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Male vs Female Pomeranian Dogs-Which is Best?

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Answers to what owners need to know about male vs female Pomeranian dogs. Which is the best choice for my family? Should I purchase a Pomeranian girl vs boy Pomeranian Puppy? Are male or female Pomeranians better?

Prospective Pomeranian owners often ask about the advantages and any disadvantages to owning a male or female Pomeranian.

I wanted to find out the answer to the question "Are male or female Pomeranians better? " So I recently polled over 14,000 Pomeranian owners.

The result did not surprise me. Pom dog owners were divided 50/50 on the subject of either owning a male or female Pomeranian.

People who already have a Pom generally query,  if it is best to purchase a boy puppy for my male or if the better choice is to introduce a Pom of the opposite sex to ensure harmony within the home.

I can only conclude, whether you prefer a male or a female Pomeranian depends very much on your own situation and personality.

Denise Leo, Dochlaggie Pomeranians.

Male vs Female Pomeranians

If you’re looking for a calm, independent pet that is easy to take care of, then getting a female Pomeranian would probably suit your needs best.

If on the other hand you are interested in a dog who will act like a puppy, likes playing fetch all day long but can also easily entertain themself by playing with toys; then go for the male Pomeranian.

Here are some simple comparisons between male and female Pomeranians to help make your buying decision easier because, let’s face it, by now you already know you want a Pomeranian.

Temperament - Male Pomeranians

  • Loves pleasing his owner and is always looking for attention.
  • Enjoys being coddled and is usually clingy.
  • Is curious, energetic, playful and achieves physical maturity quicker.
  • Will most likely bond with the entire family.
  • Often won’t get along with other male canines or animals.
  • He’ll be friendly with female dogs.
  • He’s more aggressive and territorial.
  • He’ll protect his family but isn’t usually suspicious of strange people.
  • He’ll be slow to achieve mental maturity.
  • He’ll often be clumsy when he’s around children.
  • Food easily motivates him but he can be rather messy.
  • He becomes distracted easily, making him harder to properly train.
  • It’s difficult to teach him to remain close to you when walking without a leash.
  • He’s higher maintenance.
  • He’s very friendly towards people.

Temperament - Female Pomeranians

  • She doesn’t have the same urge to please her owner or to seek attention.
  • She’s full of energy, is courageous and curious.
  • Apart from when she’s pregnant, food doesn’t really motivate her.
  • Females are cleaner than males.
  • She usually chooses a single person to bond with and will protect that person.
  • She will get along with other canines (especially males) and animals.
  • She’s wary of strangers.
  • She’s quite independent and respects your personal time.
  • Females aren’t as playful or as aggressive as males.
  • She will achieve mental maturity faster than physical maturity.
  • She’s low maintenance.
  • Because she has better focus, she can be trained easier.
  • She will stay by your side when you take her leash off.
  • It’s harder for her to socialize and she’s wary of children.
Male vs Female Pomeranian
Male vs Female Pomeranian

Female Pomeranian Temperament

Puppy purchasers seem to believe that a female Pomeranian puppy will be the best choice. Most enquiries for pet Pomeranian Puppies are for a sweet little girl puppy.

This is probably true of enquiries for most toy breeds of dogs, in stark contrast to the larger breeds of dog, where enquiries are usually for Male Puppies. With the largest and most "macho" boy puppy in the litter sold first.

Would be Puppy buyers seem to have this idea that little girl Pomeranians are, sweet, docile, attentive, obedient and easier to house train than male Pomeranian Puppies. In reality this is a myth.

Pomeranian Females usually rule the roost, determine pecking order and can be very dominant.

Girl Pomeranians can be very independent, aloof, stubborn and very territorial. Female Pomeranians like to exercise there dominance over family members. Most fights in a kennel situation will break out between two girls fighting for dominance. There is a reason people utilize the technical term "bitch" in a negative way.

Female Pomeranians will usually come for attention, and when she has had enough, she will move away. While Boy Pomeranians are always waiting on attention from their human family.

