bathing a pomeranian
How often should I bath my Pomeranian?

A pet Pomeranian should be bathed on a regular basis. Once a month, during the winter months and more often during summer.

The Dochlaggie Pomeranians are bathed twice weekly whilst being shown. The day prior to a show, and once again the day following the show to remove any grooming products added to the coat at the show.

Whilst enjoying a break from the show ring, the show dogs are given a weekly maintenance bath.

Bathing will not soften a correct Pomeranian coat. Dirt, grime and talcum powder can easily damage a Pomeranian’s coat.

Clean hair grows; dirty hair will dry out and break off. Pomeranian coats can vary from Pomeranian to Pomeranians.

Breeders strive to produce Pomeranians with correct standoff, harsh coats. A Pomeranian’s coat may also differ significantly from month to month.

To Prevent Matts and Felting it is Important to Brush Prior to Bathing.

Ensure that your Pomeranian is completely brushed and combed through before attempting to bath.

The bath water should be just warm and reach no higher than three quarters up the Pomeranian’s legs.

What Shampoo to Use?

The type of Shampoo used is a minor consideration, unless this is your Best in Show Pomeranian, having his bath the day before a big show. Lather well on both sides of body. Start at the tail and wash the head last.

Keeping the shampoo and conditioner clear of the Pomeranian’s eyes and ears. Rinse well with clean, just warm water.

Conditioner is then applied to the bottom half of the Pomeranian’s body, tail, feet and legs areas and the conditioner is then rinsed out.

How to Dry your Pomeranian

Place towels around your Pomeranian. Blot dry, rather than vigorously rubbing.

Brush your Pomeranian while you dry with a dog dryer. Brush, while blowing the water out of the hair in an upward direction for a full coated look for your Pom. If possible avoid using a dryer intended for human use as these dryers are too hot for most dogs.  The Pomeranian Grooming Guide has detailed information on the correct direction to brush and dry a Pom.

I use a similar type of dog dryer on the Champion Dochlaggie Pomeranians.

The Author, Denise Leo with a Champion Pomeranian

The Author, Denise Leo with a Champion Pomeranian

 For more information on grooming your Pomeranian, brushing, brushes to use and how to care for a Pomeranian’s coat download our Pomeranian grooming booklet and Pomeranian grooming video. pomeranian dog grooming Copyright Pomeranian.Org. All Rights Reserved.


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