walk shouldn’t be too close to bedtime because both you and your dog will need an hour or two to wind down after exercise so the adrenaline isn’t still pumping and making it harder to sleep.

How is House Training Affected By Exercise?

A Pomeranian Dog
A Pomeranian Dog

Many owners make mistakes while walking their dogs. They let him stop along the way (wherever he wants) to do his business and sniff around at the same time. It’s generally sensible to do this but it can affect the process of housebreaking your puppy.

When training your puppy to do his business, you should choose a particular place for him to do it. However, if you ignore your own rule and let your puppy go potty anywhere along the walking track, he’ll be thoroughly confused regarding where he can and can’t do his business.

Obviously, you can’t prevent your dog from having a bathroom break when the urge hits. But you can start your walks by taking him to the area you have chosen for his bathroom breaks.

Give him 10-15 minutes to do his business and then start your walk. If your Pom doesn’t make bathroom stops during the walk, return to his bathroom area before you both go back into your home. If your Pomeranian doesn’t go to the bathroom while out on the walk, be sure to go back to the area before entering back into the house.

Safe Pomeranian Exercise

Safety is paramount when it comes to a Pomeranian because he’s so small. Brisk exercise does him good

BUT you have to prevent him from dehydrating and overheating.

Here are some Pomeranian Safe Puppy Exercise Tips:

  • 1. Pomeranians shouldn’t be taken on long walks. The ideal situation for your Pomeranian is short walks of 15 mins and then a break in a doggie stroller or puppy backpack.
  • 2. On very warm to hot days, the ideal times to exercise are before 10am and after 2pm. This is because that four hour slot in the middle is the hottest part of the day.
  • 3. Check the surface of the road/path where you’ll be walking. If there are lots of small pebbles, these can get between the paw pads and cause major problems. If the surface is very hot to touch, it can be unbearable to walk on. So if either scenarios happen, either take a safer route or think about delaying the walk until the day is cooler.
  • 4. You should walk at a pace that’s brisk for your Pomeranian’s short legs, not a pace that suits you. A good pace is where your Pom walks at his ideal speed and you’re walking slowly. His walk shouldn’t be a stroll or a run. It should be moderate.
  • 5. Take at least one break for 15 minutes. Spend this time sitting in the shade. Carry a collapsible bowl and a bottle of water so you can give your pet a small drink. (Never allow him to drink a large amount of water because this is very dangerous and can cause a life-threatening problem called bloating.)
  • 6. Pomeranians love walking in cold weather so don’t let that discourage you from taking him for his daily essential walk to burn off energy.

Other Pom Activity

Pomeranian Exercise
Pomeranian Exercise

Walking each day isn’t the only way to ensure your Pom is in optimal health. There are lots of other ways to have fun and get exercise as well. “Fetch” isn’t a game reserved for the bigger dogs. Simply select the best discs, balls, or toys for your pet and you can have hours of fun playing and giving him exercise at the same time.

Pomeranians are great at agility workouts. A Pom can sense if you’re enthusiastic about something. Don’t be afraid of being inventive. Set up an obstacle course for your dog. Make sure none of the tasks involve jumping down from anything high as that action can easily damage your beloved pet’s hips and knees.

Young Pomeranian Puppies

Never allow your puppy to visit public places (especially the dog park) until he has been given all his puppy shots. It’s also essential that you don’t allow your puppy to exert himself, particularly in the initial 12 months because over-exertion may affect the proper growth of your puppy.

However, it doesn’t mean you force your puppy to do nothing. You can find lots of regular exercises to do that are safe for your new puppy.

Over-Exercising  your Pomeranian

Can you over-exercise a dog? Can you overwalk a puppy?   Yes. Over-exercising can contribute to many health problems and should be avoided, Great care should be taken exercising poms, especially with Pomeranian pups and senior Pomeranian. Safe puppy exercise is a must with puppy walking distance restricted for Pomeranians pups.

FAQs Regarding A Pom’s Physical Abilities and Limitations.

Do Pomeranians Like Water and Can They Swim?

Yes, a Pomeranian dog can be allowed to swim as long as you follow proper guidelines. Some owners never even try it but Pomeranians can swim and, even better, many love swimming.

If your Pom doesn’t like having a bath, you shouldn’t assume he can’t swim or enjoy the water in general. Most Pomeranian dogs enjoy splashing in the water on a hot day.

Swimming is different compared to baths, as far as Poms are concerned. Never let your pet swim in the ocean or in any type of deep water. It’s best to take him into the low end of a swimming pool and stay with him.

Don’t make the sometimes fatal decision to stop supervising him after he starts doing well in the pool. He must be watched at all times. Pools have a large amount of chlorine so, after your dig’s swim, he needs a thorough wash. If you don’t, the chlorine will respond in the same way as bleach and make the fur’s color duller or, if the Pom has light-colored fur, it may create a green tint.

Pomeranian Exercise
Pomeranian Exercise

Can Pomeranians Run?

Yes, but a Pom that’s running isn’t as fast as a person running. This small breed would never be able to catch you if you went running. However, an adult Pom in great health may love to run – at HIS own pace – for a short period of time.

You shouldn’t encourage a Pomeranian puppy to run because it may affect his growth plates. Can your Pom go for a long walk? Yes, he can, IF you follow the guidelines. A Pom can walk for 15 -20 minutes once or twice daily.

If you plan a long walk with your Pom, plan ahead:

  • 1. Ensure your dog is in good health and isn’t limping or breathing heavily.
  • 2. Plan your route and check that there are footpaths and safe walking areas.
  • 3. Check the temperature. It should be between 55ºF (12.7C) and 70°F (21 C). If the weather is either hotter or colder than this, put little booties or shoes on his paws to protect them from the hot ground or the snow/ice/cold temperatures.
  • 4. Ensure your Pom has a good drink before you leave home. For the purposes of training, also ensure he visits the bathroom area and uses it instead of waiting to find a spot while you’re walking.
  • 5. Carry lots of water with you as well as a snack. The water can be kept in a cooler with ice cubes). Also have a folding waterproof travel bowl or a collapsible fabric combined water and food bowl.
  • 6. Plan for a 10-15 minute break every 20-30 minutes. Find shade to rest in and offer your beloved Pom a treat and water and encourage him to lie down or sit and rest.
  • 7. If your dog is tired before you expect it or seems unable to keep going, have a rest in the shade and if that’s not enough, carry him the rest of the way.

Is It Safe To Take a Pomeranian Hiking?

Yes, your Pom can go hiking with you as long as the route isn’t too difficult and you follow all safety guidelines explained in the “long walks” section. If you think you’ll need to carry your dog if the path is too hard to maneuver, don’t do it because you and your Pomeranian pet may both suffer severe injuries if you slip or have a fall.

Final Thoughts on Pomeranian Exercise Needs

Pomeranians are a small breed of dog known for their fox-like faces, long coats, and big personalities. Owners need to understand that these dogs require about 30 minutes of exercise per day to maintain good health.

This might seem like an effortless task, but with such a busy schedule, it can be challenging to find this time in your day. However, it is essential because when poms don’t get enough exercise, they become restless and anxious, which leads them into destructive behaviors, including chewing shoes and digging holes in the yard or house! I hope you’ve found our post helpful.

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How much exercise do Pomeranians need?
How much exercise do Pomeranians need?


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