Female Pomeranian puppies are usually less distracted during training, as the Girl Pomeranian will want to get this training thing, over and done with so, she can get back up onto the comfy sofa. A Female Pom dog can be quite resourceful in getting her own way. 

Owing a girl Pom dog who has not been desexed can be a hassle during the period when she is in heat. 

Male Pomeranian Temperament

Boy Poms can be very fun loving, act silly-like and will want to play games well into old-age.

Male Pomeranians on the other hand are usually more affectionate, exuberant, steadfast, less moody, attentive and more demanding of attention from their human family. Male Pomeranians become very attached to their human family.

Boy Pomeranians are more accepting of other pets. Boy Poms are in most instances easily motivated by praise and food, thus making training easier. Male Pomeranians can be easily distracted from training as they retain puppy like behavior all through there life.

Neutered Boy Pomeranians rarely exhibit secondary sexual behavior such as "humping".or "marking". Once the testosterone levels settle after desexing, most of these behaviors ( if they ever existed) will disappear. Boy Pomeranians should be neutered early at around 4 to 6 months of age.

The cost of desexing a male Pomeranian is usually around half the cost of desexing a Female Pomeranian.

Unless you intend breeding and exhibiting Pomeranians you should not be planning litters.

Male vs Female Pomeranian Dogs-Which is Best?
Male vs Female Pomeranian Dogs-Which is Best?

Boy Pomeranian vs Puppy Girl Training

House training a Boy or Girl Pom is exactly the same. An untrained or badly trained girl Pomeranian, will just as quickly back up to an item in your home and pee on it.

Male vs Female Pomeranian Gender Grooming Issues

There is absolutely no significant grooming difference between desexed boy and girl Pomeranians. Unspayed girl Poms generally have a heavy coat shed a couple of months following a season. Be prepared for plenty of brushing during this period to remove coat as it sheds

Pomeranian Male vs Female Health Issues

Females :  Entire girl Poms are typically in danger of developing mammary gland and uterine cancers.

Males: A greater likelihood is present of prostate and testicular cancers in undesexed boy Poms.

The possibilty of these cancers is greatly decreased after desexing.

How Do Male Pomeranians Get Along with Children?

Male Pomeranians are energetic and full of life. However, this can be both a negative and a positive thing if you have children in the home.

Obviously, a lot depends on the age of the children and how they behave towards your dog. When Pomeranians and children are raised together, it’s sometimes fine. However, your children should not trigger your male Pom if he’s not in a playful mood.

Male Poms love playing around with kids and may go all day. However, the children need to be careful when they play because they can make the Pom become hyperactive, to the point where he will play so much that it can become dangerous to the children.

Male Poms develop quickly and may become best friends with the children. It’s vital that you explain to them that because Poms are so small, they’re not as physically strong as bigger breeds, and need to be cared for at all times.

How Do Female Pomeranians Get Along with Children?

If your child is begging for a female Pom pup, you need to teach her about the realities of owning a female Pom. She’s not a sweet, innocent dog. She might be hard to please, and also be incredibly aloof.

She’s usually introverted and quiet, and dislikes being picked up and held. Make sure the kids know this because she likes her own space.

Females are fussy eaters so make sure your children only give her treats if she craves them. She only likes being played with if she’s in the mood.

If you disturb her, to hold her or play with her, she may turn aggressive. If she has played for a while and then stops because she has had enough, leave her in peace.

Males - With Other Dogs

In an ideal harmonious household, you would own a few dogs of different genders. For example, if you only have a single male dog, it would be wise to get a female. If you have a single female Pom, then get a male to keep the peace.

It’s important to have a two-year gap in ages between your first and second dog and so on. Your senior dog will set the benchmark by being a minimum of two years older than the next dog you get.

Males don’t react badly when seeing other dogs. They’re amicable towards other creatures, meaning they’re great for socializing. If a dog comes into their territory, they would be happy because it usually means it’s play time.

Unlike female Poms, males have no problems with dominance. They’ll usually welcome other dogs in the area, making you feel a tad confused by this.

Females - With Other Dogs

Females are both independent and territorial. If you focus your attention on other dogs, they’ll become feisty to attract your attention. They tend to get jealous of other creatures that come anywhere near you.

