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A guide to selecting a healthy puppy

To stack the odds in your favour purchase your puppy from a registered SHOW Pomeranian breeder. You are purchasing a Pomeranian and you deserve to buy a dog which will conform closely to the breed standard. Most Show Pomeranian breeders will prove their dogs in the show ring prior to breeding, do health testing and will spend many hours planning breedings. In contrast puppy farmers and backyard breeders only concern is to produce pups with no interest in the health or quality of the litter.

Prospective puppy buyers are advised to stop searching for a puppy, but instead focus on finding a breeder. This breeder will be the one with a high standard of ethics and who breeds the type of Pomeranians you most admire. Be prepared to wait for your puppy as Pomeranians do not have large litters. Avoid breeders who always have pups available and/or offer pups without kennel club registration. All pups should be registered on either limited or main kennel club registration. Below is a list of the basic and most essential things to look for when selecting your new puppy:

Tips on what to look for in a healthy Pomeranian Pup

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