The best way to prevent this behavior is to spend more time socializing during their younger years. Despite being jealous of dogs, they won’t always desire to make friends with them.

Female Poms usually control the power balance. They will view you as the pack leader but it won’t prevent them from sometimes wanting to be superior. They simply dislike other dogs showing alpha tendencies towards them.

You never need to make them calm down and behave if they get aggressive. Despite all this, a first-time owner would be a good fit for a female Pomeranian.

Same Sex Pomeranian Puppy vs Opposite Sex Puppy in a Multiple Pom Family

The query regarding girl vs boy Pom pops up probably the most with people who  already have a Pomeranian.  People often ask me should I get a second Pomeranian and then I usually explain the reasons for and against a second or third Pomeranian.

Many owners want to purchase another puppy because of a real love for the breed. Or in the case of working Pomeranian parents having two to keep each other company is considered a solution to relieve any loneliness and prevent separation anxiety.

Male vs Female Pomeranian Dogs-Which is Best?
Male vs Female Pomeranian Dogs-Which is Best?

What If The Dogs Don't Bond? 

Would it be advisable to maintain the gender the same?  Would the opposite sexes be more compatible?

As a Pomeranian owner for many decades, I would personally endorse opposite sex Pomeranians for complete home harmony.  Two boy Poms would certainly be my second preference.

Male Pomeranians typically grow to become best buddies in a short time frame.  In an ideal household there shouldn't be any dominance issues,  the leader of this pack is always their human parent. 

Older Poms usually require additonal time to get accustomed to living with an lively young Pomeranian puppy.  The senior Pom may need his own personal space away from the youngster on occasions.

Which Sex Puppy is Considered the Easiest to Acquire and Why? 

Girl Pom Puppies tend to be often scarce and in high demand.  The correct size Pomeranians. i.e. Pomeranians bred to the Pomeranian breed Standard only have very small litters. One to three puppies being the norm. Most often there is more boy puppies in each litter.

Registered Pomeranian Breeders breed mainly to produce show Pomeranians and if there is a girl in the litter, that puppy will often be the puppy retained by the Breeder of the Pomeranian litter. So quality girl Pomeranian Puppies are rarely available as pets. 

Elsewhere on this site I have a section on how and where to purchase a Pomeranian Puppy, this section has a list of important questions to ask the Pomeranian Breeder.

Which Gender Best Suits a Family?

There’s no point comparing both genders for families. Pomeranians are toy dogs so they can live in any household, including condominiums, apartments, units, dormitories and so on.

If you do have a lawn, it’s great for them to run around and play on. But your accommodation size isn’t an issue when it comes to owning a Pomeranian.

Advantages of Male Pomeranians in a Family Environment:

  • Males love playing with children all day long.
  • They’ll bond to everyone in the family.
  • They’re ideal for families who are adventurous extroverts.
  • They will regard you as the pack leader.
  • They’re wonderful snugglers.
  • They find it simple to adjust to new places.
  • They’re perfect for stress relief.

Advantages of Female Pomeranians in a Family Environment:

  • Females are fiercely protective of their family.
  • Loyal to their family.
  • They don’t trust strangers easily.
  • They hate mess and dirt.
  • They get along with male Poms.
  • They’re not always affectionate.
  • Not always in the mood to play.
  • It’s difficult to train and discipline them.

Final Thoughts on Whether a Pomeranian Male or Female is Best

If you have a large family, you’re best getting a male Pomeranian. They relate well to other people and animals and crave lots of attention.

If you live alone or with a partner in a smaller dwelling such as an apartment or unit, you would be better off with a female Pomeranian. She would enjoy the tranquil setting and have some space for herself.

Pomeranians are acknowledged as being incredibly loving towards other dogs. Adding a Pom sibling to your family frequently assists anxiety concerns, although this ought not be the sole purpose of acquiring another dog.

Before you decide on a Girl or Boy Pomeranian Puppy give a lot of thought to the issues I have mentioned in this article.

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Is a Pomeranian male or female the best?
Is a Pomeranian male or female the best?

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